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A creature filled with so much rage it is baffling that it wasn't a creature aligned to Khorne from the start.

"A Slaughterbrute is a hulking monster of muscle and aggression. Such a creature cannot be broken by conventional means, and those foolish enough to try are torn apart and eaten for their efforts. The Slaughterbrute is the epitome of violence. It possesses four front arms of differing sizes, a muscular body, a triplex tongue, whilst its massive head shows a cluster of eyes and multiple rows of teeth. It possesses skin that is chitinous, creased and spiked, and the creature stands on hoofed feet. Chaos icons, a ritual dagger of binding, and various weapons skewer into its back."

Games Workshop

The Slaughterbrute is a monstrous, ape-like, blood-crazed mass of spikes, fangs and muscles native to the Realm of Chaos. It is occasionally bound to the service of the Warriors of Chaos, requiring arduous magical rituals involving repeated impalement with enchanted blades, subduing its mind and linking it to the will of a controlling Chaos Champion.


Though some champions control a Slaughterbrute through the movement of a marionette, most are able to manipulate the creature through surpassing force of will; controlling its every action as if they were their own. Under such dominion, a monster that would otherwise lash out with blind fury, instead strikes with the skill of a warrior born. Every sweep of its over-muscled arms leaves behind a trail of broken and mangled bodies; every bite from its massive jaws rips another enemy in half.

However, if the Slaughterbrute’s puppeteer should ever be slain, the magical shackles binding the monster will sever. Unbound, a Slaughterbrute reverts to its natural state, and a red haze descends that makes no distinction between friend and foe. To a Slaughterbrute free of enslavement, everything it sees is prey to be crushed, stomped, and ripped apart. The only way to halt the resultant rampage is to hack the beast down, and few warriors are up to such a task.

The Slaughterbrute used to not be aligned to any of the Chaos Gods, but as of 2017, it became aligned to Khorne.

The Slaughterbrute was introduced in late 7th edition/early 8th edition, and shares a model basis with the Mutalith Vortex Beast.

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