Stikkbomb Launcha

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Stikkbomb Launcha on a Meganob.
Stikkbomb Launcha

The Orks don't have that much when it comes to Grenade Launchers, instead relying most of their explosive ordnance on Rocket Launchers. However, when the going gets tough or your local Nob feels the need to blow something up, the fellow Ork could just go to his local Mekboy and ask to screw in a device that can lob a Stikkbomb without needing to deal with the hassle of unpinning the grenade and throwing it at the enemy.

Hence, the Stikkbomb Launcha was born. Sometimes known as the Stikkbomb Launcher if you don't speak Ork, this weapon functions almost identical to the SPESS MEHREENS' Grenade Harness and it is quite likely that the Orks may have nobbed off the idea after encountering a few of these. Like the Grenade Harness, it is only found attached to the Mega Armour of a Meganob, which makes Meganobz the only Orks being able to use these in frequency. However, it could be found on a Looted Wagon as a tertiary weapon attachment just in case the Ork driver wants a little bit more kick.

In contrast to the Grenade Harness, the Stikkbomb Launcha can not launch a barrage of frags at the general direction, for the weapon system only has room for just one Stikkbomb per battle. Hence, this weapon should only be used under the most dire/important of situations, though knowing Orks it likely isn't.

Stikkbomb Chukka[edit]

Stikkbomb Chukka

A sub-variant of the Stikkbomb Launcha.

The is a simple mechanism, allowing the vehicle to fire Stikkbombs in support of deploying Orks, giving them cover as they plunge out of the vehicle into the ranks of the enemy. It also has the effect of demoralizing enemy troops. It kind of resembles multiple Stikkbomb Launchas duck-taped together on an inclining angle.

It can also be installed on Mega Armour, giving its user a better chance when assaulting enemies behind cover, although it does mean that they are preoccupied with throwing the Stikkbomb and cannot attack with as much force.

It is a rough equivalent of the Imperial Fragstorm Grenade Launcher or Ironclad Assault Launcher and pretty much behaves like a multi-launched Stikkbomb Launcha.

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