Skorpekh Lord

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Big guy, comin' through!

A Skorpekh Lord is the big brother of the Skorpekh Destroyer and a XBAWKS HUEG Necron Lord who exists only to kill anything in its way. Like its lesser cousins, Skorpekh Lords are Necron nobles who have succumb to the Destroyer Cult through an obsession with RIP AND TEAR (non melee obsessed Destroyer Lords become Lokhust Lords). They have been stripped of any compassion and nobility, existing only to tear a new asshole on anything that is currently breathing; aeons of sleep have also done wonders on their completely bonkers state. They use a Hyperphase Harvester, Flensing Claw, and Enmitic Annihilator. They also have multiple arms in order to carry all that, and like its lesser kin it mounts all of that on spiderlike legs.

Introduced in 9E, alongside its little brother. Appeared in the edition trailer near the end, where it used one of its razor-sharp "feet" to one-shot a Sister of Battle. Clearly this 'Cron isn't fucking around. It also shows that Geedubs still has problems with scale, since it appears the size of a small Imperial Knight here despite being only somewhat taller than the Skorpekh Destroyer in art. Either that or their size can vary; maybe getting your body rebuilt to be twice the size is the Necron equivalent of buying an ungainly pickup truck.

Angry Destroyer Crunch[edit]

Unsurprisingly when you look at the guy, Señor Skorpekh is the beefiest and most expensive of all the generic Necron HQs, coming in only behind a few named characters or a fully kitted out ResOrb Overlord. For that cost, you do get a pretty murderous unit, with 2+ BS and WS, 6 all around for strength, toughness and wounds, a special rule for a nice 4+ invuln as well as 4 whole attacks.

Said attacks will be made either with the incredibly beefy Hyperphase Harvester (S8 AP-4, 3 damage) or the wide sweeping Flensing Claw (S6 AP-1, 1 damage - but you double your attacks). Ranged attacks will take the form of a quick shot from his Enmitic Annihilator (2D3 shots of S6 AP-1, damage 1), a fairly decent Blast weapon.

The only real issue that this big boy presents is that he doesn't provide your army with much synergy beyond buffing Destroyer units by giving them rerolls on wound rolls of 1. But if you're building a crazed, murdery Destroyer list and since such a list won't be able to make use of many other rules in the Codex anyway, might as well knock yourself out and throw Señor Skorpekh in the mix.


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