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A UK based company that produced several tabletop wargames as well as resin miniatures and sceneries. The company president had a bad case of ADHD, and Spartan games made way too many new games rather then expanding or working on their existing ones. Case in Point; Dystopian Wars. Their staff was good though, and they had great customer service. The company declared bankruptcy in August 2017, with Warcradle Studios picking up all of their game licenses.

Company History[edit]

Opened in 2008, closed in 2017. All game licenses now bought by Warcradle Studios.

Current Supported Games[edit]

Dystopian World[edit]

Dystopian Wars[edit]

A game of global warfare using stunningly detailed 1:1200th scale models fighting over Land, Sea and Air.

Dystopian Legions[edit]

A fast paced, furious squad based game set in the battle ravaged world of Dystopian Wars using highly detailed 35mm scale figures and vehicles.

Armoured Clash[edit]

An exciting and brutal game of massed armoured combat using a range of impressive 1:1200th models in the Dystopian Wars World. Due to the rules its possible to play with along dystopian wars being the same scale and rules.

Firestorm Universe[edit]

Firestorm Armada[edit]

A fast paced, exciting game of space combat using 1:10,000th scale super detailed models set in the rich and expansive Firestorm Galaxy.

Firestorm Planetfall[edit]

An exciting game of planetary conquest set in the Firestorm Galaxy with highly detailed 1:182 scale ground combat models.

Halo Universe[edit]

Collaborations with Microsoft to make both a 32mm-25mm and fleet combat Halo game. The first look at the models for the space game looked wonderful.

Halo Fleet Battles[edit]

A fleet battle set during the Fall of Reach. Gameplay akin to Battlefleet Gothic but with its own Halo twist.

Ground Command[edit]

Set during scenarios based on famous battles in the Haloverse. Models are 1/100th scale. Extremely dropship heavy focused.

Prior Games[edit]

Uncharted Seas[edit]

Not officially abandoned, but no longer produced for shops and distributors. Game was directly available from Spartan Games before its closure.

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