Skitarii Army Creation Table

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This table was created by fa/tg/uys in order to generate a Mechanicus Skitarii force.


Recruitment (roll 1d3 times) d100
Menial: The indentured masses toiling in the hive-workshops of Forge Worlds are often conscripted into the ranks of the Skitarii. 1-20
Vat-grown: These clones were born away from the grasp of unclean nature, and created to fulfill whatever exacting criteria their masters had in mind. This can be automatically taken alongside alongside other recruitment methods, after all the Legion always needs more manpower. 21-30
Penal Legion: Criminals with the right physical aptitudes, rather than being converted into servitors, may find themselves pressed into the ranks of the Skitarii. 31-40
Slaves: Low on raw materials, the Mechanicus simply purchased these recruits from offworld merchants as was convenient. 41-50
Pilgrims: The teachings of the Mechanicus draw a constant stream of pilgrims from across the sector, who offer themselves up to the Mechanicus in hopes of becoming blessed instruments of the Omnissiah's judgement. 51-60
Firstborn: The eldest child in every home is taken into the Legion as their world's tribute or penance to the Omnissiah. 61-70
Breeding Program: The product of a generations long experiment of the Divisio Biologis, these men were born to be the finest raw materials for the Skitarii Legions. 71-80
Honored Veterans: Human defenders of the Forge, proven warriors may earn the right to prolong their service beyond the mortal span. 81-90
Knight Worlders: These Skitarii are drawn exclusively from the techno-feudal dominion of a Knight World. From disgraced nobles to starving serfs, all find a place in the Legion. 91-99
Failed Princeps Candidates: These men once had the power of the God Machines within their reach. Having failed in their ambitions and shamefully survived, they swore themselves to the Skitarii legions in an attempt to erase their failure. Now they fight the Omnissiah's enemies under the shadow of their former peers. 100


Forge World Primary Function d10
Factory: This Forge-World is a valuable manufacturing center, supplying countless Imperial worlds, and its Skitarii. 1-8
Weapons Development Facility: Here Tech-priests pour over the sacred STC canon looking for new weapon designs, and test those designs recovered by Explorator fleets (and are totally not building new stuff and pretending it's STC, no sir, absolutely not). 9
Exploratory Vessel: SPAAACE! This Legion has the honor of serving aboard an Explorator fleet, bringing the light of Knowledge to the far reaches of the galaxy, and defending the Tech-priests as they continue on the Quest for Knowledge. 10


Glitches d100
Noospheric Babel: Receivers and transceivers act up, and occasionally the Maniple's noospheric aura undergoes dramatic reversals, scrambling the languages of the maniple and their Tech-priests and removing the ability of any of those affected to communicate with others outside the noospheric cluster. These reversals may last for minutes or years before reverting to normal, the more extreme cases sometimes requiring weeks of downtime after hard resets to the cogitator banks to prevent data loss. 01
Cybernetic Cortex Reboot: The systems of the Maniple are very delicate and require the highest degree of maintenance. A failure to provide correct rituals causes entire Maniples to cease to function until the holy rites of resuscitation can be enacted. 02-05
Defective Omnispexes: Erratic flaws in the programming of the Maniple's omnispexes occasionally produce persistent sensor ghosts or inability to detect clearly visible foes, particularly at long range. The source of these flaws has never been found. 06-10
Priority Collapse: The systems used for distinguishing high-priority mandates from low-priority suggested approaches is persistently flaky, and as a result the maniple has been programmed to treat all orders as priority:Maximum. 11-20
Ionic Flux: Small power surges in cybernetics that cause shocks and can occasionally lead to failure of augmetic limbs and internal components. 21-30
No Glitches: This Legion seems pure before the Omnissiah. 31-50
Quarantined Codebase: Malicious data and scrap-code persists in the deep reaches of this Legion's systems despite their overseers' best codescrubbing efforts, serving as a constant threat and lure to the Skitarii in battle. 51-60
Protocol Freeze: Maniples of this Legion risk becoming locked into their currently active combat protocol regardless of targets, such as utilising anti-infantry tactics against fortified gunlines. These 'freezes' occur erratically and typically resolve only following data-purges by tech-priest overseers. 61-70
Binaric Cult: A secret religion is emerging among the Skitarii, based on a strange interpretation of the Omnissiah. No matter how many times the Legion is data-purged, the anomaly always re-emerges. 71-80
Memetic Furor: The psycho-surgery governing emotion in a single Skitarius comes undone. The memetic virus quickly spreads and the suppressed humanity of the Maniple is set loose, with the Skitarii exhibiting the full spectrum of emotions from dizzying joy to psychotic hatred. 81-90
Relentless Recall: Skitarii of the Maniple persistently regain pre-recruitment memories, no matter how many times they are mind-scourged. 91-95
The Shadow of Silica Animus: Kastelan units assigned to this legion have been data-purged repeatedly due to disturbing signs that they were developing into Abominable Intelligences. 96-99
Undeath Protocol: The Skitarii cannot process the death of their Alpha, acting as if he was still alive even if presented with the corpse. As the symptoms worsen the entire Maniple acts on orders that were never given, and when confronted claims that the deceased Alpha issued the commands. The only way to fix the problem seems to be to reorganize the maniple involved after any battle in which an Alpha or (Omnissiah forbid) a Marshall is killed. 100


