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Spider Quest.

A quest run by "Spider Quest OP." Launched as a quick one shot about 1/3rd of the way into a thread otherwise attempting to detail spiders, as playable characters, in a fantasy setting. It took off from there.

Herein we find the adventures of a female jumping spider as she tries to make her way in the world. We've been kicked out from the can, emigrated from the shed, seen battles and danger and dancing and flight. Building a solid power base seems our only long term goal.

The zeroth start up thread can be found here: Spiders Are Superior ( Linked to in-thread starting point. )

The organized quest threads can be found here: Spider Quest

Generally, updates occurred every week on Saturdays.

This quest has essentially concluded. While Spider Quest OP has left open the possibility of sequels, that's all for now. For any further updates on status check out: Spider Quest OPs twitter account.

Expect a few minor spoilers here and there below.

Main Characters[edit]

The Gang.

( Mostly in order of appearance. )

Bibi: A female jumping spider and central character of the game. She's got some seriously fascistic empire building tendencies and she's not afraid of a little firsthand fang and claw work. Can spin threads; but, inept at more complex web weaving. Caring to those she chooses to befriend, although somewhat oblivious to the potential dangers she puts them in. Usually forgets to check her spinnerets.

Dorpou: Originally named Tedenol by Bibi. Her chosen mate. An unflappable solid source of support and stability to Bibi's random bouts of unspider-like behaviors. A superior hunter as well. Don't ask him about the family tree. A good father although he can use some help tending the brood.

Isaac: The only surviving offspring of The Great Long Monster, a chirping baby centipede. His survival is a singular, isolated, shining example of Bibi's motherly instincts overcoming her violent scheming nature. Or maybe he's just potential raw materials for her budding armor industry. Time will tell.

Mom: Mother to Bibi who kicked her out of the can she called home. Bibi's attempt to introduce Dorpou provoked the only event to come close to disturbing their domestic bliss. Mom's quite the bitch according to Dorpou. No matter, she's dead.

Andor: A many named, big, beefy, ladybug with a bite. Honor bound to aid Bibi who saved his life. He gets around and seems to be known by many others. A dedicated aphidivore, which puts him at odds with the Ants. Has a hell of a lot of carrying capacity.

Ranou: A member of the Web Runner clan. An old, dottering, forgotten, spider eaking out his remaining existence in a hole in a tree. Bibi and her entourage flew in, gate crashed his home, and set up shop. Bibi's playing nice here and has included him in her growing circle of allies. A good call as he's clearly a professional web weaver and a bit of an engineer too.

Bubbles: A non social parasitic wasp, meaning only that she's not a member of a species that builds hives. Befriended by Bibi, she's quite friendly in turn, to the point of being an earnest little ditz. A very good source of information. Bibi tends to employ her as a scout, and she's quite the trooper in spirit, but she seems unsuited for this as she's rather squishy and none too bright. While she has the makings of an excellent baby sitter be advised she's not to be left alone with the kids.

Motorcycle: Our first born if you care to keep track of them. Only about a billion more on the way.

Kahless Nidhogg: A dragonfly. Another hapless critter spared from Bibi's wrath due to his potential utility. Bibi decided to free him with the provision he remains "on call." That's after she takes him out for a test drive.

Webby: Another of our brood of doom. Keep an eye on her - this one's trouble.

Various Enemies[edit]

Ants. Ants everywhere.

The Great Long Monster: Our first encounter, our first defeat, and our first victory. A massive hissing nightmare of chitin armored segments and legs, a centipede. Bibi eradicated all but one of its offspring in a rather ugly scene.

The Giant: Apparently the human owner of the shed we started from. Killed Bibi's mom and destroyed her childhood home in a fit of stomping and Raid(TM). Beware it's deadly grass reaper. "FOCKEN CRITTERS!"

Ants: Got that 1950s stylized SciFi serial single minded robotic vibe to them. Strongly objects to anyone attempting to pilfer their supply of aphids. According to Andor they're the most aggressive threat. Just an annoyance to us so far but watch out!

Wasps: A proper socially nesting type of dependably righteous, upstanding, and admirable flying gang of VIOLENT BULLYING PRICKS. Well, maybe we just caught them on an off day. They were right in the middle of a battle with the Ants after all. The second most aggressive threat we know of. Interestingly, Bibi chose to save a wounded wasp from the death grip on an ant. May have been a pointless act, may bear fruit later. That wasp hinted at a secret regarding the bees. Bibi seems to have ignored this in favor of .. whatever she was trying to accomplish here.


First contact.

The least aggressive hive based species we are aware of.

As a whole Bibi's initial diplomacy went smoothly, save that the bees showed some alarm with our expressed anti wasp attitude. On the plus side it seems the bees do have serious problems with the wasps. This gives Bibi something to work with.

At this point "Spider Quest OP" decided to change things up a bit with our introduction to the bees, moving us over temporarily to a new persona and main character. All the bees introduced are female. Males are known to exist but that's all we know.

Welcome to the Hive!

Scent 321: Our main character for an interlude amongst the bees. A bit of a rebel. Shows a pronounced nervous hyperactive speech pattern when dealing with authority. Was briefly on the lam for conspiring to speak with outsiders. That and the fact her one glimpse of the justice system paints it as an unholy abusive mess. Now she's on a mission.

Overseer: Typical authoritarian by-the-book black boot. Aside from 321's antics she now has drunken royalty to contend with, which is worthy of some sympathy. Truly fears the wasps. This fear may well be an accurate assessment of waspish power.

313: Another worker at about 321's station in life. Maybe her equal but 313's not the one in hot water. Friendly acquaintance and sympathetic to 321's plight.

Royal Guard: Impressively big. Our first encounter ended 321's sprint to safety with some solid authority. Not otherwise violent and she seems kinda cool.


Other Things of Note[edit]

Map of the World.

Cockroaches, aphids, caterpillars, and water striders: Food sources by any other name. The aphids are fun to experiment on.

A Bird corpse, mushrooms, bleeding bits of nasty goo and tasty slime, chitinous plate amour, buttons, string, coins, needles, and a battery. What else can I say? Are there any engineering students following this?