Squat Berserkers

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A modern rendition of a Squat Berserker.

Squat Berserkers (Not to be confused with Khorne Berserkers, although they might as well be one) are close combat Squats. Their fantasy analogues would be the Slayers. Like the Squat Thunderers, Squat Berserkers only appeared in Epic. They excel at bonking heads on Orks and chopping up Gretchins if they get too close to Squat ranged units. They're often quite erratic and unhinged and maybe possibly pumped full with Drugs like an Eversor.

They are also deployed in Berserker Battlecars from Squat Land Trains.


Squat Berserkers are made up from attack squads of the most ferocious hand to hand fighters in the Stronghold. Attack squads are armed with bolt pistols, power axes or chainswords and a variety of grenades. They are expert tunnel fighters and excel at clearing buildings and fortifications ahead of the Brotherhood's advance.

All Squats are doughty fighters in close combat but Squat Berserker units are renowned for their tenacity and courage against the most impossible odds, battling fearlessly against even the mightiest of opponents without thought for their own losses. Because of this heroic determination Berserker units automatically pass any morale checks if they are in close combat.

Forces of the Squats
Command: Guildmaster - Living Ancestor - Squat Warlord
Troops: Brotherhood Heavy Weapons Team
Commissar - Hearthguard - Mole Mortar Team
Squat Berserkers - Squat Thunderers
Squat Trooper - Tech Priest
Vehicles: Cyclops War Machine - Colossus War Machine
Land Train - Leviathan - Rhino - Squat Bike
Squat Trike - Tunneling Transport Vehicles
Flyers &
Iron Eagle Gyrocopter
Overlord Armoured Airship
Artillery: Heavy Quad-Launcher
Thunder-Fire Cannon
Goliath Mega-Cannon