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Sky Girls

Sky girls in an Anime which inspired Strike Witches as Aliens attack, Mass Conflict, unification of Earth's resources, creating of flying girls to solve the problem, only this series has three distinct differences;

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Plot See Strike Witches, but the war is already over...OR IS IT DUN DUN DUUUUN


Characters All the Girls are cute Loli and all the men are a bunch of self centered pricks

Lieutenant Eika Ichijo

Eika is quick at making decisions, has fast reflexes, and high stamina. She has a good leadership and more mature than the other two pilots. She excels in overall ability, much more than the other two pilots. This makes her the perfect choice for leading the Sonic Diver Unit. She was skeptic of Otoha and Karen's abilities at first, but later learns to be more forgiving, and gives good constructive criticism. The other Sky Girls look up to her and follow her good examples. Overall, she has a serious personality and is a tsundere character.

Sonic Diver G2K0 Reijin

Master Sergeant Otoha Sakurano

Otoha is a master with the sword, but is otherwise an unknown in her abilities. She comes from an island where her family runs a dojo. She is naive and usually a cheerful girl, although she gets pretty violent with Ryohei Tachibana whenever he says something perverted. Even so, she appears to have feelings for him. Her Sonic Diver Unit is named Reijin, but she nicknames it "Zero".

Sonic Diver G2K1 Fujin

Master Sergeant Karen Sonomiya

Karen is a genius with an IQ of 170 and is an authority on mechanics. She is a university graduated girl at the age of 16 yrs old. She has trouble talking to boys, as she can be quite shy around them. She has a mild crush on Takumi. Karen also enjoys writing letters to her older brother who works just outside the base and loves him very much.

Sonic Diver Bachstelze V1

Elise von Dietrich

Elise is the youngest pilot of the Sonic Diver Unit. She is the sole survivor after the WORMs destroyed the West Europe base. Traumatized by that disaster, she suffers initial problems integrating into the Sky Girls unit, especially with Eika (the squadron leader). Her "selfish brat" behavior was the source of her problems. When she join the team, her overall ability as Sonic Driver pilot is very good, although not as good as Eika. She flies the only mass-produced Sonic Diver unit built before WORMS destroyed the manufacturing facility. She did not appear in the original Sky Girls OAV. She was briefly seen in episode 6 of the television series, and is formally introduced in episode 11.