Sons of Fire

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"I entrust to you all now with the ultimate tool of creation. Mankind's first, and greatest invention."

The Burned King, speaking to his Legion for the first time.

Sons of Fire
Battle Cry "Blood and Fire!" "Blood for the Blood God! Fires of His Wrath!"
Number IV
Founding First Founding
Successors of N/A
Chapter Master Dilshad, Master of Inferno
Primarch Inferox, the Burned King
Homeworld Crematoria
Strength 150,000 Pre-Heresy
Specialty High Intensive Warfare, Area Denial, Zone Mortalis and Planet Kill Operations, Exterminatus and purgation campaigns.
Allegiance Chaos (Khorne)
Colours Burned Red and Black

This page details people, events, and organisations from the /tg/ Heresy, a fan re-working of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. See the /tg/ Heresy Timeline and Galaxy pages for more information on the Alternate Universe.

The Sons of Fire were a Traitor Space Marine Legion. Inferox is their primogenitor; who gave into his lust for destruction by devoting himself to the Blood God, Khorne. The Legion specialized in planet-kill operations and cared not for collateral damage, resulting in them only targeting Xenos worlds. The fury of the Sons could not be understated, for they were as fluid as flame in combat. Few Traitor Legions can boast such a destructive pedigree as these devotees of the Blood God.

Summary of Legion IV[edit]

Numeration: The IVth Legion

Primogenator: Inferox (also known as "The Burned King")

Cognomen (Prior): The Hammers of Terra

Observed Strategic Tendencies: High Intensive Warfare, Area Denial, Zone Mortalis and Planet Kill Operations, Exterminatus and purgation campaigns.

Noteworthy Domains: The Crematoria System (Primary), Tithe Rights to Achaemenid Cities on Terra.

Allegiance: Traitoris Perdita

"We have been called monsters, beasts, and butchers, in the past. But this is untrue. We leave no viscera but ash behind in our wake."

Legionary Equerry Dilshad, M.30

History of the Sons of Fire[edit]

The Sons of Fire recognized glory and duty based upon a unit's overall performance, largely ignoring personal deeds. Inferox believed only in honoring achievements throughout the collective, encouraging them to work together rather than seek out selfish goals of obtaining fame. Honors were supplied to whole formations rather than just to one Marine. This fostered a sense of unity and cohesion during their fluid, hectic combat procedures. This behavior is reflected in all of their history. All actions were recognized to be remembered by all, so they understood the legendary undertaking they were a part of.

Sadly this tradition completely died out by the end of the Scouring, with the Sons of Fire no longer caring for the names of famous units or the glorious charges of Conflagrations long past. They had devolved into Khorne's scions, purely working to sacrifice to him the blood of the slain through fiery sacrifice.

Hammers of Terra[edit]

"We had failed our brothers, and Hektor. We had failed the Emperor. We would not fail the Primarch."

Captain of the First Company, Jamasa

The following is a listing of the IVth Squad of the Sacred Band, both fallen and living.

  • Jamasa, The Vengeful Nightmare (Survives, leads the warband The Unrequited Sons)
  • Zarath, Destroyer of Preit'Oria (Died on Mainiiu)
  • Ushtra, The Augur Bane (Died in the Legionary Wars)
  • Vistasp, Weapons-Bearer (Died in the Scouring)
  • Karesna, The Master of Tactics (Died in the Betrayal of Sudden Flame)
  • Yathoana, The Unremarkable (Died on Mainiiu)
  • Kayan, The Selfless Shield (Died on Mainiiu)
  • Iamyet, The Unceasing Terror (Died on Mainiiu)
  • Mahmeher, Conqueror of Lashtri (Died on Mainiiu)
  • Vishtar, The Angel of Flame (Survives, leads the warband Last Embers)

The IVth Squad of the Sacred Band had a penchant for melee combat, being unrivaled in close quarter assault. However during the Pacification of the Merican Hives a number of the Squad showed signs of a terrible lust for wanton destruction. Fearing an fundamental issue in their genestock, this was kept a secret. The Sacred Band of the IVth Legion set about disciplining Legionnaires heavily for even slight lapses of judgement. Despite the infuriating level of control over each individual, the Legion continued to show immsense promise. It was even named by Emperor himself the Hammers of Terra, for their swift actions on the worlds surrounding the Sol System.

