Star Wars: Legion

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Legion Gameplay[edit]

Unit Types[edit]



Creature Troopers


Emplacement Troopers


Repulsor Vehicle


Ground Vehicles



Command Cards[edit]



There are three types of dice for attacks. They are all based on D8s

    • White Dice:
    • Black Dice:
    • Red Dice:

There are only two types of defence dice

    • White:
    • Red:

Upgrade Cards[edit]

Comms Upgrade

Comms Jammer (15 pts., reduced to 5 pts. by rules errata) - Prevents enemy units at range 1 from receiving orders. Not a horrible choice since these guys need to get up pretty close anyway, but there may be better options.

Comms Relay (5 pts.) - Allows a unit with this equipped to pass an order to another friendly unit at range 1-2, but this means the squad that "passes" the order doesn't get one.

HQ Uplink (10 pts.) - Exhaust this to allow a unit to issue an order to itself. Useful, for the turn you need that unit to activate when you need it to, or to get around the AI rule, to get a surge token from Aggressive Tactics. Note that this counts as the unit issuing an order to itself so cards like Crush Them! don't apply.

Long-Range Comlink (10 pts. reduced to 5 pts. by rules errata) - You always count as being within range of your commander. Situational, and not very helpful on smaller battlefields. Extremely useful when doing missions involving Disarray or Rapid Reinforcements, as your clankers are even worse than usual when you can't issue orders to them.

Integrated Comms Antenna (3 pts.) is a Droid Trooper-only upgrade. Essentially a reverse of the Commanding Presence upgrade, it allows your unit to be issued an order if it's within range 4 of the commander instead of the normal range 3. It's a good use of some leftover points if your force is spread out. However, if you've got a spare Command slot on your general, Commanding Presence (which was reduced in cost to 5 pts. by the rules errata) is probably better since it's not restricted to a single unit like this upgrade is.

Training Upgrades

Duck and Cover (8 pts.) - You can intentionally gain 1 Suppression while being shot at, for cover.

Endurance (6 pts.) - At the end of your activation, remove 1 Suppression for free.

Hunter (6 pts.) - When attacking a wounded trooper unit, get 1 free aim token.

Overwatch (4 pts.) - Gain Sentinel, making your standby range 1-3.

Tenacity (4 pts.) - When making a melee attack, while you are wounded, gain 1 red attack die.

Offensive Push (4 pts.) - exhaust while performing a move to gain Tactical 1 (which gives an aim token after performing a standard move).

Gear Upgrades

Electrobinoculars (8 pts.) - Gain the ability to spend an action to give another friendly unit at range 1 an aim token.

Emergency Stims (8 pts.) - When you would suffer wounds, prevent up to 2 of them, then suffer the same amount you absorbed with this card at the end of your next activation. Lets a unit (hopefully) survive to shoot one more time.

Environmental Gear (3 pts.) - Gain Unhindered, allowing you to ignore difficult terrain.

Grappling Hooks (3 pts.) - Gain Expert Climber, allowing you to clamber without rolling dice or taking wounds. If you usually play on tables with lots of levels, go for it.

Recon Intel (2 pts.) - Gain Scout 1, allowing you to make a speed-1 move after you deploy.

Targeting Scopes (6 pts.) - Gain Precise 1, allowing you to re-roll 3 dice when you spend an aim token. I

Grenade Upgrades

Concussion Grenades (5 pts.) - Range 1 attack with 1 black die, that ignores cover.

Fragmentation Grenades (5 pts.) - Range 1 attack with 1 red die with critical surge.

Impact Grenades (5 pts.) - Range 1 attack with 1 black die and Impact 1. Good for making enemy vehicles disappear. However, the range is super short.

Smoke Grenades (6 pts.) - Spend an action to gain Smoke 1, which allows you to drop a smoke token within range 1 and line of sight of the squad leader. Smoke tokens give a +1 Cover bonus to any unit that is fully within range 1 of it.

Droid poppers (? pts.) -