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Stop in da name of da Bad Moon!

"Da Bad Moon spoke to me once."

– Skragrott, speaking of his experiences with the Bad Moon.

Of all the Gloomspite Gitz, the most infamous Grot of them all is Skragrott, the self-proclaimed Loonking. If he was in Fantasy Battles, he’d be the Wurrzag to Skarsnik’s Grimgor.

His origins are a mystery; nobody knows where he came from, and any that do are quickly thumped over the head and sent to the Fungal Asylum (more on that later). All that is really known is that he turned up at the battle for Ayadah, a region of Chamon, and that he promptly lead all the Grots present to glorious victory. This would be impressive enough, but fate held more in store for the Grot. That night, he spoke with the Bad Moon in his sleep. When he woke up, insects were crawling all over his body, and his head was covered in slime and aching like a rotten tooth as a crown of wildly colorful mushrooms was sprouting from his skull (yuck). A skull-headed wand lay at one side, and a tall crooked staff at the other, topped with a rare and powerful Badloon Bossfungus. From this point on, he became convinced that it was his destiny to usher in the Everdank.

Whilst most other Grot warlords would just rest on their laurels and promptly get backstabbed by their lieutenants, Skragrott was too Awesome to let that happen to him. He figured out a way to guess the direction of the Bad Moon; the fungal asylum. You see, this was around the time Bone Daddy let the Necroquake loose, and magic was running wild like Doomrider in a drug store. Seers, Wizards, etc began to experience visions. Skragrott kidnapped a large amount of these people, and dragged them to a pocket realm, his Fungal Asylum, essentially a big slimy cave full of mushrooms.

These seers are thumped on the head with his staff and a really gross transformation happens; they basically turn into giant humanoid mushrooms whose faces are twisted into a mournful scream whilst gibbering nonsense. These rambles are deciphered by Skragrott to plot out where the Bad Moon is going to fly over in the realms next, and thus make it seem to his followers like he has a clue about what the hell he's doing.

Lately Skragrott's been trying to secure control over the area surrounding Ayadah, especially a Sylvaneth Wargrove with a powerful Realmgate at its heart, which would allow Skragrott to take over even more territory. Though he still makes time for other things, like leading a raid on the Free-City of Draconium in Aqshy and organizing the siege of the Tuskvault in Ghur along with his orruk counterpart Gordrakk.

He resides in his fortress Skrappa Spill, a gross place covered in fungus that used to be the ancestral home of the gnoblars.

As of the Broken Realms narrative, Skragrott is in Ghur marching as part of Gordrakk's Waaagh as it journeys to attack the city of Excelsis. He clearly is not enthusiastic about marching under Gordrakk's banner, as much of the imposing influence he had in Skrappa Spill is ignored by the Ironjawz and other forces. He mostly sucks it up and tries to use his more cunning nature to help keeps Gordrakk's Waaagh intact and trying as best he can to improve on Gordrakk's rather basic plans to attack Excelsis (such as having spider riders discreetly lead the Orruks on safer routes to the city, and arranging a group of Mercenery Ogors to betray the city from within) and also calls the Bad Moon to break up a fight between Kragnos and Gordrakk. Skragrott with the aid of the Bad Moon lend a tremendous hand in helping the army besiege the city and nearly come within taking it, but unfortunately Kragnos abandoning the siege and the arrival of city reinforcements cause Skragrott to abaddon the venture and flee the city. Much to Gordrakk's annoyance.


Sragrott's got 6 wounds, and a 5+ armor save, which is standard for a wizard but laughable compared to other named head-honcho characters. However, all his power comes from his wide array of powerful and sneaky equipment. His Loonking's Crown grants him a 4+ Feel No Pain save, as well as a +1 to cast and dispel. The Babbling Wand of Kaloth gives him mad inspiration, and in each of your hero phrases on a 4+ you get D3 command points. His fancy staff called Da Moon Onna Stick gives him 4 mediocre melee attacks, and six highly accurate ranged shots at a long 28" range, meaning he almost functions like artillery instead of a legendary hero. In addition, if an enemy model takes unsaved damage from Da Moon Onna Stick, at the end of every battle round from now on that model takes a mortal wound, meaning heroes start sweating every time Skragrott glances in their direction. His command ability is simple: if he's your general, then once per game you can spend a command point and just decide what the moon does that turn, no rolling. Want to make sure the moon's in the center of the board this turn, or keep it there for longer so the whole board is covered in lunar goodness? This command ability does just that. Oh, did we mention he's a powerful spellcaster, with two spells a turn, and a unique spell that damages enemies and steals their magic items?

Skragrott may not be a physical powerhouse like other faction leaders or even that magically gifted, but what he does bring is a versatile toolbox full of unique abilities, from providing up to three additional CP per turn, destroying enemy artifacts, or even controlling how the Bad Moon will move that turn. Bringing him to a game is loads of fun and your Grots and Troggoths are sure to appreciate his presence.

Orruks: Gordrakk
Grots: Skragrott