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Squigs. Making Tyranids feel insecure in the eating department.
Sadly noncanon, at least not yet...

A Squig, short for Squiggly Beast, is any one of a variety of bizarre organisms that exist semi-symbiotically with Orcs & Goblins and Orks alike. Fungus-based animals whose most iconic form resembles a large round ball that opens up a huge hungry maw full of teeth, propelled by two strong legs that let it run, scramble and jump all over the place.

Night Goblins in particular like to herd huge swarms of these things onto the battlefield, as they are violently unpredictable and surprisingly dangerous.

In the 41st millennium, on the other hand, they play a somewhat different role. Some Ork Warbosses will keep such squigs as personal attack animals, slavers always have trusty squig-hounds to help tame grots, and Tankbustas favor a breed that they cram full of bombs and coax to charge towards (hopefully) the enemy before blowing up.

According to the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay splat, "Old World Bestiary", squig-meat is perfectly edible by humans and actually very tasty. Spit-roasted Squig is described as resembling smoked ham with the consistency of young chicken.

Age of Sigmar introduces a mythological aspect to their origins with the introduction of Boingob, the godbeast progenitor of all Squigs. This massive creature barreled through the realms in a frenzied pursuit of the light of Hysh (basically the sun), until it finally jumped up and was roasted alive. Now its colossal skeleton serves as a holy place/impenetrable lurk lair to the Moonclan Grots.

Squigs can be bred into a vast variety of forms and functions. The most famous of these is arguably the monstrous Squiggoth which provide a similar sort of heavy infantry to a war elephant. Other, more obscure types include (but by no means limited to) Bag Squigs, Bomb Squigs, Eating Squig, Gas Squigs, Hair Squigs, Oily Squigs, Paint Squigs, Squig Sharks, Squig Hawks, and Squigeons all of which can be further explained below. Squigs are basically the apps of Ork society: if you can think of a function, there's a squig for that.

Squig Varieties[edit]

As mentioned. Squigs come in all sizes and flavors. Here are the documented species of Squigs officially recognized by the Imperium/Order of Azyr.

Amp Squig[edit]

Amp Squig.

A form of squig seen accompanying Goff Rokkers. Whether this variety of squig is naturally born to serve as some manner of living amp or if this is a cybernetic creation of Doks is unknown, so sayeth Warhammer Community.

Whatever the case, it appears to be a regular squig with an amp shoved into its mouth. Its tail also has a cybernetic plug-in slot to presumably attach to a Goff Rokker's Rokker Shoota to serve as... well... an amp. Of course, this being an Orky thing, it could just be that it serves as an amp regardless of cord through the power of Orky belief.

Attack Squig[edit]

Attack Squig.

The most common and identifiable type of Squig. Whenever someone says Squig, this is the one that pops in everyone's head. The Attack Squig (Orkus ferocitas), also known as the Cave Squig, looks like it's trying to compete with the Tyranids for sheer 'OMNOMNOMNOMNOM' ability, consisting of nothing more than a bouncing ball of claws and razor-sharp teeth. These Squigs, as their name implies, are often used as attack animals, weapons, or pets. They can be given to the Grots as a food source (if the Squig doesn't eat them first) or even war mounts if said Grot is feeling particularly brave that day.

Sometimes an Attack Squig is transformed into a Bomb Squig via jamming as much explosive materials into the Squig's mouth (or strapping explosives to their bodies) as possible before setting it loose to fuck up some tanks. These specialized Attack Squigs are often utilized by either Ork Flash Gitz or Tankbustas.

Bitey Squig[edit]

Bitey Squig

Bitey Squigs are a sub-species of Attack Squigs that have sufficient jaws, claws, and stingers to savage the target and anything close by. This breed is frequently fired from Squig Launchas and Heavy Squig Launchas. Launched gnashing and snarling into the enemy, they latch onto the first thing they hit and do not stop chewing until they are killed. A bit like the Face-Eating Squig to be honest.

Legends states that the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy was created due to a 'mishap' when a Bitey Squig or some form of Attack Squig was accidentally stuffed into the launcha and fired into a very unfortunate Ork’s face and thus, the legend was born.

It seems that the Bitey Squig can be differentiated from the normal Attack Squig by its stronger jaw; this can be seen with its more pronounced jawline which could only be supported with powerful jaw muscles. There are also the aforementioned stingers, which would most likely be located at the tail; unfortunately there isn't any indication that the tail has something like a stinger. Bitey Squigs are also much smaller than the Attack Squig in order to fit inside a Squig Launcha; seeing as how an Attack Squig is often the size of a sheep, it makes sense for the Orks to utilize a much more smaller and mobile version to be used as ammunition.

Bile Squig[edit]

Bile Squig

The Bile Squigs come in a variety of breeds and are capable of spraying, squirting, or vomiting harmful fluids from their orifices. This breed of squig is frequently fired from Squig Launchas and Heavy Squig Launchas.

Typically launched by the handful, these creatures squeal and thrash while jetting acid, lubricants, poisons, and flammable fluids in every direction. The effects can sometimes be harmless, but other times can cause their victims to burst into flames, explode, or dissolve. Essentially, they are the Orky version of the Flamers of Tzeentch, you never know what you're gonna get.

Bile Squigs seem to have an enlarged earhole or an orifice for which they shoot out their concoction of liquids, it is identified by its very derpy appearance and its long tongue which maybe used to lick off any excess liquid it shoots out.

Bat Squig[edit]

Bat Squig

A squig that has bat wings..... that's it.....look it's just a squig that has bat wings alright, it has the typical squig mentality, lives in a cave and can fly; the only difference is that IT JUST HAS BAT WINGS. These Bat Squigs descend upon their victims in a flurry of gnashing jaws and spattering guano. It does not have some depressing story in which it lost its parents and now hunts down everything that isn't a greenskin; NO IT'S JUST A SQUIG WITH BAT WINGS, also no legs.

On tabletop, at the start of your shooting phase, you can pick 1 enemy unit within 18" of this model and roll a dice. On a 5+ that enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound. This ability cannot be used if the Bat Squig minion has been removed.

Boom Squig[edit]

Boom Squig

A special sub-species of the 'Splodin Squig.

This breed is squig is frequently fired from Squig Launchas and Heavy Squig Launchas. Boom Squigs, also known as Mine Squigs due to their shape, are infamous for their defense mechanism of violently exploding at the slightest provocation, typically due to direct physical contact or a loud noise (or sometimes even their own bouts of indigestion).

They detonate with such force that they kill or maim anything unlucky enough to be in the vicinity. These creatures thus make the perfect living ammunition for Orks and are also sometimes used as landmines. They are also favored by Orks as the tools of practical jokes, as nothing will amuse a Speed Freek more than hiding a Boom Squig under the seat of a Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy driver like an explosive whoopee cushion.

Bowel-Torrent Squig[edit]

Bowel-Torrent Squig

A mysterious Squig referred to only as one of the most "revolting" and "panic-inducing". Given its name it should be very easy to understand why. They are one of the numerous forms of living ammunition from the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy.

Unfortunately, despite being important enough to be mentioned in fluff, they still didn't really get that much screen time...or an identifiable model for that specific matter in the first place.

Fortunately for us in /tg/, the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy model holds so many Squigs in its trunk and around the vehicle that we can sort of guess which Squig might best describe the Bowel-Torrent Squig the best.

Due to the Squig's... unique way of expelling its munitions, we believe that the small albeit grumpy-looking Squig with the long tail may be the elusive Bowel-Torrent Squig. Ya know... 'cause it looks similar to that of a pigeon and this thing can 'fly' once it exits out the Squig Launcha. We would let your figure out the rest.

