Skitarii War Plate

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The shock troops of the Adeptus Mechanicus don't wear the cheap plastic found in the Imperial Guard. Rather, they get all the good shit just by the sheer fact that the Cogboys produces all the good shit. Skitarii War Plate as its name suggests, is a type of armour used by Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii.


These armoured plates are designed to be worn for several years at a time. They are considered as an advanced upgrade of Carapace Armour and lies just short of being called Power Armour.

Secreted under a superdermal layer of ceramite alloy are recombinant cells that harness moisture from the wearer and recycle it. This liquid is transmuted into a gelatinous unguent that coats the inside of the suit, preventing the slow abrasion of the wearer's body whilst affording a measure of protection from the harmful effects of their weaponry. Still ain't gonna help if you are carrying a Radium Weapon however.

On tabletop, this automatically translates in giving the Skitarii a 4+/6++ save over a T3 unit. Not bad for your basic ground trooper.

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