Star Trek Adventures

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Star Trek Adventures
Star Trek Adventures Covers.jpg
RPG published by
Modiphius Entertainment
Authors Dave Chapman, Maggie Carrol, numerous others
First Publication 2018 to present

The newest RPG for Star Trek after around a decade since the last one died. Modiphius decided to use their 2d20 system for it, the same they use for most of their pulp action RPGs such as Conan the Barbarian and John Carter of Mars. The system also has a fair number of splats for it including books for each of the main Starfleet divisions (Command, Science and Operations), one for the Klingons and books on each of the four quadrants of the galaxy.

The System[edit]

Modiphius's 2d20 system is pretty easy to use once grasped. Each character has Attributes (Control, Daring, Fitness, Insight, Presence and Reason which all range from 7 to 12) and Disciplines (Command, Conn, Security, Engineering, Science and Medicine and range from 0 to 5). When you want to do something the GM will tell you which Attribute and which Discipline to use, you then combine the two numbers and roll 2d20 (sometimes more, rarely less) and try to roll under the combined number. Anything under is a success, multiple successes add Momentum which can be spent later for more dice to roll on other checks or to make something terrible not as bad. If you roll poorly you can take a success anyway at the cost of Threat, a resource the GM can use to make checks harder or to add severe complications to tasks ("You get shields up but now the phasers are down!").

Character creation follows a mostly-lifepath system with you picking a Species (such as Vulcan or Andorian), your upbringing, some stuff about your time in the Academy and then some background stuff that you got up to before your current assignment. Along the way you get Talents, Focuses (which can range from "hand-to-hand combat" to "alien psychology" and can add dice to your rolls when they can reasonably come up) and Values. Values are quirks and/or outlooks your character has that are more roleplay versus rollplay focused and when you play them up you can get Momentum for future rolls even if it's not good ("I'm too honorable to deal with this p'tagh!" for instance). All of these steps in the lifepath will add to your Attributes, Disciplines and varying amounts to their Talents, Focuses and Values.

The ship the characters will cruise around in depends on the era of play for their game (Enterprise, Original Series or TNG eras). That said nothing really stops you from going with even the MMO era as long as you're willing to crunch a couple of numbers and tweak a ship's load out. Every ship can also be modified with it's own ship talents and unique abilities as well which plays into the fact the ships are basically characters in and of themselves. When the players want the ship to do something they roll not only for themselves but also for the ship and combine the results of successes and failures. This can be a tad clunky but works out fairly well for the pulpy action focus the game goes for.