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Arcanites /& Daemon
====Arcanites /& Daemon====
*'''[ Gaunt Summoner]:''' (Arcanites Mortal Daemon Wizard 240pts) A very mediocre Wizard statline but attached to some impressive magic. The Gaunt Summoner has one of the best a great horde-roasting spells in the gamespell, can cast twice per turn and can use one cast once per game to summon a Daemon unit, making him an excellent addition to any army. The fact that he has the Daemon keyword-only makes him better. The only real problem is the lack of mobility and survivability. To use his impressive spell to best effect, you want him close to the enemy, but 5 Wounds and a 6+ save aren't too helpful in letting him survive that.
**uses for summons: Bloodletters can inflict MWs, Daemonettes are still the best shredders and fast movers, Plaguebearers are walls, Horrors provide shooting and annoying way to be survivable, while Furys can grab objectives.
** The Balewind Vortex can help mitigate the need to be close. If an entire horde of enemies wishes to approach, they do not want to be within the 24" bubble of death that his spell becomes while atop the vortex.
**Can also have his save pimped out. Give him Paradoxical Shield, stick him in a Balewind Vortex, and he's got a 3+ save, 2+ if you can get him in cover. Suddenly your squishy wizard is not so squishy anymore.
**The Balewind Vortex combined with the Arcane Sacrifice command trait gives your Infernal Flames spell a truly sickening 33" range. Along with battleshock testsThe changes to the spell make this huge range less necessary, but the threat range is very intimidating, you can comfortably delete and although wiping out a 40 man horde from the board in with one turncast is a lot less likely now, before it even leaves its deployment zone's still a whole lot of damage that it can kick out.
*'''[ Gaunt Summoner on Disc of Tzeentch]''': (Arcanites Mortal Daemon Wizard 260pts.) give a summoner +1 wounds, 16" Flying movement and a +2 for melee save if normal ground fighter catches him.
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