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A medieval weapon on a futuristic vehicle. Oh 40k you...

The Skyweaver is a type of Jetbike used by Eldar Harlequins. It differs from a standard Eldar Jetbike as it has enough room for a secondary rider. Skyweavers descend upon the enemy like a bunch of psychedelic killer clowns who shit themselves laughing when they see you shit yourself. They often trail cloaks of hallucinatory LSD colour and light as they punch through the enemy ranks. Heavily armed and incredibly fast, squads of Skyweavers outmaneuver their foes before cutting them to pieces with concentrated firepower. Their ripping streams of shuriken fire and crackling bolts of electromagnetic energy from its Haywire Cannon slaughter foot troops and reduce enemy tanks to sparking wrecks with equal ease.

The secondary Skyweaver rider is typically armed with Star Bolas...don't ask us why the Harlequins still utilize a pre-Medieval weapon. Anyways, the Star Bolas and its weighted plasma charges are hurled to wrap around necks, limbs or gun barrels. The ferocious detonations of these wicked devices can easily tear a Space Marine in two, or sever the leg of an armoured walker. Though star bolas are undeniably powerful weapons, their main disadvantage is that they can be hurled but once, so some Players choose to go into battle bearing long-bladed Zephyrglaives instead. These weapons are wielded with consummate skill, carving arcs through the air as they lop heads from shoulders or bisect torsos in fans of blood.

In Eldar mythology, the Skyweaver was the youngest and most capricious of the Cosmic Serpent's brood. Depicted as a gestalt being composed of hundreds of small flying serpents, the Skyweaver spoke always in riddles, and was forever hurried and distracted by his myriad desires. As a boon to the Laughing God, the Skyweaver is said to have scattered himself across the heavens, each facet telling a subtly different tale of Cegorach's deeds. Thus did the Skyweaver spread confusion amongst the Laughing God's foes, striking down many with its fiery bite when their backs were turned.

Forces of the Harlequin
Command: High Avatar - High Warlock
Shadowseer - Solitaire
Troops: Black Guardian - Death Jester - Master Mime
Mime - Troupe Master - Trouper - Warlock
Vehicles: Black Guardian War Walker - Black Guardian Vyper
Jetbike - Skyweaver - Starweaver
Venom - Voidweaver
Allies: Dark Eldar - Eldar