Thanks to their success, the Emperor gave them Tithe Rights to the cities of the former Achaemenid Empire. This region of ancient Terra had the most stable genestock of all the techno-barbarian states. Having access to it gave the Fourth a considerable recruiting pool. If it had not been for this, the Legion's disastrous defeat on Mainiiu could have doomed the Fourth to eternal ignominy. It was there they faced a race of Xenos-Human hybrids of unforeseen ferocity. After the defeat however they were kept largely in reserve, sent only to worlds which needed support from xenos raids or to bolster an assault with their numbers. The aim of the War Council in doing so was to allow them time to rebuild, and learn from the lessons taught on Mainiiu.

But to the Marines, it felt akin to a punishment for not living up to legendary expectations.

Inferox's Enlightenment[edit]

"I know my liege may seem withdrawn. But there is a charisma in the few words he speaks. The voice of honesty, of sincerity, and of devotion are more powerful than any of the Warmaster's speeches."

The Reborn, Vishtar

The discovery of their Primarch would be a pall that fell across the Legion, and under its shadow the Hammers of Terra would be broken down and remade by Inferox's hand. Upon taking up his birth mantle of Primarch, the Hammers' primogenitor learned of their past, of their promising beginnings and fast decline due to an overwhelming foe. To more easily manage the enormity of foes, Inferox instituted his own organizational structure; the Conflagrations, which would allow for true fluid movement and deployment of the Legion. He promoted Dilshad as his Equerry, calming down minor dissent over the radical changes. The Hammers were renamed in honor of Inferox's own band of diverse warriors he led on Crematoria.

Suddenly something became evidently clear to Inferox by conversing with Dilshad. The Hammers of Terra had a large complement of Psykers. Organizing these individuals from the rest became Inferox's first task. He created the Sandaramet, inspired by the mythology of Xerleth. These Psyker-Wardens embraced the dual roles of both tutor and disciplinarian, responsible for discerning the weak from the strong in Neophytes. Teaching the prospective Legionnaires the Imperial Truth and the Emperor's philosophy. After two months the reorganization was complete, with a new sense of pride instilled in the Legion. They were immediately tested in the campaign at Trectos and Skythykos.

War Council looked upon the progress of the Fourth with contentment. Inferox could feel the growing desire for destruction among his wards, but believed they could hold strong as he had all these years. This would be shattered during a; historic incident occurred on the world of Aŋra VI, where the Imperial Army had been fighting for months to secure the valuable research facilities. Inferox arrived with his picked warriors, intent on having them act as the urban specialists of their original incarnation. Unfortunately the enthusiasm the Legion had for destroying the enemy utterly caused the flames of their weaponry to rage well beyond their control. The Imperial Army regiments still within the bowels of the Hive were cooked alive, with only a few escaping due to the actions of the Primarch. He charged into the raging flames to break open a path for them, not fearing the fire which he had allowed to grow beyond control.

This began a period of shameful realization for the Legion. Even his own elite, those closest to him representing his very best were weak to the temptations of flame. Dilshad and Adarhormazd wrestled with the responsibility of rehabilitating those brothers who had given into what was quickly being called the Hungry Desire. As they dealt with that, Inferox began to search to see if similar incidents had occurred elsewhere. His findings were conclusive; the Legion, as a whole had begun to devolve in precision, attacking anything in their way. The Sons of Fire could only grimly accept this, as their Primarch appealed to the War Council to have them attack only Xenos worlds and those not given the honor of Compliance. The War Council accepted this request after considerable effort on the Primarch's part.

