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Soggelos' symbol.jpg
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Lesser God
Pantheon Manifest
Portfolio Creativity, water
Domains Chaos, Good, Water
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Bards, rogues, druids, rangers, sailors, coastal dwellers, aquatic races
Favoured Weapon Trident

Soggelos, the Blue is the Ghostwalk god of creativity and water. He may or may not be Galaedros' son.


Soggelos' church is only prevalent in coastal regions, where the temples face the sea and are made of driftwood and sea-polished stones. Shrines are usually little more than colored stonepiles topped with a shell or a small trident. The church is very informal, with clerics traveling between various churches regularily. They help in guarding sailing ships, locating wells, preventing the depletion aquatic resources, blessing fishing sites, and acting as intermediaries for aquatic races. Holy days are declared when the tide is abnormally low or high, accompanied by dancing and helping sea creatures adversely affected by this. Days of mourning are declared when animals beach themselves and cannot be returned to the waters.


Soggelos is usually depicted as a vivid blue octopus, but sometimes as a blue-skinned man with webbed hands and feet.


If Eanius is the source of life, water is what conveys that life. Creatures give birth or live in water, are nourished by mother’s milk, and depend upon fresh water for survival. Respect water as you would your parents. Water is everchanging, both in color and temperament, and life owes its countless forms to the influence of water. Just as water shapes life in new and creative ways, you must let the waters of your mind shape your life and art. A life that is stagnant and unchanging is dull and unhealthy, like a fetid pool, while the most dynamic lives echo the splendor and vigor of the turbulent ocean.

The deities of Ghostwalk
Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Durann Aluvan - Eanius Soggelos - Wyst
Neutral Chaniud
Galaedros - Nessek Tephaneron
Evil Phaant Khostren Orcus