Star Warriors

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The Star Warriors
Battle Cry None
Primarch Unknown
Homeworld Unknown
Strength 7,000
Specialty Stealth, Spycraft, Ranged Combat, Void Combat
Allegiance Altair Enclave
Colours Dark red armour, black pauldron insets, black lower face mask, black cloak, no backpack, white bolter casing

The Star Warriors are an Astartes faction in the Imperium Asunder project, a fan remake of the Warhammer 40 000 history. This page is a work in progress.

The Star Warrior Program is an attempt by the Altair Enclave to create a Space Marine legion of their own, using recovered geneseed. Amongst their ranks are Human, T'au, and Eldar Space Marines and serfs. Yep.

History of Star Warriors Legion[edit]

Late M41

953.M41 Creation: Star Warrior Program started by the rebels led by Commander Altairre. It was intended, and utilized, to weaken the Farsight Enclaves, so the rebels could take over.

979.M41 War of Founding: Star Warriors are used to spearhead the War of Founding, gaining the Enclave many new worlds.







094.M42 Altair Civil War: 3,000 of the original 10,000 Star Warriors sided with General Truesight and his rebellion. This rebel group of Star Warriors call themselves the Bringers of Light. They are exactly what they sound like: good people. Which is exactly why they are sworn enemies of the Altair Enclave.

Culture of Star Warriors Legion[edit]

Coming soon

Tactics and Organization of Star Warriors Legion[edit]

The Star Warriors are divided up into 7, formerly 10 Chapters. Each Chapter is led by a Commander, a highly-skilled psyker and Chapter Master equivalent. Each Chapter is composed of 10 Companies, each led by a Captain. Each Company is further divided into 2 Demi-Companies, each led by a Lieutenant.

Star Warriors Legion Geneseed[edit]

Completely pure, with one exception: there are three varieties, all of them but the human geneseed being intentional mutations of the original geneseed of the Primarch. The geneseeds are: the human geneseed, for male human adolescents, the Tau geneseed, for male Tau adolescents, and the Eldar geneseed, for male Eldar adolescents. The only differences for each of these are what species the zygotes are designed to be synced to.

Bringers of Light[edit]

The Bringers of Light
Coming Soon
Battle Cry None
Successors of Star Warriors
Homeworld Unknown
Strength 3,000
Specialty Combat Generalists, Ranged Combat, Void Combat
Allegiance General Truesight's rebels
Colours Coming soon

The Bringers of Light are former Star Warriors who have sided with General Truesight's rebel faction in the Altair Civil War. These marines actually have good morals. Surprising, right? Basically the only things differentiating them are their morals, tactics, colours, and allegiance. They are typically combat generalists, but excel at ranged combat and void combat. They owe their allegiance to General Truesight's rebel faction. They like waging war honorably. They also have the morals of the FBI.


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