The War Council largely agreed thanks to the help of Hektor, as he explained there were plenty of Xenos foes that deserved only flame. Inferox would be forever thankful; he was finished, completely done with being responsible for the deaths of Imperials. For decades this was their task, the Sons of Fire cracking the bones of Ork realms and Xenos Empires by the hundred.

Great Crusade Campaigns[edit]

864.M30: Flenching of Skythykos. The Hammers of Terra suffer through the transition into the Sons of Fire underneath Inferox's leadership. Rennugg the Fat begins his WAAAAGH on the Trectos Sector with a fresh army of Orks ready to bring the Imperium into a fight. The Legion is pushed to their limits as they refuse to meet Rennugg in Trectos, instead coming to the origin of the invasion in the Skythykos cluster.

914.M30: Salvation of Seyer.

001.M31: Genocide of Arkendar. Though not disruptive to the Great Crusade, and even assisting humanity at key moments, the Craftworld Arkender had made it known they were opposed to the primordial dark forces of Chaos. Upon learning of the location of the Eldar, Inferox wastes no time in pursuing a bloody campaign with the majority of his Legion, eventually coming to battle with their co-leader Marri Hu'lana. After setting her alive on fire, and casting her down the highest tower of the Craftworld, the entire vessel is sent into the nearby sun.

Hektor's Heresy[edit]

"There will be no forgiveness for this! There can be no return! You are all damned!"

Adarhormazd, moments before being burned alive

The Betrayal of Sudden Flame[edit]

The Wars of Ashes[edit]

Legion Doctrine[edit]

Area Denial was the main forte of the Sons of Fire, which made them lethal in urban warfare and in Zone Mortalis operations. As time went on this specialization was joined by a growing hunger for fire, a need to inflict pain by fire, to burn, not merely disintegrate. This led to the use of special types of flamer fuel, that which instead of disintegrating the target outright would scorch and burn them, leaving them broken, waiting for the kiss of the Sons of Fire’s flaming axes. These bloody practices went unnoticed due to the distance the Sons had to most other Legions, as they pursued the frontier of the Great Crusade ruthlessly, and against the aliens which left no witnesses to the signs of pyromania that would later doom the Legion.

The Sons of Fire were not noted for their use of armored vehicles, which were secondary to the employment of ground infantry, the up close and personal nature of their purgation operations. The only exception to this was the widespread employment of flame-weapons tanks such as the Malcador and Predator Infernus, and the Land Raider Redeemer, invented by the Sons of Fire as an assault transport that would later be adopted by other Legions. The only noteworthy use of mechanized support was Karesna's famous use of Rhino transports, barreling forward into enemy lines only for the Marines to burst out just as drop pods landed. With the distance closed, his Marines were beyond effective in battle.

In the aftermath of the betrayal of the Sandaramet Brotherhood, the Sons of Fire became ever more insular and uncontrollable on the battlefield as their desire for fire and blood overtook them, becoming a double-edged sword as they burned whole swathes of the battlefield, uncaring for who was incinerated. All-out infantry assaults supported by fast moving armor, with the aim of immediately closing into bloody short range and melee and always with the intent to burn the foe from the battlefield became their only goal; inferno for its own sake beyond any strategic objective to the contrary. They would ignore suppressive fire, artillery barrages, and even overwhelming frontal defense. To the IV Legion, fire has evolved beyond a simple symbol of strength and righteousness to a thing of savage, bloody beauty that is nothing short of a gift from the Blood God himself.

Specialist Ranks[edit]

Immolation Squad Biker

The majority of the Legion was dedicated towards being a never ending wall of flame. Never ceasing, always advancing, consuming all in its path. The Immolation Squad Bikers were the exception to this philosophy. Armed with two hand flamers and given attack bikes with handle-mounted melta weaponry, they charged forward into the ranks of the enemy with no regard of themselves seeking out large formations to break apart or valuable vehicle assets to annihilate. After meeting with the opposing forces, they would do whatever damage they could as fast as they could before being snuffed out.

