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Star Wars: Destiny was a short-lived collectable card game from Fantasy Flight Games, a company well known for producing living (ie. non-collectable) card games. In addition to cards, the game features the classic FFG mechanic of proprietary dice.

Gameplay was centered around actions and reactions in a single turn shared by both players. Players can spend an action to activate one of your characters and roll its die along with its upgrade dice, discard to reroll, play upgrades or events, resolve dice with same results.

Combat occurs entirely with the dice, so games can be very fluid, but very fickle. Deck size is also tiny, with thirty cards and only two copies per card. The core of the game are character cards spread across three colors, the force-using blues, the military red, and the scum yellow, divided by heroes and villians. This also controls deck construction as you can't use cards of a color unless one of your characters shares the same color. There are two starter decks with Kylo "emo" Ren and Rey, a new two-player starter and three expansions. The expanded universe hasn't raised its head yet (and it never will) but when you can have a game where Mace Windu and Chewbacca can kill Padme and JarJar who really cares?

It was cancelled in 2020.

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