Star Krakens

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Star Krakens
Star Kraken.png
Battle Cry "In Darkness Dwells!"
Founding Late M39
Successors of Raven Guard
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Duties shared
Primarch Corvus Corax
Homeworld Fleet-based (Mobius/ The Lighthouse)
Strength 800.
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Sea green, black shoulders and copper/bronze trim

The Star Krakens are a /tg/ custom Space Marine Chapter. They're a Raven Guard Successor with a heavy Viking influence (hopefully done better than Space Wolves), as well as maritime mythology (hence Krakens). They inhabit a region of space featuring the Deep, a dark nebula which obfuscates almost all attempts at scanning it. Though the details of their fluff are still under construction, they've produced a surprising amount of writefaggotry and art, proving that people really do want a Viking-themed Chapter and not a wolf-themed Chapter. Essentially Iron Islanders, IN SPHESS.


Star Kraken in Legacy armour, before their look was updated to a more 'modern' feel.

Founded in M39 upon the request of the Administratum, the Star Kraken have accumulated much tragedy in their short, violent history. First sent to cleanse the distant Phorcius sector of the Imperium of a growing xenos threat, the marines found themselves outmatched by a surprisingly tenacious entrenched enemy, and took heavy losses as they fought an increasingly desperate ground war upon the alien homeworld. After being refused reinforcement - the aliens were only xenos minoris, after all - their Chapter-Master, a naive yet devout young man named Achab, decided, against the advice of his peers, to exceed the precepts of the codex astartes. He had his apothecaries bring more recruits into the chapter, dispensing with Scout initiation, he threw them onto the frontline of the conflict, using his elite shock troops like mere soldiers in his desperate attempt to cleanse this 'minor' threat.

Finally successful after decades of war, the Chapter withdrew from the alien world, only to find themselves harried by opportunistic pirates and raiders. They waged a brief and brutal war with these disparate fleets, but succeeded in nothing more than driving the assortment of Orks, Eldar and renegade Humans into an unholy alliance. They struck at the Star Kraken's homeworld, and rendered it uninhabitable for millennia to follow.

Banishing their Chapter-Master from their ranks, the remaining Captains turned their attention inwards, seeking a refuge wherein they might resupply and regroup. They found such a bastion in the murky nebula which so dominated the sector and had hidden the alien worlds, a nebula known colloquially as "The Deep." Contained within was an ancient sensor array, nicknamed the Lighthouse, which allowed voidships whom would otherwise be lost to find a frame of reference during their traverse across the black nebula. The Star Kraken fell into the role of guardian, protecting this place for the rotations of Mechanicus priests who studied it, and protecting Imperial citizens who sought to use the thin navigable band as a passage through the dark nebula.

Codex Divergence[edit]

Early in their history the Chapter flirted with the strictures of the codex, indeed at times treading a fine line between loyalist and renegade, but now their divergences are far more mundane. Due to the nature of their Chapter - ten companies of eighty astartes, aboard ten strike cruisers - each company has learned to operate as a separate entity to the others. Every company maintains a single scout unit, two assault units, four tactical units and a devastator unit.

They employ these units in a variety of ways depending on the situation at hand. The majority of their battles take place in space, boarding actions against renegades, pirates and more insidious threats, during these engagements the marines launch their full force in combat squads aboard boarding torpedoes, hitting the vessel in sixteen places at once, sowing as much confusion as possible whilst devastators armed with multi-melta make a beeline for the engine room and gunnery deck. Once its wings are clipped and its teeth are pulled, the marines focus on shutting down the enemy ship one section at a time.

When making a ground assault it is rare for a single company to work alone, however alone or in small fleets the Star Kraken follow a standard approach, deviating only in their exclusive use of the Razorback (for they lack completely any heavy armour) and reliance on orbital bombardment.

Special Equipment and Tactics[edit]

The Star Kraken are a young chapter without access to many advanced weapons, including a notable dearth of power weapons. They have taken it upon themselves to stockpile multi-melta for their devastator squads, to the exclusion of other heavy weapons, and have benefited from a cache of Heresy-era breaching shields which were found aboard the ancient Lighthouse. Every unit in the company trains extensively with these shields, and their value during boarding actions has proven itself time and again.

Often, when boarding an enemy vessel, the marines make use of Tempest bolts. The high density spread and low range make for excellent shipboard actions.

The Deep[edit]

The Phorcius Sector, where the Kraken now take refuge in the vast nebula of The Deep.

The Deep is a nebula stretching across most of the Phorcius Sector and trailing off into territories outside of the Astronomicon's light. It is made up of a so far unidentified compound with many curious effects; as well as severely limiting physical visibility, it renders conventional auger arrays totally inoperable and dampens communications systems, severely limiting their range. To look out of a vessel and into the deep is like looking at a black canvas, totally bereft of any detail, with even the light of the stars themselves being lost in the mire of the nebula clouds. Long exposure to this sightless, unreadable traverse can have unusual psychological consequences for those caught within, noted for inspiring an almost immediate sense of claustrophobic panic in the average man, and going so far as to eventually drive higher order Mechanicus priests temporarily mad.


