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Now with added flying Wolfs!

In the Space Corgis, the reckless troublemakers from the Blood Claw packs are reassigned to the Skyclaw Assault Packs as a "reward" for their stubbornness and naivete, and are given jump packs to aid their eagerness to charge straight into the line of battle. As you may already guessed, these are the Wolves equivalent of Assault Marines.

The experienced elders look down on the Skyclaws as dishonorable, since fighting on foot was good enough for their Primarch and so it is good enough for them. Ignoring the fact Skyclaws, like all Assault Marines do fight on foot and merely use Jump Packs to close with the enemy quickly. And that Sanguinius and Corax both flew and Khan used a bike. And the Space Corgis ride Thunderwolves, bikes, landspeeders, and other vehicles they fight from. This disapproval among the experienced Space Wolves only drives the Skyclaws to perform risky acts of valour and heroism. While many will surely perish in attempting to achieve such a feat to be worthy in the elders' eyes, some will inevitably succeed in accomplishing the impossible.

Skyclaw packs are very competitive and always try to out-do the other in battle and in drinking competitions where some have been known to steal Thunderhawks and race towards the enemy commander, delivering his head to the Wolf Lord on a silver platter he would surely win against his rival packs. Skyclaws are rarely disciplined for their reckless behaviour and only in extreme circumstances will a Skyclaw be given a punishment to fit the crime. Hey, when your dudes are good enough at their jobs to go out Lone Wolf style, kill off the enemy leadership and probably guards, then make it back, you don't really have any grounds complaining about it.

Forces of the Space Wolves
Command: Wolf Lord - Wolf Guard
Priesthood: Iron Priest - Rune Priest - Wolf Priest
Troops: Blood Claw - Fenrisian Wolf - Long Fang - Skyclaw
Swiftclaw - Thunderwolf Cavalry - Wulfen - Grey Hunter
Walkers: Dreadnought - Space Wolves Dreadnought
Wulfen Dreadnought
Vehicles: Bike Squad - Rhino - Razorback
Land Speeder - Predator - Vindicator
Whirlwind - Land Raider (Land Raider Crusader
Land Raider Redeemer - Wrath of Mjalnar)
Special Vehicles: Stormrider
Flyers: Stormfang - Stormwolf
Spacecraft: Boarding Torpedo - Drop Pod
Space Marine Landing Craft
Allies: Space Marines - Primaris Marines