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Stirland Heraldry.png
Elector Count as of 2520IC Alberich Haupt-Anderssen
Province capital Wurtbad
Runefang Orc Hewer
Specialties Militias and getting bullied for being poor
Commerce Wood craft and fishing
Primary military colours Green and yellows

"The entire province is insane, I tell you! Why? They like their ale hot! It’s nothing short of blasphemy against good beer"

– A Dwarf of Karaz-a-Karak

"Bunch of bumpkins, if you ask me."

– Altdorf merchant

Stirland is the shittest and the poorest province of the Empire. It is filled with a bunch of backward-thinking country bumpkins. Not only that, it is also lived right next to a land full of funny short people and blood suckers that play with skeletons, meaning it is vulnerable to vampire corruptions and Halfing thievery as well as occasional WAAAAAGH from either the Black Fire Pass or Worlds Edge Mountains.

The only redeeming quality coming from this shitty province would be their badass flag; depicting a skeleton blowing a horn right next to a twin-tailed comet, which translated to "victory or death, and remember we are neighbors to vampires.


Stirlanders were descendants of the Asoborn tribe, whose warriors are known for kicking Styrigen's (Sylvanian ancestors) arse to the east and wear almost nothing but warpaint on their body in battle.

They were led by their Queen Freya, whom is said to have killed her husband for his incompetence, has led at least a raid against the Dwarfs (aka "stunted thieves"), and is lusted by many men and women in her tribe. She also lusted after Sigmar's D, which she made a deal with him to have a one night stand with him in exchange for her support in the founding of today's Empire.

So yeah, they are about as insane as their modern counterpart.

Cultures and Society[edit]

Stirlanders are conservatives whom has a bunch of useless and weird customs for each village, which they are apparently proud of keeping, despite the protest coming from the rest of the empire. The custom of the Stirhügels village has the children to throw pig shit at any strangers they see to drive away evil spirits. Not that because the stranger is evil, but because the stranger will be protected. The custom of the village near Sylvania has every part of the house covered in garlic as to protect against the vampires. If anyone were vanished, locals will blame for the old garlic but their traditions (ignorant to the fact either Skaven or the Wood Elves are capable of abductions as well, except they are too backward to realize their existence). They also have a custom similar to the real life pinata, but with a straw Halflings filled with candies (note: Pinata was originally invented in Europe then bought to South America).

Their superstition and custom is why they are technologically declined and were unable to keep up the pace with every other province in the empire.

Most of the Stirlanders living in the city capital resented their ancestors' decision that signed away their fertile land 1500 years ago to the halflings, meaning Halfling racism is stronger here than anywhere else in the Empire.

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