Mobius is a collection of asteroids caught in the Lagrange point between the Phothom Sinkhole and the Icacian Eye, a black hole and a supermassive star respectively. During the withdrawal following the destruction of their homeworld the Star Kraken created a new Fortress Monastery upon the largest of these asteroids, extensively constructed around the now inoperable remains of the heavily damaged vessel Huginn, the companies only Battle Barge. From here the Star Kraken resupply their Strike Cruisers, and the old vessel itself has become something of a waystation for Imperial vessels attempting to traverse the dark nebula.

The Phorcius Sector[edit]

Power in the Phorcius Sector is split three ways, and each has its interests in the archeotech device within the Deep.

The first is the sector capital and the political seat of power in the sector, the shrine world of Marius. Were it not for the safe passage provided by the Lighthouse, the Ecclesiarchy and the Administratum would have great difficulty spreading their people, and, far more galling, collecting their tithe, from the systems scattered throughout the rest of the sector. Governance of the world is left solely in the hands of a Commandary of Sisters, currently headed by one Canoness Adela, a stern young woman with an intense distrust of the Star Kraken and their more roguish companies.

The second is the military seat of power, the Forge World of Fetillus Svel. During the great crusade to reclaim the sector a significant portion of the Navy disappeared into the dark nebula, becoming disorientated and lost before the discovery of the Lighthouse. Amongst these losses was the flagship of the fleet, a great Apocalypse-class Battleship. Recovering this ancient vessel would be a great boon to the small Navy of this distant sector, and the relatively simple task of a mere centuries work combing the deep, if only they had unfettered access to the Lighthouse. Vice-Admiral Blake is determined to set foot aboard the command bridge of this vessel before the end of his life, via any means necessary.

The third is the economic seat of power on the idyllic garden world of Primrose. This world belongs to the Rogue Trading house of Wentworth, and successive generations of Wentworth's have built upon the previous to acquire more ships, more facilities, more resources and more thrones. The modern iteration of the family - Allary Wentworth the Fourth - rules over the sector economy with an iron first, and his cabal of traders and industrial mega-giants exert a staggering influence on many of the surrounding sectors to boot. If he managed to shut down the Lighthouse, completely cutting off Marius from the rest of the Imperium, his cabal would have free run of the sector, and could use this power base to project their influence even further afield.


Each Other[edit]

Although there are no recorded instances of two Kraken vessels ever coming to blows, many Brother-Captain's have long, tumultuous relationships with one another. Rivalries between certain ships, their crews and marine complements, are sometimes perceived as healthy, with each attempting to 'one-up' the other in their attempts to bring glory to both the Imperium of Man and the Star Kraken in particular. Every Strike Cruiser maintains a rich verbal history of its deeds, and in many cases the Captain has his acolytes carve murals of notable events onto the inner walls of the vessels meeting places, known as Great Halls, as well as making trophies of vanquished foes hull. These serve not just as morale boosters to the marines aboard, but also establish certain bragging rights amongst visiting Captains - it's almost assured that one Captain, jealous of the chitinous plating of a fallen Tyranid vessel holding the place of honour in his rival's hall, will throw himself into the next battle with fervor so that he, too, might hold such a trophy.

The Varangian Guard and the Imperium[edit]

Although the majority of Star Kraken operations are concerned with patrolling and protecting the worlds surrounding the Deep - as well as cleansing the Deep of its own internal terrors - the chapter is careful not to neglect its duty to the Imperium at large. To that end the Varangian Guard, a special company of Kraken veterans, serving aboard the Strike Cruiser Holdfast, are on permanent detachment to the Segmentum Ultima. The Holdfast itself is forbidden to enter the Deep, and instead spends time every three years on its fringes, allowing veterans from any of the ten companies to join freely - or to leave freely, if they so desire. This creates an unofficial 'Eleventh Company' of veterans, sometimes only numbering a few combat squads, other times nearing a full one hundred marines, whom serve on foreign battlefields. Only the Captain and his guard are a permanent fixture, men descended from the chapters initial migration into the Deep.

The Varangian Guard have served with distinction in many of the famous theaters of war across the sector, earning the Star Krakens an outstanding reputation for honour and ferocity, and so glorifying the Holdfast that the Captain has begun etching his victories onto the outer hull, due to a scarcity of space within the vessel's great halls.