During the Great Crusade, the use of the Immolation Squad Bikers was met with no applause or acclaim. Those who had chosen for the duty were reaching the edge of their sanity, with madness on the horizon of their minds. The next deployment they would go into a crazed frenzy, burning anything they could to just see the flames. Their duty as Immolation Bikers allowed them to give one last benefit to their brothers, instead of becoming a detriment to the battle and liability to the safety of their fellow Marines.

After the Hektor Heresy and Legionary Wars however, the Immolation Squad has grown beyond just the Sons of Fire. They are their own dedicated cult to Khorne who draw members from every Legion, giving out their services as mercenaries either in full squads or on their own. The Dark Mechanicum of Benius-IX is the home to all of the Immolation Bikers, giving them modifications to their own bodies and bikes. Every inch of the biker is augmented, and their bikes are experimental designs, giving them unprecedented survivability not thought possible during the Great Crusade. This is due in part to their augmented nature, as a fallen Tech-Priest can completely rebuild a Immolation Patrol Biker with just the head alone.

Brotherhood of the Sandaramet

The Sandaramet was the Sons of Fire term for their Librarius.

In the years before the Emperor's arrival, the Priests of Xerleth were completely reformed from their very foundation. Every member was now inducted in during childhood, usually by Inferox himself. Many of these were orphans directly caused by the Primarch's bloody war of unification. One day, a 'warlock' assassin attempted to kill Inferox during a conference with his priesthood. The attack left only a tenth of them alive, but Inferox largely unharmed. After killing the assassin with his bare fists, it was revealed to Inferox that the remaining priests themselves were 'warlocks and witches'. Thus began the Sandaramet, drawing up any of those who had the 'gift', training them to fight any others with the power.

Due to his fierce loyalty and newly found faith in the Imperial Truth, the Emperor granted to Inferox's Legion the recruiting tithe of the former Achaemenid Empire. Rich in genetically pure humanity, the ranks of the Sons of Fire swelled thanks to the tithe. An unsuspected side effect however was an increased the rate of Psyker Neophytes, giving cause for Inferox to found his Legionary Sandaramet. The pyromancers of Crematoria destroyed armor and flesh alike with molten beams and immolating waves. Their other duties were in screening new recruits, teaching them the history of the Legion, checking all Legionnaires for absolute resolve and loyalty, among Astartes and Neophytes alike.

When time came to betray the Emperor, Inferox disclosed openly with his Brotherhood on the decision. Remarkably, every last one tried to argue with him against it with Adarhormazd being the most critical of all. Even though the Council of Nikaea had outlawed their rightful abilities, each member of the Sandaramet still laid their loyalties down at the feet of the Golden Conqueror. Appalled by this perceived cowardice and weakness, Inferox thought to an old saying on his home of Crematoria. 'Never trust the Warlock or the Witch'. Soon finding himself swearing fealty to the Blood God and giving into his destructive nature, all of the Sandaramet were sacrificed as burnt offerings to Khorne with Adarhormazd being the last, set up on the pyre even as Loyalists burst into the temple.

A great battle ensued shortly afterwards between the Sons of Fire Loyalists and Traitors over the sacrifice, with the Loyalists being crushed by the fury of their Primarch's bloodlust when he made battle with them.

Legion Equipment[edit]

Sons of Fire.jpg

Before each campaign, a Son of Fire will meticulously paint his armour with several coats, sometimes making elaborate gilding in bronze or gold depending upon preference, and etching on the deeds of his squad or company. After this is done, they take the field with the intent of racing headfirst into the flames of wrath. The paint will chip, the embroidered text or symbols melt away, and over time nothing remains of the colors they so proudly displayed at the beginning. This is to show their willingness to sacrifice all to flame, showing each time their ability to give up all that they care for. Their achievements, their comrades, their Legion. All of it is null when compared to the purity of fire. Some squads make it a game to see who can both spend the longest time preparing and who can lose their colors the fastest.

