Son of a woodsman

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The former Khorne berserker who broke free from his master's control thanks to events in the doll story. His real name is a mystery and it's not clear he does remember it either.

He is one of the original members from the preheresy World eaters so he's an old bastard

Known facts[edit]

- He's the son of a woodsman
- He uses a chain axe or twin chain axes in combat
- He's ugly as sin
- He embodies the spirit of Noblebright 40k
- One of his axes is possessed by a warp daemon, albeit one under full control


According to writefaggotry the Son of a Woodsman got shit done a number of times:

- Breaking free from Khorne's control and slaying the rest of his squad of Berzekers (the doll)
- Survive a 'nid rush and killing a carnifex with his axe
- He's so badass he stood still under an orbital bombardment of the Iron Warriors just to fuck shit out of them.
- Killing a number of notable chaos marines across the galaxy
- Fighting to protect innocent people from death, alongside any and all local forces that will fight alongside him
- Met a glorious end fighting the Lord of the Flayed Ones 20,000 years from the present time in 40k. More to be disclosed in the future, much of it in rumorology at the time being.


- Rumor has it that SoW is after Kharn the betrayer
- Rumor has it that SoW will gladly kill any of the Marines Malevolent for their despicable tactics
- Rumor has it that SoW confronted the Inquisition just to protect innocent people who were about to get the big I pay them a visit
- Rumor has it that Khorne still Favors the SoW because he "Cares not from whence, or why, the blood flows, only that it flows".