When was this Legion created? (d100)
1–5 Before M30: Age of Strife: Founded by one of the proto-Mechanicum's Forge Worlds for its defense, exploration or reclamation. As Imperial Compliance was met, the unit added it's might to the newly born Imperium of Man as the successor to the old government, which was crippled at the end of the Dark Age of Technology due to the Iron War.
6–15 M30-M31:Great Crusade: Has been fighting in the name of the Omnissiah and the Imperium since before the Emprah decided to take that long bathroom break.
16-20 Early M31: Horus Heresy: Managed to join the correct side of the Heresy and fought against traitor forces.
21–30 Early M31: Great Scouring (Shortly after the Horus Heresy): Got to join in on the hunt for the traitors as they were raised to reinforce the damaged Imperium, possibly with Heresy veteran officers leading them in their first days. Also fought against opportunistic Xenos seeking revenge or conquest who had underestimated the loyalist fury.
31–40 M31-M32: Time of Rebirth: Raised to help with the devastation caused by the Ork rampage under The Beast.
41–50 M32-Mid M34: Forging: Fortunate enough to have been equipped when things were relatively calm.
51–55 Mid M34-M35: Nova Terra Interregnum: Even as the Ur-Council declared independence from the High Lords of Terra the Mechancius was facing its own troubles caused by the Moirae Schism.
56–60 M36: Age of Apostasy: Despite still being divided over the Moirae Schism, the Mechanicus declared against the corrupt and mad rule of Goge Vandire.
61–70 M37-M38: Age of Redemption: Wit the Thorian reformation restoring the High Lords and the Mechanicus peacefully allowing the Moirae Schismatics to rejoin the orthodox Machine Cult, the clusterfuck that started with the Nova Terra Interregnum came to an end. The Legion was raised to shore up the holes caused by the millenia long neglect and damage.
71–80 M39-M40: Waning: Created in the vainglorius attempts to take over the galaxy, the legion has experience in dealing with supply issues as a veteran of the Crusades of the Fringe.
81–90 M41: Time of Ending As the Necrons awake and Tyranids arrive and the galaxy is torn in half by the greatest warp rift of all time, this legion was raised in a desperate attempt to throw more stuff to the frontline.
91–100 M42: Age of the Dark Imperium Formed just before or during Roboute Guilliman's Indomitus Crusade to help deal with the Great Rift. Determine whether it is in 999.M41 in preparation, during the Crusade as it carved a path of salvation across the galaxy or just recently after the end of it's first phase in the Battle of Raukos in 012.M42.

Purpose for raising this Legion (d6)
1 Meeting Quotas - It came time to raise another Legion of Skitarii in order to meet required needs, simple as that.
2 Oracle of the Omnissiah - The Omnissiah itself specifically ordered the creation of this Legion, so they say.
3 Enemy at the Gates - While under attack, a Forge World raised a completely new Legion to hold back the offensive. Long after the battle was over, these Skitarii continue to fight.
4 Expedition - This Legion was raised as part of an expedition to find lost technologies, defend the tech-priests, and eliminate those who taint the Omnissiah's holy works. Can be directly selected for a Legion attached to an explorator fleet.
5 Omnissiah wills it! - The Imperium is on Crusade once more, and these Skitarii were raised to fight through this holy campaign alongside the rest of the Imperial forces. If raised during the Age of Strife, it was the Fabricator General of the planet who decreed the campaign.
6 Reinforcements - Created to reinforce an already existing group of Imperial and/or Mechanicus forces


Great Deeds (d100)
1–5 Remnants of the Dark Age: Discovered a valuable STC fragment.
6–10 Exemplars of Mars: Defeated the Tau in a massive gunbattle and captured a high ranking Ethereal for the Biologis.
11–20 Cunning Hunters: In the ruins of a destroyed hive city, the Legion lured an infamous Kytan daemon engine into a trap and destroyed it.
21–30 Red Guardians: Successfully extracted important Tech-Priests who were trapped on a Hive World during a Chaos uprising.
31–40 Scorched Earth: Destroyed an enemy weapon manufacturing hub, securing an Imperial victory and eliminating a blasphemy against the Omnissiah.
41–50 Explorators: Established a entirely new Forge World in the name of the Omnissiah.
51–60 Soldier-Savants: Successfully modified a prior STC into a brand new pattern, which now has widespread use within parts of the Imperium.
61–70 Iron Gauntlet: Crushed a heretek rebellion with such force that their planet will not be liveable for millennia.
71–80 Deus Pura: Was able to not only disable a traitor Titan, but also to purge its interior and purify the machine-spirit; reclaiming a valuable weapon for the Adeptus Titanicus.
81–95 Defenders of the Faith: After being accused of heresy for worshipping the Omnissiah, the Maniple proved their righteousness by holding off a siege from particularly zealous Imperial allies until their name was cleared by Father Mars and the Fabricator-General.
96–100 Lost to the Warp: The Legion was once left tattered and broken by a Warp drive malfunction, stranding the survivors far from their Forge-World, low on supplies. Through much heroic effort, they managed to make their way back and rebuild. Reroll if founded within the last 13 years (999M41-012M42), due to extreme Warp-phenomena making such survival even less likely than before.

