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Steve Jackson Games is often referred to as the 'other' RPG company, behind White Wolf and Wizards of the Coast. Steve Jackson is from Austin, Texas and he is not to be confused with Steve Jackson of the UK based Games Workshop (or Peter Jackson the guy who made the lord of the rings and hobbit movies, nor Gary Jackson who doesn't even exist). His company makes assorted role play games and other tabletop games such as GURPS (Generic Universal Role Play System) and Munchkin card game among other things. The company was formed in 1980, the year of the monkey. A date probably of great significance to the Illuminati masters.

Steve Jackson Games
Year Established 1980
Notable Games GURPS, Munchkin (Card Game)

Over the late 1980s, they ran a BBS. It was called the "Illuminati BBS". As to GURPS, Loyd Blankenship wrote the Cyberpunk book. You're not going to fucking believe what happened next. On the other hand, given the oft-demonstrated competence of Burgerland's investigative agencies lately . . .

The Sooper Sekrit Survice, doing an investigation into cybercrime, deemed the GURPS Cyberpunk book a bible for hackers, and thus going to destabilize the entire known universe. On 1 March 1990, the SS (not that SS, but not for lack of effort) duly raided Steve Jackson Games' HQ, and Blankenship the author's personal domicile. This led to other gaming companies having to explain (say) Grimtooth's Traps, to idiots. SJG went to court and in 1993 actually won damages.

Anyhow here have a list of games and stuff they did!

The Games[edit]

Board games[edit]

  • The Awful Green Things From Outer Space
  • Battlesuit
  • Car Wars futuristic battles between automobiles
  • Dork Tower a fantasy game that takes place in the world the Dork Tower characters play their games in
  • Frag "FPS without a computer"
  • GreedQuest Roguelike board game with cards similar to Munchkin
  • Knightmare Chess Chess variant played with cards
  • Kung Fu 2100 a simple game of martial arts
  • Ogre Game of future war involving a cybernetic armored juggernaut firing nuclear weapons Fucking GRIMDARK
    • Ogre: G.E.V. A spin-off of Ogre focusing on futuristic but "conventional" units
    • Shockwave, an Ogre/G.E.V. expansion set with new units and a new map
  • One Page Bulge Simulation of German Ardennes Offensive in 1944, with the rules printed on a single page
  • Proteus a chess variant using dice to represent normal chess pieces
  • Snits
  • Star Traders SPACE TRUCKERZ!
  • Strange Synergy
  • Tile Chess
  • Wiz-War (9th Edition)
  • X-Bugs Combat game where futuristic bugs are represented by colorful tiddly winks

Card Games[edit]

  • Battle Cattle The Card Game
  • Burn In Hell Edumacational game where you collect 'circles' of people's souls that are similar.
  • Car Wars: The Card Game A card game version of the Car Wars miniatures system
  • Chez Geek This one makes fun of utter geekiness. There's expansions too!
    • Chez Goth
    • Chez Greek
    • Chez Grunt
    • Chez Guevara
  • Chez Dork Based on Dork Tower
  • Cowpoker
  • Dino Hunt Another Edumacational game, this one has you collecting dinosaurs.
  • Hacker Based on the mechanics of Illuminati
  • Illuminati a conspiracy game.
  • Illuminati: New World Order
  • Illuminati Crime Lords Mafia version.
  • King's Blood Japanese card game originally published by Kadokawa Shoten
  • Munchkin a card-game parody of hack-and-slash roleplaying with many spinoffs (all able to be mixed with the original) and expansions:
    • Munchkin Bites
    • Munchkin Blender
    • Munchkin Cthulhu
    • Munchkin Dice
    • Munchkin Fu
    • Munchkin Impossible
    • Munchkin Miniatures
    • Star Munchkin
    • Super Munchkin
    • The Good, The Bad, and The Munchkin
  • Ninja Burger
  • SPANC Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Cat Girls
  • Spooks Halloween game.

Roleplaying games[edit]

  • GURPS Generic Universal Role Playing System
  • In Nomine
  • Killer Variant of Assassin
  • Munchkin RPG D20 supplements based on the Munchkin card game
  • Toon Cartoon roleplaying game.
  • Transhuman Space Near-future science fiction spanning the Sol system
  • Tribes players play cave men trying to protect and nurture their descendants


The games they no longer publish:[edit]

  • Battlesuit
  • Car Wars: The Card Game
  • Coup (no not that one)
  • Dino Hunt
  • Frag
  • Globbo
  • Guilty Party: Murder on the Casting Couch
  • Kung Fu 2100
  • Man-to-Man
  • Necromancer
  • One-Page Bulge
  • Orbit War
  • Raid On Iran
  • Star Fist
  • Star Traders
  • Undead
  • X-Bugs

Fucking bastards. I miss Star Traders.