Skyrar's Dark Wolves

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Skyrar's Dark Wolves
Skyrar's Dark Wolves Shoulder Pad.png
Battle Cry Unknown
Origin Very heavy hints on being of Space Wolves origin
Warband Leader Skyrar
Base of Operations Unknown
Strength Unknown
Specialty Close combat
Allegiance Unknown (suspected to be Khorne due to chosen motif.)
Colours Dark gray with light blue trim and greaves with red iconography
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They're Chaos Space Wolves. For this very reason, the not-chaos Wolves have pretty much disowned them and claim absolutely no connection to them and probably maim anyone who makes the connection.

No seriously we know less about these guys than we know about the Alpha Legion. Knowing Games Workshop, they probably forgot about their existence. In an edition that expands upon the forces of the Chaos Gods. Reintroducing Chaos Wolves would make the alcoholic furries less Mary Sue than they currently are. One would think that Magnus at the very least would have used these guys to rub it in their faces. But alas Games Workshop isn't that smart.

They look cool though.


A Skyrar's Dark Wolves Heretic Astartes.

From what is known about the Dark Wolves, they were first sighted cruising around the Fenris Sector before their descent into Chaos. They were assigned an impossible task but failed (it hasn't been recorded how they fucked up but apparently the mission took them to the Abyss). While traveling around the Abyss they more than likely started becoming tainted by Chaos. They have been in at least three major raids on Imperial Space, one of the invasions was eventually halted by the Space Wolves... and that's about it. Ever since, Skyrar's Dark Wolves have been missing, probably planning a very complex plan about destroying the Space Wolves AS IF Space Wolves (even former Space Wolves) can plan anything more complex than RIP AND TEAR, they're probably hanging around Khorne's palace drinking and punching Bloodthirsters or something. The difference between them and their loyal cousins is clearly a deep and profound one.

The Dark Wolves have participated in at least three major invasions of Imperial space, but only one has been mentioned in lore: the time they allied with the Daemon Prince of Khorne Tallomin, the self-proclaimed "Prince of Princes", and leader of the 3rd Black Crusade in the late 38th Millennium. This invasion was eventually halted by... oh would you know, the loyal Wolves, furthering the suspicions about the warband's origin. Recently they've clashed against the Red Hunters during the rise of the Beggar King.

Combat Tactics[edit]

According to other sources they have a massive arsenal of vehicles which they use during combat, the most notable one being the Fellblade Aegisvisir. All their vehicles have runes similar to Space Wolves that run around the sides and barrels of them. Also, they might be close combat specialists because FUCKING CHAOS WOLVES!!!!

their Fellblade as seen in the Imperial Armour books.
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