Sons of Guilliman

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Sons of Guilliman
Sons of Guilliman 1.jpg
Successors of Ultramarines
Primarch Roboute Guilliman.
Homeworld Praesidia
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Light Blue & White, Quartered

The Sons of Guilliman, also known as the Sons of Girlyman, sons of Gigglyhand, ect, are a successor chapter of the Ultrasmurfs founded sometime in the 33rd Millennium. Not much is known about them besides they are 'proud and noble' (so like any successor of the Ultrasmurfs, then).


There is fluff regarding two battles that the Sons of Girlyman have taken part in; the Third War of Armageddon where they sent six companies to help battle the Orks, and the Cleansing of Salinas where the Sons fought a force of Chaos Warriors who could bend reality and eat men whole. This battle ends in tragedy for the Sons when their force at the Cleansing gets wiped out, only for a force of silver warriors to smite the foes with lightning and faith (Grey Knights to the rescue again, eh?). Although it ended badly for the Sons, at least they are mentioned in a source. Thank you, Graham McNeil, for doing your bit again to expand the fluff.


One cool bit of fluff is the story of Sergeant Constantinius, who turned traitor and proceeded to literally pull a one man Siege of Vraks/mini Badab War by himself.

He was part of a strike force that repelled the Tyranids from the planet of Nova Terra (yes, that one). His squad then remained on the planet for three years to root out any remaining taint. He later discovered that the planet's ruling caste had been infiltrated by a Genestealer cult and proceeded to burn them to death.

Unfortunately for him, the local populace weren't happy that this blue superhuman had just BBQ'd their leaders, and rose up in revolution - to which he said "Fuck That!" and proceeded to burn the rest of the city down around him, along with the rest of his squad when they though he was being too heavy-handed. Having to justify his actions to the rest of the population, he told the people that he was only a monster because the Emperor made him one, which oddly endeared him, and he got himself an army, swiftly followed by the whole planet, which he renamed Constantinium in his own honour.

His war for independence attracted Chaos Space Marines, but Constantinius defeated their leaders and claimed the warbands for himself, building himself into a genuine military threat that took the Imperium thirteen years, three Chapters, twelve Imperial Guard regiments, a naval battlefleet, the Ordo Hereticus and the Officio Assassinorum to dig out.

Not bad for a one-man rebellion...


The Sons of Gullytan have a sweet but difficult colour scheme, which means only the best painters will have a chance of doing it well. It is blue and white quartered diagonally, so you have to have steady hand or a machine doing it for you.

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