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Bitches better bow down.

AKA Mary Sue, the player class. Solars are the first and strongest class in Exalted. They can be walking tanks in combat, great statesmen in society, grand generals in war, or anything else they set their transcendent wills to. They're also out of their goddamn minds. Thanks to the primordial war and the great curse (no I'm not fucking explaining it) they periodically go batshit loco and swap their greatest virtue for its corresponding flaw. This makes them fantastically fun guys to be around, since you never know when your party's greatest asset is going to turn into serial rapist or frothing berserker. They can't for the life of them understand why nobody liked being ruled by a group of manic depressive demigods, and spend most of their time trying to pick up the pieces of the first age and rebuild their empires.

Solar Fluff[edit]


When the gods wanted to rebel, the Unconquered Sun threw a hissy fit and demanded that all the other Exalts bowed to his. Luna agreed with a shit-eating grin and arranged that each Lunar exaltation was magically and deeply bound to a particular Solar exaltation. Sol was pleased, since that meant the Solars had the power to command the Lunars. Luna was pleased because if one Solar tried something stupid, the other 299 Lunars could wreck his face.

When the Usurpation happened, the Solars died horribly. However, during some of the dickery in the subsequent conflicts, Solar exaltations now pepper creation, landing in the body of some lucky sod who can finds themselves now able to remake the world.


Solars exalt by attempting to do something awesome. A 15 year old kid decides to fight off an entire mob of bandits because they threatened grandma? Exaltation! You convince two warring states to cooperate because you baked the most delicious meal imaginable by combining ingredients native to each state? Exaltation! You figure out how to do heart surgery in a cave using a box of scraps? Exaltation!

Solar Games[edit]

Playing a group of Solars can (will) quickly devolve into breaking game balance's spine over your knee repeatedly, unless you have a good group and an exceptionally competent storyteller. To accommodate your abilities the game should take an appropriately epic sweep. If you have an average group you're probably going to get a Chow Yun Fat wire-fu movie. Political animals will quickly turn the game into alternate reality fantasy WWI. If your players are into resource acquisition you will probably just be overseeing the rape of a continent. There's really no limit on where a Solar Exalted game can go, so make the most of it.


  • The book tells you to get the Ox-Body Technique Charm as many times as possible, as extra health levels are needed against some of the more powerful enemies in Exalted. This is a grotesque lie. Having a large essence and Willpower pool and therefore the ability to use many magical dodge-anything Charms gives you dramatically better value. (Slightly fixed as of the Scroll of Errata, but increasing your pool of magical power is still better value for most characters than purchasing Ox-Body Technique.)
  • Solars don't work well as jacks of all trade -but if they specialize in one or two things (combat, diplomacy, crafting) they become crazy powerful
  • Their charms are generally more efficient and cost less compared to all other exalted types, and many of them refund their mote cost if you do something awesome with them
  • New players will probably find Solars the most intuitive and simple. Think Superman, Hercules, Goku and Simon as basic solar archetypes.

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