Skorpekh Destroyer

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Armed with a Hyperphase Reap-Blade.

Skorpekh Destroyers are melee-focused members of the Destroyer Cult, trading their gauss cannons and hover engines for Hyperphase Threshers or Reap-Blades and three spider-like legs.

Though ungainly off the battlefield, in combat their tripod bodies allow them to pass through enemy lines with some form of stability, whilst turning into a meat blender at the same time. They also have XBAWKS HUEG Skorpekh Lords, which are like them, but with a claw, a bigger blade, and a FUCK HUEG Enmitic Annihilator.


On the tabletop the Skorpekh Destroyers are the big beefy in-your-face version of the Ophydian Destroyers. They carry the same weapons but do not have the fancy Deep Strike abilities and rules. Instead they make up for it with a better statline, retaining a solid 8" movement and increasing their strength, toughness and save. This brings them up to a solid S5 T5 Sv3+ with three attacks.

The aformentioned weapons consist of a mix of Hyperphase Threshers (S5 AP-3 2d) and Hyperphase Reap-blades (S7 AP-4 3d). You get to include one Reap-blade for every 3 models in the unit, while models with the Threshers do get to make an extra attack. Being destroyers, you also get to reroll 1s, but that's about it for rules. These boys are very uncomplicated, they run towards the enemy and proceed to chop everything to bits.

With their good strength and great AP, they can make short work of pretty much every type of infantry while also potentially wrecking light vehicles. The complexity lies more in supporting them and getting them to the frontline. Their absence of protection rules or ranged weapons means that they belong nowhere near an open field and are best laid in cover, waiting for the moment that appropriate buffs and stratagem can be applied to them. 9th Edition Necrons do get solid options for both, so they can form a scary fighting corps as part of a Destroyer list.


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