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For the Space Marine Chapter from Warhammer 40,000, see Storm Giants

Storm Giants live underwater and like to throw lightning bolts like Zeus. As of 5th Edition--with Titans out of the picture--they are now at the top of the Ordning.

Nominally, Annam is the highest in the Ordning, but he left long ago, and without his presence, the Storm Giants recognize no higher authhority. They are one of the most elusive of the giants, preferring to live solitary lives in the remote places from the tops of mountains to the deepest oceans, often near the crossings to the elemental planes. If you're unlucky enough to be fighting a storm giant, you can take some measure of comfort in the that there will likely be only one giant present.

Storm Giants were philosopher-kings of Ostoria, and with that empire gone, they use their wisdom in seclusion to divine omens in the natural world. Their Ordning is based on their prophetic ability, with social rank (in the rare occasions Storm Giants gather together) being determined by omens received and their significance. Storm Giants are always on the lookout for signs that might foretell the return of Annam and the rebuilding of Ostoria. To ensure that they live to see this event, some Storm giants seek out places of strong elemental energy to become Quintessents, gaining immortality as sentient storms.

Storm Giants are usually Chaotic Good in alignment, but they have inherited the Titans' tempers. A Storm Giant might destroy a village because a kid said they smelled like fish, but when their anger has cooled they will probably regret their actions and make reparations.


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