Bag Squig[edit]

Bag Squig.

This type of Squig has a large, gaping mouth and a bag-like body that is almost entirely composed of stomach and nothing else (which, now that we think about it, is a good description of *most* Squigs). The stomach coincidentally functions secondarily as a pouch that allows the Squig to survive by slowly digesting food it stores up inside its body, similar to modern Earth animals that survive hibernation by eating a lot of food during the summer. If the Squig is dried out, it can be made into a flask for drinks. If it is tanned like leather, it makes a useful bag or belt pouch.

By far one of the most practical form of Squigs used by the Orks.

Burna' Squig[edit]

Burna Squig.

The Burna' Squig is similar to the 'Sploding Squig. However while the 'Sploding Squig is a biological grenade the Burna' Squig is a biological molotov cocktail. Inside a Burna' Squig consists of multiple chemicals that when mixed, burst into flames rather than exploding. Orks sometime shake their Burna' Squigs to further enhance their fiery potential (Or force them to swallow even MOAR flammable materials such as Promethium) after being thrown-- if it doesn't explode in their face of course.

If the Ork is feeling a bit picky and don't really want to risk having his head blown off by enemy snipers, he can just let the Squig go off to its intended target. Of course, these may not result in the desired outcome as the Squig may be shot before it gets the chance to explode or the Squig wouldn't even explode in the first place and just growls at the target harmlessly.

The effects of Burna Squigs are equivalent to other flammable explosives found in the Imperium.

Buzzer Squig[edit]

Buzzer Squig.

Buzzer Squigs are an insect-like like variation of the Squig typically used by Orks and Gretchins in a Squig Katapult, as they are very vicious and a swarm can strip the flesh off a man-sized creature within seconds. They are essentially flying piranhas but more aggressive than any piranha.

Buzzer Squigs are found among Ork fungus groves and are trapped in pots by Gretchin. The special pots are made from sun-baked mud, drilled with tiny holes to allow the Squigs inside to breathe. The top of the vessel is corked shut and sealed with more mud once a good number of Squigs have been put inside. Normally the Squigs feed by burrowing into other larger Squigs or small animals such as rats, so when they are captured they soon begin to get very hungry. They can be kept without food in the pot for many weeks, getting angrier and more savage all the time. If the Gretchin is unfortunate in capturing these hornets of doom or accidentally breaks a pot full of these things, then he may end up as their lunch.

Gretchin can tell which pots contain the angriest Squigs from the high pitch of the droning and the vibrations of the pot as the Squigs try to burrow out (the walls of the pot must be made thick and hard). These pots, each containing a small swarm of enraged Buzzer Squigs, are the missiles fired by the Squig Katapult. The pot cracks open on impact, releasing the swarm of enraged Buzzer Squigs, who attack anyone nearby. They are great against Imperial Guards, Tau, Kroot, and low level Tyranid forces (cue irony of the Tyranids getting out-NOMMED in their own game). Unfortunately they are quite useless when it comes to MEQs as those claws and fangs aren't going to do much against ceramite and reinforced wraithbone.

Buzzer Squigs can also be found on the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy, although they're far more limited in role due to the presence of other Squig species.

Buzzing Squig[edit]

Buzzing Squig.

Not to be confused with Buzzer Squigs, Buzzing Squigs have tiny, propeller-like wings on their tails: miniature airscrews that allow them to fly like a biological helicopter. When they contact flesh (which they can smell), they bores in and eat their way straight through the unfortunate target. Upon emerging from the victim, they immediately dive back and bore through again, or set upon another victim. Orks have learned to use these deadly nuisances as weapons.

Gretchin are set to work trapping them for dispersal as swarms around the battlefield. Buzzing Squigs may also be kept in pots and thrown from makeshift catapults like the Squig Katapult. When the pot containing the Buzzing Squigs cracks, it releases a swirling swarm of these flesh-eating monsters.

In all honesty though, by function there is very little difference between the Buzzer and Buzzing Squigs as they both fulfill the same niche. They only look different enough to warrant their own species.

Dice Squig[edit]

Dice Squig

Famed for their bounciness, the rare and elusive Dice Squigs have been known to be used by particularly kunnin’ Grot Loonbosses in games of tactics and chance. They are usually given out in an event of a mass brawl, with Grots assembling bets on would emerge the victor.

These small, eyeless, limbless blobs of flesh have very little use other than your usual Ork gamblin', however, a wise Greenskin must still be cautious when handling these things as they still have a mouth that may bite your fingers off.

Currently, most Dice Squigs have different yellow splotches on each side save for the face, which is an obvious analogue to the actual numbers system of an actual dice. Also represented as an actual limited edition squig-dice for sale by Games Workshop.

Coffin Crawler[edit]

Coffin Crawler

Coffin-Crawlers were an Old-School Tyranid Squig who would consume fresh corpses and grow in bulk until they were ready to return to the Norn Queen, carrying their swollen bodies back to feed her.

Genetic material in the form of captive creatures and corpse scavengers called Coffin-Crawlers is fed into the great maws located at the top of the Norn Queen and synthesised by its genetic shredder organs. The dissembled DNA structures form a gene-bank which provides the raw material from which new creatures called bio-constructs are created. Once a type of bio-construct has been designed more identical creatures can be cloned by the Norn Queens.

Much like the Grabber-Slasher Squig, when Squigs were separated from Tyranids, they were reduced to the status of just being a variety of Big Squig. That, and their role has been replaced by Rippers.

Colossal Squig[edit]

Colossal Squig.

Think an Great Cave Squig on steroids and having a mouth and stomach that could rival a Haruspex and the Mawloc in a eating competition. The Colossal Squigs are the largest variants of Squigs known to exist short of Squiggoths.

These frequently six-eyed monsters boast an insatiable appetite, and are in essence no more than an impossibly vast fleshy maw studded with row upon row of scimitar-bladed teeth. The only way they get into battle is by finding some Orks and just moving in with them.

The Colossal Squig is often used as a giant living battering ram, bashing and splintering anything smaller than the Squig into a fine paste. Of course the presence of the Squiggoth kind of placed the status of the Colossal Squig in question. Nevertheless, they still have the capability of eating entire Space Marines whole let alone normal Guardsmen, granting some laughs by the local Boyz if the Squig doesn't eat them first.

Of special note is a small change to this subtype of Squig in Age of Sigmar - When a Colossal Squig dies, it blows up into a bunch of smaller Cave Squigs! ... Nature running its course?...

Cape Squig[edit]

Cape Squig

These cute little Squigs are there to make you feel just a tad bit more important.

A Squig found only in Age of Sigmar. A presumably regal and dignified breed of squig, these little beasties help Skragrott keep his magnificent cape off the floor. Or maybe they’re trying to eat it. Probably both…

Anyways, these Squigs are quite sought after since they have a... distinct head shape of the Greenskin's moon, which makes it downright flash. Why their heads are shaped like that is anyone's guess (selective breeding?). Skragrott, the Loonking himself, is the self-styled overlord of the Gloomspite Gitz (AKA Night Goblins, trademarked). His sinister presence upon the field of battle ensures his fellow grots fight with greater spite and cunning than ever.

On tabletop, these little beasties are there for decorative purposes in order to make Skragrott look more important than he really is. Seriously you think they would provide anything of substance in the actual game?

Eating Squig[edit]

Eating Squig.

