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The Starweaver is a type of anti-gravity vehicle used by Eldar Harlequins and as you can already tell, is made from the chassis of the Dark Eldar Venom 'cause the laughing clowns of doom love the vehicle so much. Starweavers streak across the battlefield whilst screaming "DYNAMIC ENTRY!" as a storm of shattered psychedelic light. Starweavers rely upon a mixture of velocity and misdirection to confound the enemy’s aim and make him rage quit. These swift attack vehicles have a transport platform at their rear capable of bearing a Harlequin Troupe into battle. The craft swoop and spiral effortlessly through incoming fire, dodging all forms of direct attack as they bear their Harlequin passengers unerringly into the maelstrom of combat. These craft are lightly armoured and incredibly nimble. Further protection is offered by flickering layers of holofields and mirage launchers that reduce the craft to little more than a technicolour blur when on the move.

The Starweaver is named for the first and greatest son of the Cosmic Serpent. The Cosmic Serpent is a significant totem to the Harlequins, for he is said to have existed in both the material and psychic universes at the same time, and his strange and capricious young acted as occasional allies to Cegorach. Starweaver was the most noble and courageous of his serpentine brood, and swiftly made common cause with the Laughing God. The serpent freely gave his aid to Cegorach and, in tales such as the Humbling of Eldanesh or the Flight from the Grave of Stars, even suffered the Harlequins' deity to ride through danger upon his back. So do the Harlequins mount their Starweaver transports with reverence, for their actions echo those of Cegorach himself.

Alongside these cunning countermeasures, the Starweaver packs a hefty punch, armed with 2 Shuriken Cannons and 3 banks of Mirage Launchers that provide supporting fire for the Harlequins once they have leapt into the fray. The Starweaver's backup dancer literal third men is armed with a Zephyrglaive to go chop chop on anything unfortunate enough within striking distance. There is also a rappelling line that can be attached to the back of the vehicle to drag or lash our enemy vehicles or troops.

Forces of the Harlequins
Command: High Avatar - High Warlock
Shadowseer - Solitaire
Troops: Black Guardian - Death Jester - Master Mime
Mime - Troupe Master - Trouper - Warlock
Vehicles: Black Guardian War Walker - Black Guardian Vyper
Jetbike - Skyweaver - Starweaver
Venom - Voidweaver
Allies: Dark Eldar - Eldar