Spirit of '77

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Spirit of '77
RPG published by
Monkeyfun Studios
Rule System Powered by the Apocalypse
Authors Bob Richardson, David Kizzia
First Publication 2015

Not to be confused with Evil Hat's Spirit of the Century

Spirit of '77 is an RPG running on Powered by the Apocalypse that aims to recreate the pulpier, grindhouse-esque feel of 70s drive-in cinema and pre-Star Wars sci-fi. "The best parts of a bad decade", as the creators put it.


As one might expect from an Apocalypse Engine game, the character archetypes and selection of abilities are grouped into playbooks, with stats that determine a degree of success when added to a roll of 2d6. In this case, the stats include:

  • Might - physical activities and resisting damage
  • Hustle - moving quickly and accurately, or avoiding danger
  • Smooth - getting people to do what you want through emotional manipulation (seduction, intimidation, etc.)
  • Brains - figuring out problems or utilizing knowledge
  • Soul - acting creatively or maintaining one's own sense of calm

The roles presented in the core book include:

  • the Bopper - An old-school gang member
  • the Good Old Boy - A speed demon or stunt driver
  • the Honeypot - A charismatic manipulator who succeeds through good looks
  • the Rocker - A musician looking to hit the big time
  • the Sleuth - A gumshoe looking to solve a crime
  • the Tough Guy - A fighter who enjoys both dealing out pain and taking it
  • the Vigilante - A citizen obsessed with justice
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