An Eating Squig (also known as Grubs or Orkus consumit) is a limbless blob used as the primary Ork food source. It resembles an elongated, squarish slug with two eyes and a small pug mouth (like a cross between a decompressed blob fish and uncanned SPAM). Orks usually prefer them cooked, but they can be eaten raw as well. Gretchin are quite adept in cooking them and have a number of methods including kebabing, marinating in fungus wine, stuffed with fungus and herbs, roasted on a spit, deep fried with fungus chips, or griddled over a campfire. Who knew the Ork race had such a flair for culinary skills? Again Commissars would suggest not petting one no matter how pug-cute it looks, although suggesting to eat one for emergency rationing is fine for them.

With the fast reproduction on all Orkoid lifeforms, it is unknown why the Imperium of Man still haven't decided on capturing one of these Squigs and then mass producing them which would stop Galactic world hunger that plagues some of the Imperial Worlds (and no, not because of heresy). Maybe they are already looking into it, but with how slow the IoM usually is it may take decades to even centuries for it to be finalized and distributed in the entire Galaxy. Or it might have something to do with the fact that they're creature from the orkoid genus, so they release spores everywhere that can grow into the more dangerous parts of the genus including actual orks.

If the Eating Squig is the Duck/Chicken of an Ork culinary experience, then the Juicy Squig is the foie gras of Ork cuisine. The Juicy Squig is a very rare and delicious type of Eating Squig that may perhaps be the only known Ork delicacy. This Squig lives at the very bottom of an Ork fungal drop, and are not only rare, but difficult to find and bring up from the depths. Since these Squigs are seldom caught by the Gretchin and Snotlings, they often grow quite large and become even tastier as they get older.

In Age of Sigmar, there is also type of swamp-dwelling squig in the Mortal Realms called the Slobbersquig, mentioned in the second edition Orruk Warclans Battletome as being part of the regular diet consumed by the Kruleboyz, alongside bog toads, swamp hoppers, cold crawfish, spine-ridged mud worms, and human flesh. Compared to the rest of the food on this list, it could be conjectured the Slobbersquig is a sluglike, unappealing Eatin' Squig that drools constantly and lives in swamp muck instead of the bottom of the greenskin drops.

Face-Eater Squig[edit]

Face-Eater Squig

Humans have binge eating contests and the Orks too have their own variety. Of course in this case the food has the potential of eating your face off. Here is where the Face-Eater Squigs come into play. The Face-Eater Squig is a toothed variety of Squig used both as a weapon and in the infamous Ork face-eating contests.

These Squigs, also known as "Gnashers" or "Gnasher Squigs," are a vicious mass of sharp teeth and claws. In their active state they appear to be just a gnashing mouth and very little else, though they look much like any other Eatin' Squig when they are at rest. Because of their violent nature, Gnashers provide the Orks with endless entertainment, and Squig-eating is one of the Orks' favorite pastimes. The Ork and the Squig both open their mouths and bite, in a parody of a kiss. If the Ork eats the Squig, he wins. If he keels over backwards, he loses.

Some Painboys made attempts to use Gnashers to amputate a patient's limbs, but these attempts weren't very successful as they tended to bite off orderlies' arms or even the Dok's fingers. Face-Eaters are often used as an attack squig. This organism is known to Imperium biologists as Orkus ravenati.

Flesheater Squig[edit]

Flesheater Squig.

In order to increase their wealth, some Orks breed large, ferocious beasts known as Flesheaters. The Flesheater looks like a furry, Orky crocodile, with a great, gaping mouth full of rows of sharp fangs that are similar to an Ork's Teef. Flesheaters continually shed and replace their teeth, and all the Orks have to do to collect this wealth is send a Gretchin to collect the teeth; they, of course, aren't overly keen on this duty.

Like Ork teeth, Flesheater teeth also deteriorate after a few years. Flesheaters are extremely long-lived, but rarely breed in captivity, making them even more valuable. Most Orks who own Flesheaters are either already Nobz, or become Nobz on account of the wealth derived from owning these Squigs. Not surprisingly, impoverished Orks sometimes attempt to steal a Flesheater, or even raid rival settlements to capture them.

They are literally a mobile money-making machine - who says money can't grow on trees animals?

Gas Squig[edit]

Gas Squig.

It is a Squig that literally has a killer fart.

The Gas Squig produces a gas so toxic that Orks with gas masks throw this Squig in combat, using the Squig itself as a chemical weapon. Besides their use as a one-time explosive, the Ork can just let the Squig run loose in the battlefield, spreading as much chaos as possible as these nasty little runts can cover an entire field in a bath of toxic miasma and corrosive chemicals.

It is unknown what type of chemicals allow the Gas Squig to unleash a untold volume of lethal farts. High levels of methane or magic/warp-related bullshit is the only potential answer.

They are seen as one of the summoning Squigs in Warhammer Online.

According to the illustration of Warhammer Online, Gas Squigs look like normal Attack Squigs but with hole-like projections that constantly spew out the toxic materials like chimneys.

Gob Squig[edit]

Gob Squig.

Gob Squigs are small enough to be put into an Ork's mouth and left there for the rest of the day (or the next few days, if the Ork forgets about it). The Squig cleans the Ork's mouth out by rooting round the teeth and eating the juicy bits of food that are stuck between them. They look like your typical fantasy Slime with a funny face although your local Commissar would suggest not petting one as they are known to bite. They are essentially an Ork's version of a toothbrush but more effective and cost-productive.

The Chewin' Squig is another variant of the Gob Squig. An Ork can pop this sort of Squig into his mouth and chew on it while he sits and thinks (or sits and enjoys not thinking), basically Orky chewing gum. How the Squig could survive being munched by an Ork is a feat unknown by Imperial Xenologists.

Grabber-Slasher Squig[edit]

Grabber-Slasher/Big Squig

These guys originated way back in older editions of Warhammer, when Squigs were the result of Tyranids consuming Orkoid biomass instead of being fungoid kin. The Grabber-Slasher is a form of large ambush Squig that prefers to lurk in ducts and either grab prey with its massive arm and drag it away to devour, or hump-slash it with its big crotch-spike.

As one can imagine from things that early on, they look like fucking abominations out of a Cronenberg film. Seriously, that giant clawed hand on top of its head does not help. They also apparently have a chameleonic ability to change their skin colour and texture to hide better in crevices and ducts. But again, with that giant hand and horned dick, the idea of it being chameleonic should be taken with some salt. Even worse is the fact that the Tyranid Hive Mind used it as a prototype to the Lictor in early editions, using it to assassinate those who threatened the plans of the Tyranids. Imagine the shame and humiliation of being killed by something as fugly as THAT!

When Squigs were later retconned into being always a part of the Orkoid Fungus Biosphere, the Grabber-Slasher was retconned into being just a "Big Squig", which is honestly, quite disappointingly generic.

Great Cave Squig[edit]

Great Cave Squig

Think a regular Attack Squig given steroids. A Great Cave Squig is simply a larger variant of the more common Cave Squig that has grown to such a magnificent size that it has become as large as an Imperial warhorse. This Squig sub-species is the second largest of the non-Squiggoth family, with only the Colossal Squig surpassing it in both size and weight (at least before the Beast Snagga mounts became a thing. And if you discounted the Squig Gobba Forgeworld model. Not to mention the untamable, ork-predating Squighawk and Squigshark). Its large mouth is filled with teeth the size of swords and sabres and their appetite as ravenous as their smaller counterparts. These things are solitary predators that like to get shit done by themselves.

Because of their large size, the Great Cave Squig makes excellent cavalry for Night Goblins. However, their aggressive behavior makes it difficult to tame effectively. The process of breaking in a Great Cave Squig would cost the lives of many Night Goblins, but once the beast learns to accept a rider, they serve as a more stable mount than the smaller and more unruly Cave Squig. Although they are costly to maintain, eating over twice their own body weight daily, a Night Goblin Warboss would do almost anything to keep such a magnificent asset in the hands of his tribe.

