Sons of Vengeance

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Sons of Vengeance
Sons of Vengeance badge.jpg
Battle Cry Unknown
Origin Unknown
Warband Leader Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Strength Unknown
Specialty Unknown
Allegiance Chaos Undivided
Colours Red/Dark Blue gradiant with Silver trim

The Sons of Vengeance, oh boy.

Those Multicolored bastards used to fight for the Imperium during the first part of the Obscuran Uprising in the 34th Millenium, but after exterminating the Council of Hannedra II and crushing the rebellion in the name of the Emprah, they became drunk with power and started looting and slaughtering to their own heart's content like a bunch of well known motherfuckers clad in piss yellow.

On top of that, they took EVEN MORE CAMPAIGNS IN THE NEIGHBOURING SYSTEM OF LASKARIA along with the Silver Guard.What happened from there you ask, well... The High Lords of Terra took a bit too much to answer and by the time THEY DID SOMETHING, Sons of Vengeance and the Silver Guard [Not to be confused with another Loyalist Chapter by the same name], who by now split in dozens of warbands and turned to Chaos, turned FOURTEEN STAR SYSTEMS INTO THEIR FUCKING BATTLEGROUND FOR DOMINANCE. Khorne is very pleased about this.

Like many other obscure warbands, they were last seen during the 13th Black Crusade on Cadia, and if they escaped is anyone's guess at this point.

Quite the lore there and they even have a pretty kickass color scheme, reminding us of the Invocators with the small speckles of color here and there.

Look at me, I rule this Star System now.
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