In combat, hand flamers and chainweaponry are preferred above all. Sergeants usually go into battle wielding combi-bolters, with an underslung flamer with knife constantly at the ready. Captains universally favor the 'Cremotorian' Pattern chainaxe, which sets off jets of liquid which are easily set alight with the simplest of sparks. This creates an incendiary melee that perfectly combines the attitude and tactical tendencies of the Legion.

Though the Great Crusade was launched to conquer worlds and not destroy them, unless there was no alternative. In such warzones where there was no hope for human life or where the only option was complete purgation, the usual caveats and protocols restricting the use of contaminate weapons by the Emperor's command did not often apply and these warzones were often entrusted to the Sons of Fire who took great joy in burning them to the crust. The wanton use of Phosphex became a common staple of their Extermination Campaigns, setting the very matter of a world in a constant state of inferno.

Legion Organization[edit]

A Destroyer of the Sons of Fire Legion

At its creation, the IV Legion followed the basic pattern of Legion organization with Chapters, Battalions and Companies, but even in this earliest period the Legion's procurement and outfitting was geared towards direct assault and operations in "Zone Mortalis” type environments, with a specialty focus on using area denial weapons such as flamers. These 'claws', a nickname for the tactics and tools favored by the early Hammers, were attempted to be removed with only using a single flame per squad as directed by a Sub-Class GT-3 Supervising Sergeant.

Once Inferox took command this trend was revived immediately, and the Legion's organizational structures were kept altered to allow better streamlining, with its main division being tailored towards specialized line infantry formations known as Conflagrations. A Conflagration was a Battalion-level hybrid of tactical/close assault troops for the main contingent, supported by dedicated heavy assault units such as Terminators or Dreadnaughts. Fast attack forces which could scout or flank swiftly were also a common sight, such as jetbikes and Land Speeder squadrons, commonly equipped with flamer weaponry.

A Conflagration’s strength could vary from a Chapter Level force comprising dozens of companies to a mere handful depending on the situation, availability of troops and the tactical demands. In one engagement on Drakayav, the Ninety-Sixth Conflagration had only a single Line company of troops under its command. The leaders of the Conflagrations were given titles by the Primarch after being entrusted with the position, from ‘The Blooded’ (Commander of the Seventeenth Conflagration) to ‘the Torch of Scabrathix’ (Twenty-Fifth Conflagration). These leaders would uplift certain Sergeants to be their trusted advisers, leading assaults in their name across a planet. Usually though this coordination was unnecessary, as the several thousands of Sons only required to defeat the enemy utterly. Producing erratic patterns of assault and attack, with a slight inability to properly marshal a defense in a short amount of time. The Sons of Fire were always at their best when they were attacking, using their decentralized nature to overwhelm a foe, keep them in a never ending state of guessing as to their next move.

In battle, squads would be free to pursue their assigned tasks in whatever manner they saw fit, provided they followed orders from above. Each Conflagration Commander before battle commenced would lay out a long set of objectives for each company to complete, with the company in turn directing their component squads, usually incentivising certain targets over others. Other than this loose set of requirements, the formations could conduct themselves in whatever manner they saw fit on the battlefield. Squads would usually seek out either one or two things during a skirmish; either the complete destruction of the enemy force, or completing the objective they had been given before the campaign had even begun. The lack of a rigid chain of command allowed the Sons to move swiftly across the battlefield and lent itself well to a highly aggressive strategic posture and belligerent tactics, but were usually wild and uncoordinated during long drawn out engagements.

