Space Marine Heroes

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A series of collectable model with a stripped down ruleset to play with them.

The Game[edit]

Rules are available for free from here (pdf warning)

The Models[edit]

The real attraction of the game. Each series is made up of related models and only available in blind boxes - you buy them and don't know which you get until you open it. And of course some are rarer than others, meaning you'll end up buying duplicates trying to complete the set. The models are nice though - they're detailed, with unique poses, and make nice ways to add variety to your army or kill team even if you don't want to collect the set...if you're willing to pay the premium to get them that is. Assembly is very similar to EtB. Interestingly, they appear to be halfway between Manlet Marine and Primarine size, similar to the newer DW releases.

Series 1[edit]

To absolutely nobodies surprise its the Ultramarines.

Series 2[edit]

Blood Angel Terminators. These models are also noticably taller than previous GW terminator releases.

Series 3[edit]

Death Guard

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