Since they're so difficult to tame, often times Goblins don't even bother doing so, instead just chaining two Great Cave Squigs together, pointing them vaguely in the direction of the enemy and setting them loose, resulting in the infamous Mangler Squigs. The Squigs drag and pull each-other across the battlefield, resulting in them essentially becoming living wrecking balls. In Age of Sigmar, some particularly insane Loonbosses use a pair of Mangler Squigs as a mount, usually if they're leading a Squigalanche warband.

On the even rarer occasions when a Great Cave Squig continuous to grow exponentially, they would grow to such a monstrous size that they are once again categorized into another even larger variant called simple as the Colossal Squig (As aforementioned before).

Guard Squig[edit]

Guard Squig.

Ork Kaptins have been breeding a form of Squig known as a Guard Squig, or Squig Hound to some. They're Orky Guard Dogs. These creatures have all the ferocity of an Attack Squig, but are bred to be utterly loyal to their masters. When alone or not in battle, Squig Hounds are usually seen sleeping on their post or lying on their master's lap. Guard Squigs are often seen as a step up above the normal Attack Squig due to their aforementioned loyalty.

Guard Squigs are not to be confused with the Herd Squig whose nickname also bears the name Squighound or the actual Squighound themselves. Why GeeDubs thought repeating the name of three different species is a good idea is a mystery.

Is it though? These are Orks we’re talking about. Considering the rather direct (and often short) manner with which Orks approach life, it’s hardly a surprise they’d have one name for several breeds of Squigs. One Ork may name a particular breed of Squig "Bitey" for biting a lot, only to have his head bit off by said Squig, prompting the next Ork to confirm that it is indeed a Bitey Squig, while somewhere else in the mob the same little drama is occurring with an entirely different breed of biting Squig with identical results. Orks are pragmatic...in their way.

Hair Squig[edit]

Hair Squig.

Do you want to know how and where the Orks get their hairy ponytails from? The answer is obviously simple: they use Squigs to do the job, due to Orks being naturally hairless. Hair Squigs are a parasitic variety of Squig which possess small bodies, no legs, no eyes, and a pair of pincers in place of a mouth.

They have long hair running from their tiny bodies that Orks like to customize and dye after clamping the Squig's pincers onto their own hairless heads; this customization has no effect on the Squig's health.

One particular variety of Hair Squig is known as a Chin Squig. These creatures feature a long thin body with claws and hair all over it and serve as the equivalent of a beard. They are also known to be a sign of age and status among Orks.

Hillariously, the entire plot of the game "Shootas, Blood, n' Teef" is kicked off because one ork steals the equivalent of another ork's wig..

Herd Squig[edit]

Herd Squig.

Herd Squigs have been specially bred and developed by Runtherds for the purpose of herding and controlling the herds of Runtz. They are related to the many varieties of pet Squigs, but have been selectively bred for their speed, intelligence, ferocity and endurance.

Their long, sensitive snouts and keen ears enable them to track down errant Snotlings and Gretchin wherever they might hide. Herd Squigs are excellent tracking beasts, and can follow trails which are days old.

They are also called Squighounds, which as you already know, should not be confused with the Guard Squig who already bears that nickname or the actual Squighounds themselves.

They look like pigs but more Orky.

Hoppa Fungus[edit]

Hoppa Fungus

A Hoppa Fungus or Fun-Hoppas, are a type of Squig that skirts the line between Orkoid Mushroom and Squig, from the Snotling Blood Bowl set. They are small, round, lumpy "mushrooms" with a cartoony, squiggy face on their front. There are two sizes of them, one for throwing like a living rock and another for riding like a moon hopper, even more so than normal squigs as these ones lack legs.

How they managed to hop around without a leg, we are not too sure, although more technical elegan/tg/entelmen had assumed that they use their entire body mass as one giant muscle like a snake, to propel themselves for locomotion.

They seem overall, pretty harmless as far as Squigs go, given that they don't seem to routinely eat their riders or throwers. But boy do these giant grey meatballs look like they came out of a Loony Tunes cartoon.

Horned Squig[edit]

Horned Squig.

A Squig that's so Horny! *BLAM*

The Horned Squig is a Squig gifted with long, sharp horns stretching from its head that Orks often jam into barricades to serve as living obstacles or act as a moving and mobile battering ram for siege warfare. They act like bulls and if used against troops, often ram their horns into some poor unfortunate sod in a relentless, charging stampede. They have a brighter red color scheme than Cave Squigs.

If the Horned Squig is disabled, then the Ork can simply just strap the Squig on its forearm and use it as a living weapon. The Orks are anything but wasteful and is capable of using anything, even other living organisms, to its 'full' potential.

Like the Gas Squigs they are seen as one of the summoning Squigs in Warhammer Online.

Ju-Ju Squig[edit]

Ju-Ju Squig.

Among one of the smallest known Squig models.

If a shaman needs extra magical clout, he will make use of his Ju-Ju Squig. Ju-Ju Squigs are one of the new Squigs first showcased in Age of Sigmar. They kind of act like a living magical buff for a Weirdnob, more of which can be read below.

Odd creatures, they are one of the many kinds of squiggly beast that follow the Bonesplitterz. It is believed that the power of the Waaagh! draws them to the orruks, but it might be that the little beasts are just hunting for leftovers. Perched upon shoulders or staffs,ju-ju squigs absorb the roiling green magic of their Weirdnob, until the orruk takes the creature in his fist and gives it a good squeeze, using the resultant surge of pent-up energies to fuel his spells.

Tl;dr, magical living warp juice. Use it.

Limpin Squig[edit]

Limpin Squig or a turkey drumstick, you make the call.

A Squig football/handegg. It makes sense in context.

Technically, this squig is from Blood Bowl rather than the Mortal Realms (AKA Age of Sigmar), but its existence is so hilariously dumb it might as well be part of the Squig family. Also known as the Squigball, Orc teams are known for using Squigs as balls, shearing one leg off so it can’t run away. Sometimes, they just find a particularly bulbous Squig and then literally kick its ass.

These Squigs must be extremely durable, squishy and bouncy. The best Limpin' Squigs have flesh that is extremely flexible, sturdy bones to survive repeated impacts and kicks, a skin firm enough to be held onto for long periods of time, an attitude that makes sure it doesn't ends up biting its holder in the middle of some intense Blood Bowl, and just the right enough shape to bounce to its trajectory.

It is not known is they exist in 40k or AoS, although seeing as how Orks/Orcs are stereotypical British hooligans, we wouldn't be surprised if they did.

Mendin' Squig[edit]

Mendin' Squig.

Mendin' Squigs, or more commonly (and annoyingly) called Hairy Squigs (again not to be confused with Hair Squigs much to the Xenobiologist's constant frustration), are a type of medicinal Squig. Hairy/Mendin' Squigs are used by Painboyz as sutures. The Painboy simply applies it to the open wound, which it holds closed with its tiny, needle-like teeth. The Painboy then twists its tail off, leaving the head embedded in the flesh, repeating the process until the wound is "riveted up." The Mendin' Squig feeds off blood oozing from the wound, thus keeping it clean and free from infection. By the time it shrivels and drops off, the wound has usually healed.

This form of medical technique is actually quite closer to reality than you'd think. Some South American and African tribes use particularly large bulldog ants to act as crude sutures. They just grab the ants and allow the powerful jaws to snap shut on the wound and like the Mendin' Squigs they then twist its body off, leaving only the head which is still in contact with the wound until it shrivels and falls off once fully healed.




