Skweel Gnawtooth

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Skweel Gnawtooth is a skaven special character in Warhammer Fantasy. Introduced in 7th edition, he is the second special character associated with Clan Moulder, preceded by Throt the Unclean.

Born a runt, Skweel avoided what would have been a death sentence for any normal skaven by having an uncanny affinity for non-skaven rats - and, by extension, the various horrible abominations bred by Clan Moulder from rats. With an eerily un-skaven-like tenderness for his charges, Skweel is unsurpassed for his ability to tame and command beasts (except for Hell Pit Abominations, which refuse to bend to his will- for reasons unknown), and as such he is always allowed to lead the most unique and well-bred of such packs. He wields a wicked, warpstone-studded whip, a sign of his power and wealth.


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