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Soratami, also known as Moonfolk, are a race in Magic: The Gathering native to the Plane of Kamigawa. Aligned with Blue Mana, Soratami are a strange hybrid of elf and rabbitfolk; slim, humanoid beings with pale blue or gray skin and rabbit-like ears, which are so long that they wrap over their heads like a lop-eared rabbit. A race of mages and sages, the soratami live in floating cities built amongst the clouds and focus most of their attention on studying the esoteric and the arcane, concerning themselves little with the goings-on of the world below them.

Except for that one time when soratami were behind the whole Kami War thing. Yeah, even being part rabbit can't dilute that innate elven tendency to be a dick.

There's a soratami planeswalker named Tamiyo, who travels the multiverse in order to study new worlds, but always returns to her home in Kamigawa and the family that she has there.

Sadly, because of how badly the Kamigawa block was received, little else is known about the soratami. Which is a shame, because they would make a great race for an Oriental Adventures setting. Alas, their appearance in an article of Plane Shift is uncertain at best.