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What's up Douchenozzles!

A Squat Trike was a rapid deployment heavy weapon delivery system. The bigger brother of the Squat Bike. It had two crew members - one Squat drove the trike and one operated a heavy weapon behind. Trikes were operated by members of the Engineers Guild. To put it simply, the Squat Trike and its relation to the Squat Bike is equivalent to the Orks Wartrakks and its relation to the Warbikes. In 2018, it seems that this has gone full circle with the Orks now having their own version of the Squat Trike called the Deffkilla Wartrike. The irony seems to be lost on GeeDubs on this one.

Squat Trikes typically form with the Squat Bikes to create an arrowhead of rape. Acting as a fast moving spear to incapacitate the enemy.


The Squat Trike itself is nothing more than a pint sized powerhouse. For such a small vehicle you a getting weapons that is found on fucking tanks! Heck some of them are thought to be exclusive to the Eldar such as the D-Cannon. Seriously where the hell did the Squats gain access to a fucking D-Cannon!?

The trike is armed with a single pintel-mounted weapon such as an autocannon, Conversion Beamer, D-Cannon, heavy plasma gun, heavy stubber, heavy webber, lascannon, missile launcher, multi-laser or multi-melta. It could also carry extra missiles or grenades if it took a missile launcher. It could also be armored with a Power field.

Forces of the Squats
Command: Guildmaster - Living Ancestor - Squat Warlord
Troops: Brotherhood Heavy Weapons Team
Commissar - Hearthguard - Mole Mortar Team
Squat Berserkers - Squat Thunderers
Squat Trooper - Tech Priest
Vehicles: Cyclops War Machine - Colossus War Machine
Land Train - Leviathan - Rhino - Squat Bike
Squat Trike - Tunneling Transport Vehicles
Flyers &
Iron Eagle Gyrocopter
Overlord Armoured Airship
Artillery: Heavy Quad-Launcher
Thunder-Fire Cannon
Goliath Mega-Cannon