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A Stinger squad. Note the rifleman tossing a grenade at his squadmate.

In Team Yankee[edit]

Dutch Stinger Card.jpg

The Stinger is a dangerous anti-air weapon, used by Dutch MANPAD (man-portable air defence) teams to support PRTL (Gepard) platoons in the field.

Unlike Soviet Strelas or German Redeyes, Stingers are one of the few MANPADs with FP 4+: meaning that unlike the token offering of other nations, these units actually have a strong chance of killing aircraft when fired in numbers. It loses the mobility of the PRTL, but has the potential to dig in and, in some cases, can be deployed in their foxholes from the start of the game. They also have an 8" range advantage over the PRTL's 40" Radar 35mms.

For Dutch players, the PRTL would probably be your AA unit of choice given its cost efficiency and the fact that they are company level units rather than divisional support: you can bring several platoons of PRTLs to the field. In a single company however, the Stinger is a legitimate option if you need to get more anti-air but lack the points for a second company.

As with other infantry, expect these to survive plenty of fire unless focused on by the deadliest units of your enemy's army, like heavy artillery and Brutal MBTs. They might lack small arms for self-defence, but have 4+ assault if needed.

The Stinger Peloton comes in units of 2 or 3, at 3 or 5 points each.


Dutch Forces in Team Yankee
Tanks: Leopard 1 - Leopard 2
Transports: YPR-765 IFV - M113 Armored Personnel Carrier
Troops: M113 Tirailleur Peleton/YPR 765 Pantserinfanterie Peloton
Artillery: 107mm/120mm Mortier Peloton - M109 Veldartillerie Batterij
Anti-Aircraft: PRTL - Stinger Peloton
Tank Hunters: YPR-765 PRAT
Recon: M113 C&V Ploeg - YPR-765 OP
WG Support: Roland Flak Batterie - Raketenwerfer Batterie - BO-105P - Tornado