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What Solkan might look like, a horse riding knight of JUSTICE!

JUSTICE SERVED! - Solkan uttering one of the most overused catchphrases


Solkan was a God Of Law in Warhammer Fantasy, although the concept was abandoned early on in Warhammer history barring the rare mention. Be'lakor specifically mentions that he does not exist...although Belly could certainly be lying, since the only indication he tells the truth came from him stating in the OTHER Warhammer that he feels a victory gained through lying isn't one at all. So take that with a grain of salt. Further there's a whole HeroQuest adventure surrounding him where he pisses in the khorneflakes and saves Ancient Tilea from the Blood God's invasion.

He is the force who actually empowers beings who pursue Justice and Order, and is a large part of the strength behind "gods" like Sigmar. This often includes Witch Hunters, and the entire Dwarf race.

/tg/ Fluff[edit]

Solkan AKA Solkan the Avenger is the warrior god of THE LAW! and thus would be Khorne's polar opposite. He is essentially THE God of LAW and ORDER and due to this, Witch Hunters primarily worship him and he empowers them in turn against the Chaos Gods. Despite being one of the more popular Gods of Order, he oddly appears to have less screen time than Arianka, but then again what can you do when faced with competing against a Neckbeards potential waifu and her legion of fanboys.

If you can tell by his name, Solkan is the master of vengeance, an angry god who inflicts the retribution of the Gods of Law on those who offend them. This kind of makes Solkan a thin skinned prick who often gets easily duped into RAEG by either Tzeentch or the Horned Rat. His followers are held in general fear and mistrust by the bulk of Old Worlders, who find the absolutism and bigotry associated with his worship uncomfortable.

If he was in Warhammer 40,000 then his worshipers would most definitely be the Adeptus Arbites and his patron saint would be Judge Dredd. He would most likely spend his time bonking the heads of the other gods with a giant book of Justice, just visualizing this creates much lulz around here.

See Also: Saint Cuthbert.

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