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*Beep* *Beep* The Clown Parade has arrive!

The most blatantly obvious vehicle ever named and one of the most ridiculous looking ones to date. Speedstas are large Ork scrap vehicles utilized by Mekboyz and are utilized by, what else? The Speed Freeks of course.

Resembling Wartrakks and Battlewagons, these fast construct are made from whatever spare parts a Mekboy comes across during his regular duties for his Warboss. Speedsta's are equipped with a wide array of advanced Ork weaponry including Bubblechukkas, Lifta-Droppas, Rokkits, and Kannons. As such, Speedstas populate a specific niche in Ork war tactics as a fast moving, fast attacking, assault artillery. It is a relatively unique vehicle because of this, as there are very little if not no vehicle equivalents for this.

Dragsters are stripped-down Speedstas that have had their weapons removed and replaced with a Deflektor Field, thus becoming mobile shields to help defend the relatively vulnerable Ork Boyz from incoming fire.

As previously mentioned, Speedstas are one of the goofiest Ork vehicles to date. Seriously, some of them look like clown cars whilst others look like those shoe cars you see on parades. That and combine with the oversized weapons and you get one hack of a clown show. They should belong to the Harlequins rather than the Orks of all people.

The Speedsta seems to be a precursor to the Junka.

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