Star Wars: Legion/Tactics/Rebels

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Why Play Rebels[edit]


  • Better infantry shooting.
  • Cheaper units on average.
  • Han solo, the infantry killing machine
  • All around, one of the strongest and most competitive armies that make it to tournaments. The rebels have many abilities that both let you keep your troops on objectives, and let them survive.


Literally everything in your army (with the exception of Luke) has white defense dice. literally. everything.

This means that you will be constantly spending actions on dodge tokens without either support commander available for the rebels

You will almost always find yourself fielding either too much, or too little Anti-Tank in your lists, and find it equally punishing

Without esteemed leader, your heroes are a little too... squishy. And with it, your infantry seem to not stay around as often

You're not empire





Special Forces[edit]