At the time of Hektor's Betrayal, no good estimate of the Fighting Strength of the Sons of Fire could be made. The Sons often fought as a small number of large scale deployments, with the bulk under the Burned King formed into the 47th Expeditionary fleet who loved to step in to aid other campaigns when Xenos were present. The best guess made is putting their full strength at 150,000 Legionnaires. Both Legions had fervently loyal contingents, with many within the Sons refusing to turn on the Sandaramet, their Psyker division.


The culture of the Sons of Fire changed drastically twice over the course of their history - once when they were discovered by their Primarch, Inferox, and again when they became the chosen of the Blood God Khorne.

The Hammers of Terra were renowned for their honor, and thoroughness, often to the point where it was physically and tactically slowed by these traits. When Inferox came to command his Legion, it was he who shaped his Legion into who they were destined to become, for better or for worse. Inferox taught his Legion many things, including how to use fire as a weapon of war, but he also taught his sons how to know their place and role without confining themselves in a cumbersome structure that would chain them as much as it would define them. Under Inferox's command, emphasis was placed on groups over individuals in his Legion. Squads would be honored as a whole; as would larger formations.

The uses of fire by Inferox's Legion were many, and not just confined to battle. It influenced several facets of their lives. New Legionaries would be branded with fire, dead Legionaries would be cremated in fire (once their gene-seed had been extracted), duels would be fought inside a ring of fire, and fire was ever present in hundreds of various standard Legion ceremonies. There was no aspect of a Fire Son's life that was not spent very far from flickering flames. Members of the IV Legion would spend so much of their time around fire that they would even dream of blazes.

The Burned King, despite his best efforts, was a twisted soul, like a dying flame. The Sons of Fire were no different, obsessed with burning even with their own attempts to stem the pyromania. Once they set entire systems ablaze for the Emperor, but they found a new master in Khorne. Before the Heresy, they tried to mask their all consuming desires for fire with a cold, calm and ruthless exterior, which broke down when Khorne claimed their souls. They were present on Terra and the Burned King is now a daemon prince. On Istvaan they collected all of the dead loyalists, and burned their bodies and armour to slag and ash, before piling their scorched skulls in a pyramid inside of a captured ship, and firing it into the Warp.

The Hungry Desire[edit]

Notable Members[edit]

The High Sandaramet, Adarhormazd

Adarhormazd served as the High Sandaramet, leader of the Sandaramet itself and acted as commander of the Third Conflagration. He lived on Crematoria with Inferox, and had his powers activated by the Emperor himself. Known for his brevity and wisdom, Adarhormazd was the guiding hand for the Legion. His efforts to control the Hungry Desire through philosophy and discipline perhaps might have saved the Legion from its own growing madness. He was sacrificed to Khorne upon the fall of his Legion. The fuel of his ritual fire composed of Third's bodies and Legionary recruits.

Legionary Equerry Dilshad, Master of Inferno

"Were you chosen by the Primarch? Privy to his thoughts and executioner of his will? I don't believe so! It is not your place to speak then is it?"

Dilshad after receiving criticism from Vishtar of his plans to attack the Black Augurs

Dilshad was born in the lowlands south of the Casspinin Lake, his father a tireless techno-barbarian warrior for the Emperor's cause to unify Terra. He was taken as a babe to be trained as one of the first members of the then unnamed IVth Legion. He was a prospective candidate for the Sacred Band due to his physical aptitude, but was eliminated early in the trials for his stubbornness and pride. From then on he glided as an outrider of Legion politics, envying the Band for their higher status. Known for being able to give decisive leadership, he was elevated to a squad commander in little time. On Mainiiu II, he charged ahead to relieve some brethren from a suppressive assault not realizing the amount of firepower bearing down around them. Before he could retreat, his single retaliatory shots as he fell back killed several assailants. His actions seemed most heroic to onlookers. A fact which he capitalized on with a fervor.

