Slavebringer Assault Boat

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All aboard the proverbial pain dildo!
Slavebringer custom made. Source is here.

One of the two primary assault boats used by the Dark Eldar.

The Slavebringer Assault Boat is the primary Dark Eldar Assault Boat. It is very difficult to target and destroy with point-defence turrets, allowing it to carry a powerful raiding party to its target and then safely return with a number of freshly-taken captives.

Due to this, some folks like to kitbash a model for them as a stand-in for a Dark Eldar Thunderhawk equivelent such as the image on the right.

Battlefleet Gothic Armada 1 & 2[edit]

Slavebringer Assault Boats are one of the two assault boats the Dark Eldar could carry. Due to being much smaller than the Impaler Assault Module, a Dark Eldar ship could carry more Slavebringers than Impalers, allowing a higher chance for a Slavebringer to actually reach its target before being blown to pieces by defending fighters, at the cost of carrying less troops and therefore, less chance for critical sabotage. At the very least it has the highest dodge stats for assault boats, increasing its survivability.


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