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Pathfinder 2nd[edit]

An archetype that any class that has the Snare Crafting Feat can take to be the master of Snares. The starting Decdication lets you have a number of premade traps for free that can be deployed in 3 actions instead of one minute. Other feats improve their effectiveness: improved DCs, make a snare down to 1 action, place a snare under an enemy's feet, activate a snare remotely, or create a 10-by-10 snare.

Snares can dish out a lot of damage or deal important debuffs but require setup and board positioning. More useful if your campaign lets you choose were the fight takes place and gives you time to prepare. Defending narrow halls, make an ambush on a road. If you have a few rounds to breathe, you can make a trap before the enemy comes. Depending on how good your party is at shoving, Setting up snares mid-battle can be viable.

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