A particularly popular type of pet Squig is known as the Mimic. As you imagine, they are Ork parrots. This Squig has a large and toothy beak-like mouth (it also apparently has feathers) and is vaguely parrot-like in both appearance and function.

Mimics can be seen perched on the shoulders of many an old and haggard Ork, usually from the Freebooterz to keep the pirate theme, squawking expletives and insults at Greenskin passersby. Kaptins have a endearing affection for these little creatures and their ability to shout and swear at larger and more opposing Orks is often seen as a humorous delight to the Kaptin. Woe to any Ork who accidentally swats one of these creatures out of annoyance. The chance of getting your head wired to a Big Lobba by a pissed off Kaptin? Too high.

Monstrous Squig[edit]

Monstrous Squig.

The chaos corruption at Karak Azgal has been known to cause mutation amongst the squigs that inhabit there. Some grow to enormous size, around three times the size of a normal squig and often have more legs to support their weight. They are known for their "Gaping Maw" with which they often swallow their victims whole, and their "Blood-curdling roar" which causes terror in all that hear it. Now while they are noted for being 'big', whether that means they approach the size of a Colossal Squig is unknown due to how sparse the fluff is.

The yellow eye night goblin tribe have a Monstrous Squig named "Bonk" defending their lair. It was apparently nursed back to health by Screetch himself. Five times the size of a regular squig, with metallic skin, bizarre colouration and a spiked tail. The creature has large yellow eyes, giving the tribe its name. All Goblins here paint bright yellow eyes on their foul tunics.

Unfortunately, not much is known about them outside of their size and each being individually unique.

Oily Squig[edit]

Oily Squig.

The Oily Squig is a variety of Squig bred by Ork Meks to create fuel for the Orks' ramshackle vehicles. They create the fuel, an organically-synthesized version of Promethium, in their rotund bellies, and it can be squeezed out of their anteater-like trunks. These Squigs have no mouths, other than their trunk, and are not combat-oriented like their far more aggressive counterparts.

The most efficient way of extracting the oil from the creatures is to use a large pressing machine, although more primitive methods, such as having gretchin to jump up and down on them are also widely used. Orks prepare the barrels of the squig oil in advance and take those with them when they go on campaigns.

There exist two varieties of Oily Squigs: one with arms and a distinct head, and one that resembles an Attack Squig with a trunk for dispensing their fuel oil.

Paint Squig[edit]

Paint Squig.

Orks can be creative artists too! This small, vividly colored Squig excretes powerful dyes that are used as warpaint. These paints are also used by Gretchin artists as pigments for wall paintings and decorative banners.

Many Paint Squigs have tufts of hair on their trails, which allows the artist to use the Squig as both a brush and tube of paint simultaneously. The shells of Edible Squigs are also used by Gretchin artists as paint pots and palettes.

Parasite-Hunting Squig[edit]

Parasite-Hunting Squig.

Parasite-Hunting Squigs are tiny but voracious feeders used to clear an Ork's body and clothes of parasites. An Ork simply drops a handful of these Squigs into his clothing and lets them crawl around. They look like Orkified spiders, which can give arachnophobes nightmares but the Orks don't give a zog.

The Squigs prey on lice, ticks and other vermin the Ork may have acquired in the course of his many unsavoury habits. When the engorged Parasite-Hunting squigs drop out of the Ork's clothing, the Ork simply gathers them up and pops them into his mouth for a juicy snack.

Rat Squig[edit]

Rat Squig

A unholy abomination spawned from Skaven science (is anybody surprised?).

The Rat Squig is a species of Squig created by Clan Moulder by fusing rat or skaven meat with Squigs, creating a form of furry, rat-faced squig with scaly patches of leathery skin, and the ability of regeneration. They apparently also have bloodlust, even in comparison to normal squigs.

They commonly do not have flat backs like Skarl, the Rat Squig in the illustration above, who is also outfitted with a specially-made saddle able to carry his Grey Seer master, Farquan (also in the illustration). It is unknown if Farquan is the member of Clan Moulder responsible for creating the original Rat Squigs, or just his mount Skarl. Now whether they breed via spores like a normal Squig, we have no idea as the fluff doesn't really go that much into it.

There is a mod in Total War: Warhammer called Elon's Rat Squigs where these creatures were implemented in. Most of the images came from this mod.

Rockbrow Squig[edit]

Rockbrow Squig

A unique type of Squig first unveiled during the 2023 NOVA Opening.

It is unknown if the Rockbrow Squig is a type of Squig subspecies or a Squig with a peculiar odd head deformity. But so far, only one is known and he is called Klonk who looks like he came out of the 80s.

This JoJo-looking critter has a hardened brow that looks like an overgrown pompadour. Cursed at birth with a permanent headache, being repeatedly battered over the head is the only source of relief for this little beast. Yes, this little guy is used as a living bongo drum (Or as a living seat if an Ork or Grot is feeling daring today).


Scorpisquig (Alleged).

Scorpisquig Stingers are used by Gloomspite Gitz Gobbapalooza Spiker Shamans on the end of their Stikkas for stabbing things with poison. Not much is known about them, and we mean it literally. Seriously, the only thing shown of them is the barbed-end of their stinger tail, although there is obscure artwork of a scorpion-like creature in Warhammer Fantasy. But whether those ARE Scorpisquigs are unknown.

Whatever it is, we can assume that the Scorpisquig is a much sought-after source of Squigs that these goblins hunt, as even after their stingers are lobbed off from their bodies, they still retain enough venom to be an effective and dangerous weapon.

Curiously enough, the goblin who carries such a weapon are incredibly mutated, sprouting extra limbs and eyes that mimics that of the Scorpisquig (we assume). Like seriously, these guys are severely fucked up, so one wonders what kind of warp fuckery they were dabbling in; perhaps, in an ironic twist, these guys may actually slowly transform into a Scorpisquig itself after (Assumingly) consuming its flesh. Whatever the case, the Scorpisquig wielders are not to be fucked with.

Screech Squig[edit]

Screech Squig

A mysterious Squig referred to as having oversized lungs that allow it to make an extremely loud screech. Screech Squigs disorient, incapacitate and/or make the enemy's eardrums burst with one of the most horrid sounds possible (We in /tg/ imagines it as mixing the cries of an infant that has sand paper in its throat with that of fingernails scratching the surface of a chalkboard). They are one of the numerous forms of living ammunition from the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy.

Unfortunately, despite being important enough to be mentioned in fluff, they still didn't really get that much screen time... or an identifiable model for that specific matter in the first place.

Fortunately for us in /tg/, the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy model holds so many Squigs in its trunk and around the vehicle that we can sort of guess which Squig might be the Screech Squig. Due to the fact that it is nothing more than a living Sonic Weapon, the Screech Squig needs both a big mouth and a wide barrelled body to encompass its huge lungs; unfortunately, most Squigs have a big mouth and a wide body. Likewise, we hypothesize that the Screech Squig might be in fact, the big Squig we see inside of the Heavy Squig Launcha, due to the fact that its mouth is close relatively shut and will only open once fired from the Launcha. You wouldn't want your Boyz to go all bleeding in their noggins because they failed to pacify that thing, right?

A similarly themed and named Squig exists in Age of Sigmar called the Syari Screamersquig. A rare albino beast that loathes any form of light, and reacts to it with ear shattering screams. Unfortunately for it, it’s native to the Syari region of the Realm of Light. It’s been hunted to near extinction by the Lumineth Realm-Lords and is prized by many Grot Loonbosses for its screaming powers.



Squig truffle pigs but more derpy in appearances.

