Squad Broken 2

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Squad Broken 2: orklectic Boogaloo[edit]

When he heard another squadmate screaming over the comm in rage and pain, Gurk knew things must be going terribly wrong. That was the fourth such transmission he'd received, and he even his Ork brain could comprehend that most likely at least half his squad was dead. It was no matter, even one Ork was more than a match for the average squad of space marines, and his 12 inch Ork cock was throbbing with an unusual lust for virgin mancunt.

No need to take chances though, Gurk thought, and decided to get a grip on the situation. In his deep guttural voice, he cracked his comm. unit to life "All Orks report in!"

Gurk only heard silence greet him in return over the comms. Something was definitely wrong. He quickened his pace, picking up in a slow trot with his long, thick Ork legs, heading back for the dropship. Whatever was going on, he knew it couldn't be good and just wanted to get out of there now. There would be other marines and other anuses to violate, and Gurk had a strong sense of self-preservation.

Almost back to the dropship, Gurk suddenly found himself flying through the air head first as he entered one of the large cargo rooms from a side tunnel. He landed hard with a crash near the center of the room, and before he could even move, heard the telltale sound of pulse rifles charging up. He raised his head to look around, and only had a chance to see the butt of one of those rifles impact his head so hard everything went black.

He didn't know how much later it was when he woke up, but he felt green blood trickling down his face and dripping off his fangs. Trying to wipe the blood away only brought realization that this hands and feet were bound, and he was wearing a control belt. Now free to look around, he saw no less than 12 Space Marines surrounding him, all of them disrobed from the waist down with raging hard ons that made Gurk's own Ork cock flush with excitement, even considering his current situation. "All right boys! Have at 'em!" one of the Marines shouted, and Gurk found himself with his face on the cold metal floor and his ass in the air. He heard the pulse of a plasma rifle discharge, and felt the searing of his flesh as they melted the armor protecting his ass. He didn't shout or make any noise, even though there was pleasure mixed with the pain for Gurk.

One by one, the Space Marines violated Gurk's anus, some blowing their hot loads inside of him, some on his face after or before punching him, some shooting them on his back, and all the while Gurk enjoyed the fuck of a lifetime, even if they did have small cocks. After all the Marines had taken their turn, Gurk's face was covered in a film of white cum and a mixture of semen and shit dribbled from his anus, as he laid there on the floor. Behind him, he heard the distinct sound of metal on metal, like a tclink, clink, clinkv but he couldn't turn to see what it was as it approached.

Closer the clinking came, until it seemed right on top of him. As a new figure stepped in front of him with each leg making a clinking sound as it struck the metal floor, Gurk realized that the person now standing in front of him must have metal legs, although he looked like a normal Space Marine, but older.

"Hello Gurk", he said. "You probably don't remember me it's been so long, but 12 years ago you raped my virgin ass and left me for dead on a cargo ship just like this one. The damage was so extreme, much of my body couldn't be saved, but the doctors were able to give me a new body! Now I'll do to you what you did to me so long ago, and my revenge will be complete! I AM EDUARDO" Gurk only vaguely recalled the encounter so long ago, one of many in a long list of ass rapes he had committed against the Marines, and almost all of which ended with a dead Marine. As he struggled to recall the exact memory in his slow Ork brain, Eduardo was disrobing before him. He was amazed to see two metal legs, but what was more impressive was his cock, which was made completely of metal, and appeared to have a built in piston of some kind.

"Ahh Gurk, I see you're admiring my equipment! What you see here is a model 101 Cybercock, one of the first of it's kind. I had the doctors modify it though, and I can directly control the size and speed of the piston, see," and as he said that, the Cybercock seemed to grow in size to nearly twice as big as it had been and became fully erect, standing nearly 15 inches long.

Not wanting to waste any more time, Eduardo moved in behind Gurk, and with a thought discharged a hot oil lubricant from his Cybercock and thrust it brutally into Gurk. This time Gurk did scream, a guttural "GGGGGGGGGUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!" as the 15 inches of hot metal tore open his anus and green blood began to mix with hot oil lube and leftover manjuice.

Eduardo turned up the piston speed with a thought to 800 RPM, and watched Gurk seem to vibrate as his Cybercock ravaged him. Gurk seemed to go limp, but Eduardo didn't care as he climaxed and extended the Cybercock another five inches further inside of Gurk, rupturing vital organs as his innards filled with hot cum.

Eduardo pulled out and Gurk crumpled to the floor unmoving, most likely dead from the violation of the Cybercock. It was then that Eduardo noticed a flashing light on the shoulder of Gurk's Ork armor, but it was too late as a stun grenade detonated a split second after he came to this realization, and he was unconscious.

Eduardo woke up next to the rest of his squad of Space Marines, all bound hand and foot, and all naked. At least 8 Orks were in the room with them, and Eduardo knew what was coming. The squad was lined up on the floor, face down and ass up, just like Gurk had been, and the Orks began ass raping them one at a time, running a rapetrain on each one of them in turn, letting all the others see what was to come. Some of the marines just passed out or died outright before the Orks even got to them, knowing full well what was going to happen to them from Eduardo's account. The Orks didn't care, they raped them anyways, having a good time using their bodies like puppets while their friends raped their still warm man cunts.

Eduardo was one of the last, and even though he had a metal anus, the Orks didn't care and raped him anyway, and he still felt everything. He quickly went into a semi-conscious state as the Orks ravaged him, reliving in his mind the original encounter with Gurk, muttering over and over "squad broken, squad broken" as he continued to get pounded by the Orks, living longer than everyone else did because of his partially robotic body.The rape was done,gurk rose above Eduardo,turning around only to find them dead,gurk looked around to see what had happened when suddenly there was a loud crack.Gurk looked down at his chest there was a gaping hole,gurk fell to his knees as an vindicare smiled halfway across the field.

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