Steve Parker

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Steve Parker is an author for Black Library. He is also, Empra be praised, not Matt Ward.

This man, though not part of the Abnett-McNeill-Mitchell-Dembski(-Bowden) quartet Gods of Awesome, is responsible for the glorious clusterwin that is Rynn's World, depicting the Crimson Fists' epic rapeage at the hands of Warboss Snagrod, and their subsequent taking it like a boss and wrecking face in retaliation.

Read it.

He also has written some short stories and a novel following a competent iteration of the A-Team a Deathwatch Kill Team who have to deal with pissed off xenos, while having to also deal with a real shitburger of an Inquisitor from above. They're pretty good. He also wrote the amazing-as-fuck, oh-Empra-I-cried-buckets short story Survivor.

He apparently is into bodybuilding and martial arts, which presumably makes him the strongest of the black library writers.