Snufflesquigs are little more than massive noses and snapping mouths with wiry little legs that can be trained by Sneaky Snufflers to identify Looncaps, a type of mushroom that grows from the light of the Bad Moon, from others that induce effects such as vomit slime, break out in luminous yellow spots, babble uncontrollably or even burst into flames. When the Bad Moon approaches these unique squigs begin to howl with raised snouts.

Like truffle pigs, Snufflesquigs have a tendency to eat these shrooms if not carefully attended.

May be a reference to Snuffler Orcs, a breed of Orc from Middle Earth described as small, black, and huge nosed, used for tracking victims.

Smasha Squig[edit]

Smasha Squig

A cousin to the Squighog, the Smasha Squig is basically an orkified Pachycephalosaurus.

Smashas are usually ridden by Nobs from the Beast Snagga sub-kulture, where they are often found leading mobs of Squighog Boyz into battle. The Smasha Squig itself is bipedal, running on two legs rather than four. It is also larger, tougher, and even more ferocious than your regular old Squig Bacon. Any Nob who has managed to beat a Smasha Squig into submission is not an Ork to be trifled with.

Once "tamed," a heavy armor plate is bolted to the Smasha Squig's skull. This is not done to protect the squig, for among its kind it is already noted for having an exceptionally thick skull encasing an exceptionally tiny (and shock-resistant) brain. Rather, the plate enhances the beast's natural head-butting tendencies so that the Smasha truly becomes a living, snarling wrecking ball.

On the tabletop, the Smasha Squig complements the Nob rider who is already a beast (pun intended) in close combat. Crunchwise, this oversized fungal dinosaur grants additional attacks with its jaws and its Smasha 'Ead has a chance to deal up to five mortal wounds after a charge or heroic intervention. Finally, the rider is equipped with a Big Choppa and a slugga, and with T6 and 5 wounds the model is just as hard to kill as you'd expect.

Spiky Squig[edit]

Spiky Squig

Spiky Squigs look like a living ball covered with spines which, as an instinctive reaction when agitated, can shoot out at any threatening creature rather like porcupines were once thought to do. These spines inflict a poisonous sting on anyone struck by them, though the effect of the poison on Orkish flesh is not as drastic as it is on other races due to the similar biology of all Orkoid races. Squigs of this kind are used in some bionik arms fitted with cages and a quick release system, so they can be used as a close combat weapon like a living Morning Star.

Spiky Squigs move via rolling around like a ball; however when it comes to hunting food, it propels itself at high speed before launching into the unsuspecting prey, launching its poisonous spines and letting it run its course. This unusual hunting method has been seen by xenobiologists as bizarre and weird.



A creature that blurs the line between Squig and Fungus, much like Hoppa Fungus. Spiteshrooms are fungal creatures that inhabit the dark and damp caves favoured by Dankhold Troggoths. They emit an incessant high-pitched shrieks and shrill idiot ditties that distracts even the most veteran warriors. The fungal clouds they release can rot flesh from bone. They are favored as familiars of Madcap Shamans.

Due to the fact that they seemed locked into ground like actual mushrooms, Spiteshrooms are immobile like the larger Stalagsquig. Although the models feature some insectoid-like limbs. Whether this represent legs is pretty unknown.

'Sploding Squig[edit]

'Sploding Squig.

A biological grenade used by the Orks if they run out of stikkbombs. 'Sploding Squigs possess multiple stomachs, each containing a thick broth of unstable digestive chemicals. Some 'Sploding Squigs are covered in spines which may act as fragmentation when it explodes.

When agitated, usually though violent shaking, the 'Sploding Squig's digestive juices combine into a combustible liquid, causing the Squig to explode in a shower of meat, teeth, and bone fragments. While typically thrown in combat, 'Sploding Squigs are also often buried and used as mines. Orks are known to force-feed 'Sploding Squigs a meal of scrap metal before battle in an effort to enhance their lethality.

If the Ork is feeling a bit picky and doesn't really want to risk having his head blown off by enemy snipers he can just let the Squig go off to its intended target. Of course this may not result in the desired outcome as the Squig may be shot before it gets the chance to explode or the Squig wouldn't even explode in the first place and just growls at the target harmlessly.

However, the widespread use of regular Bomb Squigs has lessened the value of 'Sploding Squigs. No need to wait around for a specialized and uncommon Squig to mature when the most common type of Squig (plus explosives) already fulfill their purpose.

Apparently, in Total War: Warhammer II, the Dark Elves of all people are known to use them as suicide units.

Spore Squig[edit]

Spore Squig

A Squig to huff some shrooms and get high.

A walking LSD projector. These little squigs are used defensively by Fungoid Cave-Shamans, who need but stamp on one to release an obscuring cloud of spores. The Fungoid Cave-Shamans themselves are the lepers of Goblinkind. Found only in Age of Sigmar, the mushroom-gobbling grot maniacs known as Cave-Shamans are obviously not right in the head.

To these greenskinned nutters, to get lost in a brain-mangling vision is to grow closer to the side of Gorkamorka that epitomises cunning and trickiness over brute strength, which is the side that all grots like the best.

The Spore Squig is nothing more than a living, breathing hookah for the greenskin to sniff some grade-A meth and can, on command, release said spores towards its enemies to make them just as high as the Squig's personnel caretakers.

Moral of the story, don't do drugs kiddos, especially on the battlefield.



A form of Squig larger than a Great Cave Squig but smaller than a Giant Squig. Maybe a smaller Squiggoth.

First appeared in White Dwarf utilized by Hobgoblins. The creator of this monster was Nick Bayton who literally used a Large Squiggoth from Forgeworld and converted it into a unit for Fantasy by using the Stegadon rules in battle. Whilst it may look big, don't let it fool you. Perspective is deceptive and whilst hobgoblins may view it as huge, you should take note that hobgoblins are like half the height of a human, so that Squigadon would be slightly bigger than a rhino.

Seeing as how the Squigadon is literally a converted Squiggoth, whether it would be considered another demonym for a Squiggoth or an entirely different subspecies is unknown. Moreover, how 'canon' this Squig is, we have no clue since it only appeared in one issue of White Dwarf and that's it. We don't even have any of the barest hints of fluff. So your guesses on its validity are as good as ours.


The largest of all squig species, they have their own page, but can basically be summed up as "Squig Megafauna". Most look like some sort of quadrupedal dinosaur with a mouth full of fangs, but some adapted for Ice Worlds resemble a Woolly Rhinoceros with a massive nose horn and two massive tusks.



Squigeons (Orkus aerium) are the Squig counterparts of the Terran pigeon or columbidae if you are feeling fancy, often utilized for sending messages during battle amongst Ork tribes that lack more advanced methods of communication. Although they are sometimes hunted by the dreaded Squighawk or used as target practice by Stormboyz.

They are the cutest little orkspawn your will ever get the chance of meeting. Unfortunately, due to GeeDubs incompetence, we never ever get to see them further fleshed out in fluff. This time the Commissar would be fine with you petting a Squigeon.




Think of a Orkified Pterodactyl. Squighawks are a wild, flying species of Squig that are large enough to eat Orks. Thus, they are ECKS BAWKS HUEG.

Unfortunately, they are often too difficult to be trained (could be because the Squighawk view Orks as prey too) and are as such are rarely used by Ork Runtherdz-- which is saying something considering the Orks manage to successfully tame the much larger Squiggoth.

Still, it would be cool if we actually got to use these Dinosaurs flying reptiles on the tabletop. Chances are these things could potentially reach a size to rival some larger Tyranid flying strains such as the Harpy.