The Grendel[edit]

The Grendel are a minor species of xenos once inhabiting a tiny band of worlds on the far fringe of the Segmentum Ultima. In the late 39th millennium they took to raiding nearby Imperial worlds; stealing weapons, crops and taking imperial citizens to serve as slaves on their bastion homeworlds. Local naval patrols were confounded in their efforts to track or pursue these raiding fleets due to a local phenomena: a dense black nebula which obfuscates all attempts to scan it. The Grendel would skim the surface of this nebula, obscuring their ships from pursuit, only to emerge and strike another world once the navy had retreated.

An individual Grendel stands at nearly seven foot, has natural claws that can rend into ceramite and is capable of great feats of natural strength. They wield unusual weapons which combine traditional firearms with cybernetic and biological components, and each firearm seems to have a different ammunition profile: from a standard metal slug, biological components such as teeth, or even an organic cocktail of nano-particles which render the victim hallucinogenic, disorientated or even diseased. This has a devastating effect on enemy forces, making it impossible for combat medics to predict just what kind of injuries they'll see after a skirmish.

Important Figures[edit]

The Ten-Flag Council: After they were so lead astray by a single man in the past, no single man would ever lead them astray again. The Ten-Flag Council is formed by the Captain of each of the ten companies, who are recalled to vote on important issues, an event called a 'Convocation' - a vote must be unanimous to pass, as it was the night the original council voted to banish their previous master, with the inevitable hung votes being decided based on the cryptic words of the Ancient Mariner, a former Captain turned Oracle, who mans a single vessel which flits about the Deep at random, dipping into and out of the warp, completely lost to the Star Krakens. Were the Inquisition to catch wind that the chapter placed such reverence in the words of such an obvious warp taint a purge would quickly follow.

Mokoyll the Destroyer: Canute Mokoyll is amongst the oldest of the veterans of the Star Krakens, having inherited captaincy from Sweyn Frok two centuries ago. He sits as the First Company's representative on the Ten-Flag Council. His right eye is a mutli-optical bionic replacement, made on his request to better aid him in the dark and lightless space-hulks he frequents. His trademark equipment includes the relic hammer which he has dubbed Alffinnur, which he retrieved from the wreckage of a world under his first command, as well as his heavily customised tactical dreadnought armour. He has adorned his armour with additional ablative ceramite plating from the numerous ships he has breached with his company, along with decorations using the detailed script-trophies that are cast of metal as adornment. Yet his armor does not carry his praises, but those of his brothers all across the chapter.

Siewurd of Nine Nails: Siewurd is the feared High Chaplain of the Star Krakens. A cold and haughty figure, he speaks with a hoarse voice and grinds on the metal teeth of his cybernetic jaw. The High Chaplain is known for his harsh expectations of faith from his fellow brothers. Siewurd's title comes from the nine runic nails he pierced into his right arm in penance for a sin he committed early in his command. He wields the mighty relic Dagonssultr, a chainfist that incorporates a Crozius Arcanum into it.

Captain Olaus The Mangled: Surtr Olaus is a deeply superstitious and cynical man, known for his mistrust of his fellow Astartes. He received his name due to extensive injuries he received at the ill-fated Revolt of Zjoldus during his time in the Deathwatch. Half of his face, his left arm, his right forearm, most of his chest, and both of his legs have been destroyed and replaced with cybernetic prosthetics. He commands the strike cruiser Balmung, and in battle he wields the mighty power-sword Levateinn.

Yngvarr Gangari: Aptly named "the Wanderer", for out of all the Star Krakens and certainly amongst his fellow Captains he is the most widely travelled. He remains one of the few Krakens to have served with the Deathwatch, and specializes in the destruction of the Enemy Without. Despite the controversy surrounding his tenure as Captain of the Third Company, none can deny his pitiless hatred of the xeno or his devotion to his crew. He has close-cropped black hair, a scar over his left eye, and the pale skin and dark eyes of a descendant of Corax. Whether exploring the depths of a derelict ship for ancient wargear or plunging via drop pod into the heart of an Orkish horde to decapitate its warboss, Yngvarr can be found in the lead, Power Sabre in one hand, Storm Shield in the other.


"Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of captains. For there is none worthy of a name of power but our Emperor, whom Imperium, Astartes and Warp obey. This must be changed." -- Canute Mokoyll, Captain of the First Company

“If fear is a sea, Captain, then you must be an anchor. An anchor cannot ignore the sea, just as thou cannot ignore thy fear. It defines thee. But thou can stand firm. Thou can steel thyself, and anchor thy brothers to thee. Thy example can drive thy brothers to newer and greater deeds than ever experienced before, and thy leadership can write sagas our future brothers will sing in praise. If fear is a sea, Mokoyll, then be an anchor, and hold fast.”” -- High Chaplain Siewurd of Nine Nails, to Canute Mokoyll

"Heavy is the heart that lives long in these accursed depths." -- Olaus the Mangled

The Legacy Page[edit]

Star Krakens (legacy) - The original wiki contains a far greater density of information, and an abundance of writing, on this Chapter. If the above whet your appetite, this page is like a degustation complete with blowjob.

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