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Skreet Verminkin is a Skaven character from the Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition starter set Island of Blood as well as the Spire of Dawn set for Age of Sigmar.

The Legend[edit]

Skaven life is approximately a decade or (usually much) less after unceremoniously plummeting from the birth canal of a female Skaven artificially induced to grow to a giant size and give birth like an organic factory. After avoiding being crushed by their mother, other Skaven, and being killed by their fellows a Skaven finds one of the many breasts on their mother and suckles until they are ripped away and put to work. From that point on the rest of their life is spent killing their brothers to advance in society and rank, accumulate slaves and Warpstone, bring glory to their Clan (and by proxy themselves), and give homage to their god the Horned Rat. Any uppity underlings are sent on suicide missions, and rivals they are appointed to work alongside for a greater goal are worked against to the detriment of the entire race if need be.

Skreet is fairly (naturally) large for a Skaven, and has a suit of bronze armor with a pole with a Warpfire fire brazier on top strapped to the back. His favorite weapon, a halberd named Slash-slash, accompanies a smaller cleaver that he uses on his own minions are often as against foes. He also has a Talisman of Protection forged from pure Warpstone. Skreet has managed to backstab his way into a Warlord position, and seeks to continually elevate himself. Somehow he learned about ancient artifacts of legend called the Obsidian Amulets, and the location of one. Now called the Phoenix Stone, it rests on the Island of Blood off the coast of Ulthuan which holds an observation post for the High Elves watching for invaders. Skreet has no clue what the Obsidian Amulets do, and simply knows that if he gets one it will somehow give him an advantage over his enemies. He has spent everything he has on creating a tunnel to the Island of Blood, purchased weapons of war from Clan Skryre and maintained by Ratchitt The Warlock Engineer - (it looks like a normal warlock enjineer from the 8th edition), and giant monsters of Clan Moulder managed by Greel The Master Moulder.

Skreet lost the first battle on the Island of Blood and retreated, only to recruit a much larger force including Deathmaster Snikch to counterattack the reinforced High Elf army lead by Tyrion.

He was helped by a Warlord Spinetail. To hold the title of Warlord is to rule, and for a Skaven to rule they must have proven themselves a top fighter and devious adversary. Warlord Spinetail is no exception and while he has thus far aided Warlord Verminkin in his quest for the Island of Blood, the time nears when he will usurp his rival and take control of Clan Klaw.

On The Tableop[edit]

Skreet is just an alternative model for a Skaven Warlord or Skaven Chieftain. That kind of detail doesn't bode well for him as it implies that his design is interchangeable and expendable (a.k.a. generic) which, canonically, means that he died on the Island of Blood.


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