Boarboyz haven't been mentioned in core Ork fluff for quite some time. While they were cool in their own way, it didn't really ever make sense for Orks to be riding Earth animals in the first place. Well, as of 9th Edition it seems that Boarboyz have been retconned and/or squatted for good, because Squighog Boys have now been introduced as a far more awesome type of Ork heavy cavalry. Squig Hogs are tougher, larger, and far more dangerous than other types of cavalry such as a horse or warboar, and they can eat pretty much anything that fits in their mouths (including the rider, if he fails to keep his mount in line). However, the horse still has a modest speed advantage.

Beast Snaggas use them as cavalry like the Imperium's Rough Riders and they are thicc enough that a Gretchin can hop on as well. Snaggas who ride these guys are called Squighog Boyz. While Squighog Boyz can belong to any Klan, they are presumably most common among the Snakebites.

Crunchwise, Squighogs have a pretty nasty bite of S6, AP-1 and D2, meaning you should be able to dispatch the now tough-to-kill Primaris Space Marines as well as other MEQs and GEQs consistently. What you want from it however, is the fact that these walking fungal bacons are allowed 2 additional attacks every time the unit fights. Combined with the additional weapons from the Ork himself and you get a nasty cavalry unit.

Squig Hopper[edit]

Squig Hopper

Squig Hoppers are a type of Cave Squigs used by the Gloomspite Gits as one of their main form of calvary.

Each Squig Hopper is bound madly into battle, wreaking havoc on anything they collide with. Whilst they are listed as 'cavalry', they are only this in quotations as the Grot rider could barely even control these things, flailing wildly at nearby enemies as he tries vainly to steer his weird steed.

Squig Hoppers are unpredictable and mobile, capable of leaping over terrain and enemy units in pursuit of prey. They're great for catching fleeing foes or chasing down vulnerable units in the opponent’s backline. They largely differ from the normal Cave Squigs by the sheer fact that Squig Hoppers often spout a single horn despite having a wide variation of eyes ranging from cyclopean to six-eyes.

Moreover, Squig Hoppers as their name suggests, are far more....'bouncier' than their normal counterparts; leaping across great distances with their musculature leg muscles. Hence the name 'Hopper'.



Squighounds (Orkus canis), commonly known as "Growlers," are a variation of the Attack Squig, used by Ork Slaverz to help them keep the Gretchins and slaves from other races in line. Most have four legs, although two-legged varieties certainly exist. "Growlers" are also often kept as a form of pet by other Orks, as they are roughly the size of a small dog, hairy, and particularly vicious.

A Pet Squig often scurries about behind its master, barely under his control, giving its owner no end of amusement and laughs especially when the Squig snaps at the ankles of another Ork.

They are not to be confused with the Guard Squig or Herd Squig who are also referred to as 'Squighound'.



The Squigosaur are large two-legged squigs that Beast Snaggas ride upon. They are similar in appearance to the Smasha Squig, but whilst the Smasha Squig is an Orky Pachycephalosaurus, the Squigasaur is the Allosaurus of the family.

The most famous of these is the Big Chompa, otherwise known as The Great White Squig (AKA the Great White Shark on legs or "I can't believe it's another Moby Dick reference!"), a legendary alpha Squigasaur regarded as the most belligerent, vicious, and savage of its kind. It was responsible for a breathtaking number of missing Boyz and thought to be utterly untameable-- that is, until Beast Snagga Mozrog Skragbad appeared with all his chad energy and proceeded to beat the ever-loving shit out of it for three days until it complied.

Although he has tamed the Squigosaur, it will revert to its original destructive nature when he is not nearby. In order to keep Big Chompa in line, the long-suffering Skragbad is forced to keep himself at its side and the two are rarely seen apart.

On the tabletop, the Squigosaur's jaws works lethally well with a mounted Beastboss; three extra attacks which can practically gobble up Terminators - especially if you roll a 6 to hit and score 3 mortal wounds.



Just to further hone the Scottish stereotype within the Orks (prejudice much, GeeDubs?), this special type of Squig is used by the Orks as a musical instrument. Several tube-like proboscises emerge from this Squig's bag-like body.

The Musical Squig can be tucked under one arm and inflated by blowing down one proboscis. Then, by squeezing the Squig, weird and terrifying sounds can be made through the creature's other proboscis pipes. This turns the Squig into a musical instrument, much like the bagpipes, but a thousand times more cacophonous. Orks like to go into battle accompanied by this Squig much to the detriment of their enemies.



Orks as Jaws. Squigsharks are the Squig counterparts of Terran sharks that inhabit Ork-infested worlds. And no they are not huggable; your local Commissar definitely urges you to NOT pet one out of safety and preventing potential stupidity.

They are known to be very dangerous beasts and many Ork sailors trying to cosplay as Moby Dick end their lives as a food for Squigsharks. Whenever one appears, it is obligatory to play the signature Jaws music. They are by far the top oceanic predator of any Ork World.




The Snake-Squig is a very little known species of Squig only shown as an illustration with a Snake Bites Weirdboy of said Snake-Squig constricting the Odd Boy like something out of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Speaking of Temple of Doom, it is quite possible that a Weirdboy uses his psychic mumbo-jumbo to control them like a snake charmer controls a snake. Of course, what the Weirdboy actually does with the snakes, we have no idea, as they are just there to make him look cool.

In terms of its ecology, the Snake-Squig should share the same niche and behaviour as... well... a regular old snake, specifically the constrictor kind when you compare it to its sheer size. These beasts are about 2-3 meters long, if the image is any indication, and is presumably capable of chomping down prey as it is, swallowing them whole.

But its role is never ever really known given that all Snake-Squigs are actually victims of Old Zogwort who managed to Harry Potter them into becoming a Snake-Squig. Because Old Zogwort is the only known Ork that does this, whether the Snake-Squig is an actual Orkoid species or just the consequence of psychic mishap is currently unknown.

Squig Gobba[edit]

Squig Gobba

A Forge World model the size of a colossal squig. The difference is that this one can fire smaller squigs out of its mouth. The Squig Gobba is essentially living artillery.

Dragged and prodded onto the battlefield by its malevolent Goblin tenders, it is a huge beast with an oversized gaping maw, a set of extremely powerful lungs and a ravenous appetite to rival even that of a Troll. With the Squig Gobba heavily chained into position to prevent it bounding off after the first tasty morsel it spies, its tenders start dragging lesser squigs from the cages surrounding them as battle is joined, slicking these vicious beasts with foul-tasting noxious liquids.

This not only renders the creatures senseless for a short time, but also prevents the Squig Gobba from immediately swallowing them as the stunned squigs are unceremoniously stuffed into its jaws. Goblins can also make it explode if they want to.



Squigs are highly adaptable creatures, taking a myriad range of forms. Some, for example, infest the rock itself, creating Stalagsquigs.

The Stalagsquigs are a what happens when orks and gobboz believe that "OIH DAT STONE FING OVER DERE LOOKS LIKE A BITEY SQUIG" and as such the power of WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH made it so. The species looks like normal stalagmites from afar but get close enough and you will be introduced to a stone skinned biting nightmare. This particular breed has yet to be seen in 40k but it is prevalent in Ye Age of golden hammer jackasses (Age of Sigmar).

It is unknown how these squigs move (if they move at all) since they seem to have no visible legs, unless it's a luggage scenario where it sprouts thousands of little legs from its base when it wants to move... WELP, have fun sleeping after thinking about that. Emperor damn, it's like the chaos spawns all ov-BGRIHSRAJKHSJAHDSAIUOFDGHU. However, according to Warhammer Community, they are totally immobile and viciously hungry creatures that make exploring caves in the Mortal Realms an even worse idea than you thought it was.

