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Squishy is a common word in roleplaying gamer slang. It has several applications. Its opposite is Crunchy.

• A game system, game, or aspect of either which has so little detail it is virtually impossible to use without the GM either creating a houserule or constantly using a GM fiat. For example, the BESM Dynamic Sorcery system.

• A character, monster, or NPC type which is easily killable by a PC. This term is usually used for a physically vulnerability rather than a magical one. Squishies are commonly encountered by low-level PCs, and are the preferred levelling fodder in most electronic RPGs. Some sadistic GMs also take great delight in making Squishy monsters crunchy; the infamous Pun-Pun is a normally-squishy Kobold made obscene.

• A character with very poor hit points but a very high damage potential; they usually need the rest of the party to protect them while they work their awesome, or a kobold will poke them to death often called Glass Cannons since they hit like a cannon but are very fragile, or sometimes just Glassy Most commonly applied to Wizards.