Dilshad's voice carried over the ranks of the Line Marines like a virulent disease, infecting them with the concept of a simple warrior such as their selves could command the Legion. He promised to bring back the Legion to their old ways and bring glory to them whilst they waited for the return of their Primarch. Since no other candidate truly desired the position, Dilshad naturally took it thanks to his efforts to secure the title of High Praetorate. His time holding the rank is one without note. He served reasonably well, but brought no renown to the Legion nor did remake them into something greater. They merely were, which was admittedly better than other Legions at the time. His popularity only grew wiith the Line Marines however, whom he served with constantly despite the necessity required of him to pull back and access the wider strategic situation.

When the Primarch was found, it was known to all that he spent his days on the trip to Crematoria locked in his study meeting with no one. There wasn't enough time, it wasn't fair, he thought. Why could he not be found later? Why did it have to be now, when he had yet so much to turn the Legion into? To all who knew Dilshad, his personality visibly shifted to the boisterous commander to a weary, worn individual ravaged by regret. When Inferox chose appoint him as his Equerry, his displeased demeanor evaporated giving way to a new vigor to serve.

Dilshad shared a widespread distaste and distrust of psykers, viewing them as untrustworthy and even genetically filthy. His obsession with purity led him to even accepting ideas given to him by Inferox on the need of truth in the Legion's members, and the clarity in understanding the Emperor's message. Secretly though, Dilshad had no love in his heart for his gene-sire, who he called on one occasion 'a simpleton, a savage warlord from a debased planet'. These comments were never known the Primarch, or the Legion at large. His personal thoughts never clouded his internal understanding towards the necessity of appearance. Any chance to gain favor or renown, it would be seized it. He would push himself and others to their limits in order to be remarkable when compared to other outfits.

The Conflagration underneath his command made no attempts to hold back their oncoming insanity towards the end of the Great Crusade. They accepted the desire, growing ever more hungry for murder. This is because Dilshad viewed these enraged troops as more effective, and indeed they were bringing him the title of 'Master of Inferno' by the Primarch himself after the Genocide of Arkendar. When the time at last came to betray the Emperor, Dilshad was the first to hear of Inferox's discontent with the Sandaramet, and Adarhormazd in particular. It was he who counseled his liege to seek answers in faith, knowing full well from his studies of the Blood God what they would be.

The Heresy wore down Dilshad as he struggled to maintain his own sanity from the Blood God's influence and his inner pyromania. Dilshad by the point of Cadia was at his wits end. The voting was too close for his comfort, the fact that the pup Kariman could even come close to beating him driving the former Equerry into deluded paranoia. He wanted a victory, a win, to cement his position. But his reason was gone completely. The Black Augurs were close, small of number, and vulnerable to a strike as there was no secret to him about their division in loyalties. Not once did Dilshad think about the consequences of his actions, and as events spiraled beyond his control he chose to bring everyone down with him than face the humiliation of abject failure.

Dilshad was a small man who dreamed large fantasies. His skills and mind were set firmly in the realm of soldiery, the man being more than competent at fulfilling commands given to him. Deep within his mind however, something had taken root. A desire, like that which affected the others in his Legion but this did not erode his self-control but in his understanding of his own limitations. Without it, he saw himself as a master tactician and had a right to command the Legion. And if he was not at the head of it, then no one else deserved it at all. His life was meant to be simple yet he chose to reach out, and fall to his doom.

Kariman, the King of Blades

"Blood Burned in His Name! Skulls for His Throne!"

Vox recording of Kariman in battle, M.41

Captain of the Second Conflagration, Atarauuan

Inferox, "The Burned King", Primarch of the Sons of Fire[edit]

Inferox is the driven gene-father of the Sons of Fire. He desired to bring order to the madness of his homeworld on behalf of his patron deity. Later, he choose to herald the cause of reason being crusaded by his creator, the Emperor. His pyromania eventually led to his downfall as his love of destruction consumed his judgement and soul. During the Burning Crusade at the Atalantos Worlds he ascended to Daemon Princedom.

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