Figures of Legend (d100)
1–10 Alpha: A Skitarii Alpha known throughout the Mechanicus and even the Imperium for being an incredible warrior. Even a few mighty Astartes recognized his abilities. He met his untimely demise not on the field of battle, but through a failure in his augmentations.
11-20 Ranger: This feared ranger hunted a cabal of dangerous hereteks across the Segmentum, eliminating them one by one across a dozen worlds. When the last traitor fled into the Eye of Terror, the Ranger hunted him even there.
21-30 Vanguard: This Vanguard valiantly defended the Forge World from an Ork invasion. He famously stood against the Ork Warboss, killing it with his Plasma Caliver and breaking the Greenskin invasion's back with that single shot. He died of his wounds and was disassembled by the Techpriests. The slightest quirks and oddities found in his augmetics are now standard across the Legion.
31-40 Master of Skitarii: A Forge World was saved from being consumed by the Tyranid fleet thanks to a new and innovative strategy thought of by this Master of Skitarii, which drew the Tyranid beasts into a trap, exterminating them completely.
41-50 Fresh-Forged: One of tens of thousands on the field, in the chaos of battle this Fresh-Forged rescued the Princeps of a fallen Titan and safely transported him away from the front lines. He would be inducted into the Secutarii and serve as the Princeps' bodyguard for the rest of his life.
51-60 Sydonian Dragoon: This Dragoon led his men against the deadly Eldar. Outnumbered and outgunned, the Dragoon nonetheless forced the enemy into a stalemate, killing so many of the xenos that they retreated in dismay and disappeared. The Dragoon is long dead, and the Eldar have never again set foot on his world.
61-70 Ironstrider Ballistarius: In the chaos of a battle against the Traitor Legions, this Ironstrider's pilot ruthlessly hunted down the enemy commanders. One by one the Astartes leaders of the traitor host were felled by this Ironstrider's precision shots, until they broke and fled in howling confusion.
71-80 Sicarian Ruststalker: Outnumbered by the tens of thousands during an Ork siege, a Sicarian Killclade fought to the bitter end against wave after wave of greenskins. Though the clade was ultimately overwhelmed and slain to a man, this Ruststalker's strategies bought the tech-priests valuable time to evacuate - taking several priceless STC fragments with them.
81–90 Sicarian Infiltrator: During a battle with the perfidious Eldar this Sicarian Infiltrator sowed chaos and confusion among the xenos ranks, slipping through their lines like a ghost to assassinate their war-leaders and cut communication lines. It was by their hand that the Elda’s Autarch was felled, and the Eldar assault finally broken.
91–100 Skitarii Marshal: A Skitarii Marshal known for his great depths of martial wisdom and combat prowess. Many treatises on martial dogma written by the Magi Dominus of this Forge World drew on his knowledge, and his name could even be found appended to many. Though long dead, his knowledge endures as the legion's core dogma - as does the servo-skull crafted from his remains.

Enemies and Allies[edit]

Legion Allies (d100)
1-20 Adeptus Mechanicus Forgeworld
21-30 Titan Legion
31-40 Imperial Knight Household
41-45 Adeptus Astartes Chapter
46-50 Adeptus Astra Telepathica
51-55 Adeptus Arbites
56-58 Astropaths
59-63 Chartist Captains
64-66 Ecclesiarchy
67-71 Imperial Guard Regiment
72-80 Imperial Navy
81-85 Inquisition
86-90 Navigators
91-93 Officio Assassinorum
94-96 Planetary Defence Force Regiment
97-98 A Rogue Trader Dynasty
99 Schola Progenium
100 Scholastica Psykana

Legion Enemies (d100)
1-2 Roll on the "Legion Allies" table.
3-31 Orks
32-42 Eldar
43-51 Tyranids
52-68 Chaos Space Marines
69-79 Chaos Daemons
80-87 Tau
88-96 Dark Eldar
97-100 Other Xenos

In Conclusion[edit]

Add a name, colours, and heraldry. Omnissiah help us all.

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