Solar Inheritance

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Solar Inheritance is a /tg/-created CYOA mixing grand sci-fi with feudal intrigue. After choosing a title, the player can use two resource pools: Demesne points, used to by planets, ships, and acquire technology, and Intrigue points, which win them agents and allies. The CYOA is condensed into a single page. It was created on the 27th August 2015 and hotfixed on the 28th August.


The current version (v2.02) in two pages, the last hotfix and the original respectively.

Notes: Options (in v2) with costs listed in two resources are paid for using one of those costs rather than both.


In the current age, knowledge about our past and the history of the galaxy is jealously guarded. Scraps are known. There have been several Galactic Empires, the most recent of which collapsed shortly before the living memory of the age-extended nobles of today. Barons and dukes were taught from childhood that the Empire was a mistake and no such thing should be allowed to happen ever again. However, the self-proclaimed heir of the Empire, Princess Theia, seems to be drawing plenty of support...

There is danger between the stars. As well as pirates, exiles, rebel elements and fanatical cults the mysterious Jiggers frequently attack unprotected border worlds. Some say that the ancient fleet of the Archon Karkas stirs again, outside of the galactic rim...