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Squiggoth charging through.

The Squiggoth (Orkus prodigium) is a particular breed of Squig that grows to massive proportions. Orks with a particularly low-tek bent, such as Feral Orks and the Snakebites clan, make use of them as transports and/or heavy artillery embankments, steering the monstrous multi-ton quasi-dinosaur beasts into the enemy. Covered in ramshackle armor, bristling with turrets manned by desperate grots and more than willing to trample, gore, crush or eat anything in sight, Squiggoths are surprisingly effective.

Like all Orkoid species, the Magos Biologis of the Adeptus Mechanicus have identified Squiggoths as fungal lifeforms, though they are fairly rare in comparison to the more common Squig species.

The size of the Squiggoth is determined by the effectiveness of the feed-formula the breeder gives his creature. A Squiggoth's size ranges from that of a Leman Russ tank to that of a small Titan, although generally they are somewhere between these two extremes of size. Squiggoths are reptilian in nature and resemble Terran dinosaurs, although there have also been reports of mammoth-like Squiggoths adapted to cold climates that possess heavy fur and tusks (The "hair" on its body could be explained as cilia modified in a similar manner to the hair squigs', or perhaps even the beast simply being a large, boarlike squig infested with symbiotic hair squigs covering its fatty body, enabling it to survive on Ork Ice Worlds). It also shows the biological rivalry between the Tyranids and Orks as each species tries to one-up each other on who can be the biggest and strongest.

As such, Squiggoths are considered the pinnacle of a Runtherd's/Pigdok's art. Each Runtherd/Pigdok has his own special recipe of Squiggoth feed, and these recipes are constantly modified and tinkered with to eke out the maximum amount of growth possible.

Though they haven't been seen in Ork army lists since Chapter Approved did its entry on Feral Orks, they have retained notability by being the ork Relic Unit in Dawn of War. There are three recognized sub-species of Squiggoths.

With 8th edition, Squiggoths are back, still no Orkeosaurus though.

Big Squiggoths[edit]

Big Squiggoth, the Ork's ultimate DISTRACTION CARNIFEX.

The smallest (Though still quite large) and most common variety of Squiggoths. Big Squiggoths stand about the size of a Leman Russ tank or an Elephant. Their smaller size is the result of either youth or the poor breeding methods of their Ork caretakers. Hence, their inferior size means that they are the Ork's Rhino to the Gargantuan Squiggoth's Land Raider. They often travel in packs, particularly on worlds dominated by Feral Orks.

Either way, they are still large and powerful enough to smack light and medium vehicles like tin cans and devour entire Space Marines if given the appropriate chance and mood of these beasts of burden.

On the tabletop in 8th edition, the Big Squiggoth or otherwise simply known as the Squiggoth is a gargantuan creature that is cheaper than its larger brethren but subsequently weaker as a result. Therefore, some Ork players are known to use these beasts as a giant DISTRACTION CARNIFEX by packing a few of them and charging head long into enemy formation.

Because of this, the Big Squiggoth is a bit more limited than the Trukk in what it can transport, but it hits really hard in melee and can take a bigger beating with its 18 wounds. Units embarked on the Squiggoth as well as the Squiggoth's own gun can fire their weapons normally from it if it's got an enemy 1" or less away (i.e. in melee range with the Squiggoth), but can't target that particular enemy. Stampede! inflicts D3 mortal wounds on a 2+ to every unit within 1" at the end of a Charge as of the Forge World FAQs.

Gargantuan Squiggoth[edit]

Gargantuan Squiggoth, otherwise known as a Land Raider with teeth.

Gargantuan Squiggoths are monstrous creatures approximately the size of a small Imperial Titan. Their size is the result of their breeding using the special, high-quality feed formula of the Snakebites Clan. These giants are sometimes used as mounts by the most powerful of Ork Warbosses. This is the variety seen in the Dawn of War games and it is by far the more recognizable of all Squiggoth types.

Their charge is powerful enough to break fortifications and cause a severe case of Squad Broken as well as potential Rage. They are also potentially big enough to give the Hierophant the middle finger before tail slapping the overgrown tick into submission. Then again, the Squiggoth acts as a giant breathing Land Raider, so it is best to prop up some Boyz, Lootas and Nobz and go on a shooting rampage joyride. Just don't let your giant dinosaur be turned into a overpriced DISTRACTION CARNIFEX though, it is not too resilient against the wall of guns known as the Imperial Guard.

In 8th edition the Gargantuan Squiggoth is basically a living, breathing Battlewagon. It has a transport capacity of 20, two Twin Big Shootas and two Supa-Lobbas. You've got the option to buy up to four Big Shootas, and also to replace one or both Supa-Lobbas with a Killkannon or Big Zzappa. Absolute murder in melee with 8 attacks and an AP-4 D6 Damage melee weapon, and all of its guns can still shoot when it's in combat (except at the unit it's fighting) like the smaller Squiggoth. All for the low, low price of 450-500 points with guns, and don't forget you need to buy a unit to ride in it too (if you're going mad on points, try fifteen Tankbustas and 5 Bomb Squigs, fifteen Lootas, or two squads of ten Flash Gitz). Stampede! inflicts D6 mortal wounds on a 2+ to every unit within 1" at the end of a Charge as of the Forge World FAQs, rather than just on a 2 as originally written.


Orkeosaurus. Carnifex? What Carnifex?

Orkeosaurus is the largest breed of Squiggoth that is used by the Orks. Looking more like a Dinosaurine Sauropod without the neck than the elephantine looks of its smaller brethren. The Orkeosaurus is larger than all other Squiggoths, including the Gargantuan Squiggoth. The creature is grown from the size of a regular Squiggoth up to its full size by the right fungus nutrients and tender loving care that is provided by a Feral Ork Pigdok.

The Orkeosaurus is usually found amongst Feral Ork tribes and is rarely, if ever, seen in use by the more technologically advanced Ork klanz. The massive creature is used as both a beast of burden and as a beast of war by the Feral Orks and the Orkeosaurus is highly valued not just for the carnage it can cause in battle but also for the prestige that it can bring to the Greenskin tribe that possesses one. During combat the Pigdok that nurtured the creature will sit proudly high atop the swaying howdah on its back, bellowing out orders as the scurrying gun crews load and fire their weapons. When the tribe marches off to war they are accompanied by the trumpeting calls and the thunderous tread of their mighty Squiggoths and Orkeosauruses.

The Orkeosaurus is capable of carrying up to 12 Orks (whether Boyz, Nobz or Wildboyz) and several units of Gretchin into combat upon its back-mounted deck. These Orks will man any weapons that are installed upon the armored decking attached to the creature's broad back. These weapons can include twin-linked Big Shootas and Big Gunz. The Orkeosaurus' hide is as thick and protective as armored plating, and can withstand tremendous amounts of punishment. The Orks augment this protection by attaching armoured plating to the creatures, giving them even more durability.

In Dawn of War[edit]

The Big Squig isn't the most destructive thing around (those honors go to the Baneblade and Bloodthirster), and neither is it the fastest (Also, since it's so fat, it's prone to getting stuck in your base if you built Da Mek Shop in the back). It's best used as DISTRACTION CARNIFEX due to it's overwhelming size (it's fucking massive). It could almost be called a Land Raider with a mouth fulla teef an' stompin' feet, since it has two slots of transport capacity for Boyz getting stuck in. As you can imagine, this makes for incredible versatility, not in smashing things, but in dumping a threat straight on the opponent's head, and having another threat pop right out. Rampage helps a lot with this, as well as making those puny otha gits fly errywhere and clearin' a path fer da WAAAGH!


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