As a side note there has been no recorded evidence on how big these squigs can grow to but seeing as how normal stalagmites can grow to be bigger than a skyscraper if given enough space we might have to worry about descending into caves in the foreseeable future.

Swab Squig[edit]

Swab Squig.

The Swab Squig is a type of Hair Squig, but unlike the long trailing hair of its cousins, its round body is covered with short, fluffy fur. Orks use Swab Squigs to mop up during operations, and they come in handy for emergency handkerchiefs too. Despite looking like a giant fluffball they have a humongous mouth and are quite snappy too. Swab Squigs tend to share a comedic relation with Snotlings due to the latter's mentally retarded habit of poking things that should not be poked, which often ends with the little snots running around having their asses bit by the Swab Squig.

Non-pettable by your local Commissar.

Syringe Squig[edit]

Syringe Squig.

Syringe Squigs are primarily used for medicinal purposes. These medical Squigs have natural properties which Painboyz find useful when patching together battle-damaged Orks. Syringe Squigs have a long needle-sharp proboscises with which they inject venom into their prey. Syringe Squigs exude a soporific venom which makes a fine anesthetic for Orks when the traditional anesthetic (known to other races as a "concussion") is unavailable.

Syringe Squigs are divided by their sizes to 'small', 'big' and 'urty' which are used depending on the strength of the dose required. The venom is sometimes extracted from the creature and used separately for mixing up some kind of special 'medicine', or if a really large dose is needed.

There is also a special type of Syringe Squig called a Vaccine Squig, whose own immune system produces natural vaccines and antibodies to a host of different pathogens that are extracted and used by Painboyz to aid diseased Orks.

Targeting Squig[edit]

Targeting Squig.

A unusual type of Squig, Targeting Squigs (Orkus scopum) are weird creatures with a single targeting eye that serve as biological equivalents of Gitfindas used by Flash Gitz. Sometimes their pupils are even shaped into a cross-hair.

How the Squig communicates with the Flash Gitz is unknown. Although certain unique sounds or barks could be help the Ork to signal that there may be ample prey around. That or it could flash different colors or release certain pheromones that only Orkoid species can detect.

On tabletop there is very little difference between the Squig and regular Gitfindas other then the cosmetic change. They're cool-looking models though!

Tomb Squig[edit]

Tomb Squig

From old-school Warhammer, Tomb Squigs are an albino breed of burrowing squig that feeds on corpses and undead alike.

Often found in Dwarfen tombs that have been broken open and looted, they are sometimes also found in graveyards where their presence often makes sure undead aren't present in these areas. Slightly smaller than regular Squigs, they possess amazingly powerful jaws for their size, which they use to break open stone sarcophagi and to bite through the ceremonial armour Dwarfs often bury their dead in.

At the cost of there being corpse-eating squigs, these critters are as likely to attack and devour the undead as the actually dead (and living as well). As such, Tomb Squigs can serve as a nasty surprise; really ruining a tomb robber’s day as not only do they present a threat to life and limb, they can also destroy valuable weapons and armour hidden in the tomb. Source: https://warhammerfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Tomb_Squigs



A quadrupedal Squig breed that is large enough to drag large vehicles. Tramplasquigs are the rhinoceros of the Squig family and their poor temper makes them a popular beast of war as well as a versatile beast of burden.

The Beast Snaggas use them to carry their Kill Rigs and Hunta Rigs. Although they lack any other form of natural weapons other than their bulk and teeth, Beast Snaggas mount armored helmets with a giant blade on top to further maximize their carnage.

On tabletop, the Tramplasquig is essentially the vehicle itself. It works well in conjunction with its ferried troops. As such, the whole thing is no slouch in melee either, as it not only has the squig itself fighting but also a bunch of boyz to hack away. What it does really well is if you have the Ramming Speed stratagem, as it not only throws it at an enemy from further away but it also drops some MWs on top of that, which can help with wiping the mob.

Vampire Squig[edit]

Vampire Squig.

The Vampire Squig is a blood-sucking creature with long sharp fangs, used by Painboyz to bleed the patient and suck bad blood and pus from septic wounds. The Squig does not seem to mind what the blood is like or from what species it comes so long as it gets a regular and plentiful supply.

When times are hard (which for Orks is when there's not much fighting) the Painboyz are forced to find other ways to keep their pets alive, which they do by extolling the benefits of regular bleeding to otherwise healthy Orks. It is also a good way to earn tons of teef in a short amount of time.



A Wyrdsquig is a little known psychic Squig subspecies that has close genetic links to the Gnasher Squig. Despite their close relations, they are fucking hideous, looking more like an aborted love child between Yog-Sothoth and the Timeless One.

This subspecies is rarely encountered in the wild and possesses psychic abilities similar to those of Ork Weirdboyz. The Wyrdsquig is often employed in battle as a "psychic bomb," releasing a catastrophic telepathic shockwave at the moment of its death. So in layman's terms, it is the Ork equivalent of a Imperial Psyk-Out Grenade.

They are one of the few Warp-based weapons that the Orks utilize along with the Shokk Attack Gun and Tellyport Blasta.

Other Squigs[edit]

The breeds of squigs are innumerable and there are a lot of other, little-known types of these creatures in existence. From tiny micro-organisms on Ork bodies to the gigantic beasts put in the Ork spaceships to create breathable atmosphere, each of them has an use in Ork society. Notorious breeds such as the yellow-spotted Facegnasha, the greater Fang-gob, or the infamous Leapin’ Deff are especially popular for their use as Bomb Squigs. In Age of Sigmar, it is further expanded with examples such as the Glo-Squig are a type bioluminescent squig used to light up Lurklairs of the Gloomspite Gitz. Likewise, there is the Tapewyrm Squig, which is only used by the Kruleboyz Orruk shaman Gobsprakk, who can summon a squirming swarm of Tapewyrm Squigs inside the stomachs of his enemies, sickening them and even causing them to explode in a shower of Waaagh! Magic like some sort of twisted DeviantArt fetish. Yeah. Most of the models below include original Squig models, although also included is a green, gelatinous blob that had two beady eyes, similar to a Japanese RPG Slime, which some fa/tg/guy thought was explainable as being like the Orkoid Fungus equivalent of a Slime Mold; searching has found that this is an unofficial model produced by a third party company, "Krakon Games". The idea for the model being a Slime Squig probably came from the old Games Workshop Troll boardgames aimed at children, specifically "Squelch!", one about Trolls playing a game involving stomping on Squigs; among the illustrated Squig Cards there is a little Slime Squig. There is also a Small, Hairy, Humanoid Squig, perhaps the Orkoid equivalent of a Gibbon, covered in what could be fungal cilia or mould, called a "Beastling" (see below), which is an older official model. There was a Squig with a face resembling a Grot's like the Cape-Bearing Squig, but with long, bendy tube legs like stilts. There were 2 spiderlike squigs, one with a face like an Ork's, the other with a massive piercing proboscis, called a "Coffin Crawler" which was responsible for feeding Tyranid Norn Queens. A White Dwarf Squig character was Niblitz, Gobbledigook the goblin/snotling's pet who resembled an attack squig covered in fuzz and with two little horns, who was often said to be "spiderlike" somehow. Niblitz may be the very first squig ever designed, as he first appeared before any other squig models. The Forest Goblins also used to be shown with Squigs who had arachnoid features, or even riding Spider-Squigs. These Spider-Squigs may be the apparent Arachnitids listed in some older Warhammer Fantasy editions as an army, leftover from the Tyranid Squig lore in older editions crossbreeding with the Giant Spiders of the Old World.

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