Snagla Grobspit

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"What make da green gob green?"

A character from the Warhammer Fantasy army Orcs & Goblins. The named character for Forest Goblins, added in 8th edition.

The Legend[edit]

Forest Goblins are a particularly nasty bunch, despite being the least aggressive of the greenskin variants. Due to their worship of the Spider-god they've been granted many nifty spidery mutations and the friendship of the giant spiders (bear in mind that most spiders are aggressively cannibalistic so "friendship" only goes so far).

There's been a long-standing war in the Drakwald between the Forest Goblins who seek to protect the capital of spiders in the world (and a result themselves) called the Black Pit/Valley Of Many Eyes, and the Empire which wants the lumber for construction projects and the spiders dead as a bonus which basically began in the age of Sigmar (no, not that age). At one point when the Empire its biggest run of victories, they wiped out the Redvenom Forest Goblin tribe while Snagla was away. After finding his people dead or scattered, he took the fangs from the Arachnarok Spider that had been blasted apart by a cannonball and made himself a spear and club out of them. The Empire's aggression united the Forest Goblins, which previously behaved like most spiders and just consumed what came to them and each other, but it was Snagla who made them a threat as he pushed the Empire back by wiping out patrols, lumberjacks, and even wiping out a frontier fortress city called Glomstadt.

Snagla leads the Deff Creepers, which is the most elite cavalry the spider-lovers and possibly even the entire greenskin race have ever produced. They wear striped feathers representing Snagla's lost tribe, as well as feathers worn by the Empire soldiery which the Deff Creepers soak in the blood of enemy warriors and show off as trophies.

Snagla and the Deff Creepers wander the Drakwald and beyond, getting into any fight they can against the Empire. He specializes in tactics involving ambushes, attacks from unexpected places, and using terrain for maximum advantage.

The End Times[edit]

Snagla and his Deff Creepers are present in the Battle of the Great Vale as part of Skarsnik's army that are seemingly decimated by a skitterleaping Verminlord Deciever after leading a charge that threatens to break the skaven line.

Snagla has a noticeable upgrade in both the art and model photos to riding a gigantic spider (monstrous cavalry size) but this may have simply been due to a lack of a more suitable model. Also note that despite having a chapter in the lore book, this battle receives no attention in the rules book, likely due to including a Collosal Squig from Forge World.

Snagla is also citing as having perished to beastmen converging in the great Forrest under Malagors orders. Either he abandoned Skarsnik after his unit was sacrificed carelessly, or the latter death was added in error.

On The Tabletop[edit]

Snagla is a cheap hero option that's absolutely fantastic if you're a Forest Goblin player, or just want a single badass unit of Spider Riders.

Sadly, Snagla never got a unique model, and as a result people have to make their own. While just giving striped feathers and maybe some bits to an ordinary Spider Rider suffices, some like to use the more important looking gobbos from the Arachnarok kit.

As for his army? Fucking max out on Spider Riders and ordinary Goblins painted like Forest Goblins of course! Flavor with Savage Orcs as desired.


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