Soern States

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The Soern States

The Soern States is the oldest nation of the Albionic Isles. The five states have a certain connection after the uprising. Their common denominator is an aggressive attitude against people not living in the Soern States. The alliance of states in the southern region of the Isles would have a troubled history in its early days. The military commanders and parts of the royal family survived the initial cataclysm that befell the world so many centuries ago. When they arose from their cryo-bunkers 250 years ago, they were quick to pacify and control old England. They put themselves as the better men and women of the land, being the only "pure" humans left as far as they knew. They established a monarchy and labelled the land "New Britannia". A popular uprising 80 years ago ended their brutal reign, and to stop the fractioning of the regions of the land (previous closely connected tribes and towns linked together by culture and customs but never ruled as one state or nation), there was a treaty that granted each region independence but they still worked together and didn't present a threat to their neighbours. Well, on paper at least. So, the Soern States are today a prosperous union. The bureaucratic power of the previous despots have crumbled and that explains their lack of centralized government by part, but their legal and political system is maintained to ensure that no man, or no group of men, can ever dictate the fates of so many ever again. The Plastcurl aristocrats are the descendants to the surviving nobles. Thus having the oldest family in the world. The uprising never really ended in Loxpoint so the government always have to direct the working class's revolting spirit at something else. Like Ireland

The Soernian currency is the Credit. 1 Credit is about 12 Irons. Except for the Credit itself, there are coins worth less. 1 Credit is worth 4 Crowns. 1 Crowns is worth 4 Tiaras. 5 Tiaras are worth 16 Wreaths.


Capital: Paravel


Capital: Earlhaven

Should mix Viking influences with the Barghest and Ogre mythologies.

Earls have pheromones and wings. Charls have four arms and Flock Creature. Thralls have four legs and Carrier. They all also have a randomly determined Abnormal Body.


Government: Democracy.

Produces: Tech, scraps and fish.

Loxpoint basically get all scraps and tech from their Irish neighbour. Because so much of their society revolves around tech they can get from Ireland they are often pirates and thieves, stealing things they don't even know how to use simply for their value. The Capital is now a pirates trading bay, where people come to peddle and fight. It is on a verge between diplomacy and piracy, and it's culture is so chaotic that it is constantly on the verge of collapse. Ireland could have a tense relationship where they'd like to take over Loxpoint, but the state brings in enough money to Ireland through illegal trade that Ireland finds them just about more useful on their own. The state is democratic. It is ruled by an council of where one member is changed every year. Everyone with enough money gets to vote, with richer folks getting more votes.


Government: Aristocracy.

Produces: Junk, fashion, diseases and immigrants.

The state is ruled by the aristocratic family Plastcurl. The name Plastcurl, which everything of importance is named after, comes from the hairdo the ruling family is famous for. It is made by braiding hair, and then dip them in melted plast. A person with plastcurls is impotent, and poor people caught with even a single lock are punished. Plastcurl is also noteworthy for being the face to the outside world. The Plastcurl family is the last survivors of The Old Rulers. If history books are to be believed. If you want to hear stories about the gore-poetic Kaeltergajst from the arctic zone The Grutz. Or maybe want to travel to the ginormous city of Miasma Lux. The capital, Plastcurlhoum, is the place for you.


Government: Theocracy.

Produces: Rapaseed and -oil, Flowool, Dairy products, Solar energy.

The southern state is oft forgotten amongst the other states, being a small, wild place, separated by frothing white waters, a wide channel known as the Soulent, named so for the channel's ability to turn from tranquil to raging storm in a heartbeat, to drown man and mutant alike. The Isle itself is dominated by the ruins of what was. The Standing Stones have risen, and every settlement that remains is dominated by the Stones, which glow with the light of the sun in day and the light of the moon at night. Other places also have Stones, but they glow not at all, and are rumoured to be haunted. The Isle is dominated by the ruins of an Ancient Castle at its heart, and it is from this aging pile of stones that the Druids- who claim to speak for the Stones, and know how to channel their warmth and energy into the growth of crops and the running of machines- rule. The Druids keep close council, and make it their business to know absolutely everyone who visits the Isle, hiding many, many ancient secrets. They send agricultural resources to the other allied states, on closely watched and guarded ferries, but otherwise keep to themselves. Since about 40 years ago, the Isle of Vectis is slowly moving south. The Druids say it is because the Stones wants to see other parts of the world. On a completely unrelated note, the control deck is defended by Terrorrobots since an incident 44 years ago.

It is from Vectis the faith of Eurounity comes from.